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A Poem by Colm Tóibín: ‘Mysterium Lunae’

Final night time  
I noticed that the moon
Was empty within the sky.

The celebs round did
What they do.

Hundreds of thousands of miles
Or hundreds of thousands of years,

And are completely exhausted.
However the moon is clean,
Only a area to point out

The place it may need
Been. We are going to inform
Whoever will attend

That the moon used to catch  
Mild from the solar
And waxed and waned:

Full, sickle, half-
Moon. And the songs:
“Blue Moon,” “Track to the Moon”

(From Rusalka),
“Moon River,” The Darkish
Facet of the Moon,

The Moon and the Melodies.
It was all the craze, as soon as,
The moon.

It was a big step,
A tragic step,
For mankind.

Quickly, the solar will run
Out of hydrogen
And it’ll all

Be gone.
The disappearance
Of the moon

Is simply the beginning.
I’m working day and night time
On my e book,

Understanding it should
Be the ultimate phrase
On the matter.

I’ll compose,
With help from scientists,
An outline in concise

Prose, of the time earlier than the bang,
The beautiful emptiness,
The pre-astral soup,

Gravity dancing like
A herring
On the griddle—oh,

And the sly almostness
Of atoms and particles,
And the way lengthy a neutron

Took to make sure
That it was not a proton,
And the struggle

Between infinity and
Eternity that might have  
Gone on perpetually

Had the world,
Oozing immanence,
Not begun to roll,

With its built-in
Its sell-by date,

Its oomph, its ooh-la-la,
Its the whole lot that
Is the case.

It’s calm right here
Now. Waves have  
Stopped, in fact.

The ocean has settled
Down; quickly it should  
Be a flyover state.

Nothing to compel
Its tides.

At gatherings, they learn
Matthew Arnold’s poem
And marvel

On the traces concerning the
Sea being calm tonight.
What else is there?

But it surely wasn’t all the time calm.
I can swear to that.
I keep in mind

Redondo Seashore
And the waves excessive
And the solar

Over the horizon.
Unusual, I’ve

No reminiscence of the moon.
But it surely will need to have been there

However, it doesn’t matter what, you possibly can
Look all you need—
The moon is previously,

Like analogue,
Or the Western Seaboard,
Or the library at Alexandria,

Or sic transit gloria
Mundi, a stunning
Previous saying

Lengthy eclipsed
By extra modern
Tongues that but are

Speechless at
The emptiness
Within the night time sky.

Howling on the
Factor not there,

That we would like again
Now, or at the very least

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