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Adhmana, Pratyadhmana That means, Signs, Remedy

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Adhmana is a standard time period utilized in Ayurveda literature and sometimes used to explain distension of the stomach. It’s induced by vata dosha. It’s also a symptom of not solely the belly issues but in addition of many different systemic issues defined in Ayurveda. Adhmana means swelling, inflation, puffing, intumescence or enlargement.

Adhmana is a vata dysfunction

Adhmana has been included within the Vata Vyadhi Nidanam chapter of Madhava Nidana. It has been thought of as a vata dysfunction and the pathogenesis of adhmana too explains the identical. Grasp Sushruta too has included these situations within the chapter named as vata vyadhi nidanam and has therefore included them below the vata issues.
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Definition of Adhmana

Grasp Indu commenting on 8th verse of 5th chapter of Ashtanga Hrdaya Sutra Sthana defines Adhmana as – ‘The vata will get aggravated and causes ache beneath the navel. This situation known as Adhmana.’

Definition by Grasp Sushruta
Grasp Sushruta within the 88th verse of the primary chapter of Sushruta Nidana Sthana defines Adhmana as beneath described –
‘Adhmana is a situation brought on by forcibly controlling / obstructing the fart reflex. This ultimately causes aggravation of vata. This aggravated vata causes distension stomach together with extreme ache and large sounds within the stomach. The swelling of stomach is within the type of an air stuffed bag or water stuffed pot’.

Right here ‘udara’ signifies stomach. However to be particular it needs to be thought of as a colon (Madhukosha commentary). Due to this fact adhmana begins and will get positioned within the  colon / giant gut which can also be the chief seat of vata and is brought on by aggravated vata therein. In different phrases the obstruction of vata within the main components of the intestines i.e. colon and small intestines aside from the abdomen and the talked about signs manifested therein known as adhmana.
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  • Behavior of forcibly withholding the urge of farting and extreme publicity to etiological elements trigger aggravation of vata
  • This aggravated vata will get gathered and stagnant within the decrease a part of the stomach beneath the navel
  • Distension of stomach is brought on by the aggravated vata and the stomach seems like air stuffed sac
  • The distension of stomach is related to gurgling sounds within the stomach and extreme ache within the decrease a part of the stomach (beneath navel)
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Sanskrit Verses


Nidana Parivarjana – Since withholding of pure urges, primarily that of fart and feces is the principle causative issue for aggravation of vata and manifestation of adhmana one must steer clear of these causes. One has to provide means and assist out the naturally impending reflexes / urges created by the physique.

Ideas of remedy

  • Apatarpana – hunger / restricted consumption of meals, fasting, lightening measures
  • Pani tapa – giving heat to the stomach by fingers (after rubbing the palms and producing warmth or after warming the fingers over gentle fireplace)
  • Dipana churna – natural powder ready with digestive fireplace kindling herbs
  • Phalavarti – suppositories
  • Pachana – ama digesting medicines
  • Vasti – medicated enemas (decoctions and oil / ghee)
  • After lightening measures, meals ready with digestive fireplace kindling herbs like coriander, cumin seeds and so on is given for consuming. This would be the very best weight loss program in adhmana.
  • Vata balancing measures – Since adhmana is brought on by aggravation of vata, vata balancing measures, therapies and life-style actions are adopted.
  • Therapeutic purgation and  enema are very best selections to cleanse the intestine, to throw out the impurities together with fart, gases and faeces and to steadiness vata.
  • Vatanulomana i.e. guiding the vata in downward path utilizing anti-vata medicines and meals.
  • Natural oil therapeutic massage and fomentation over the decrease belly space, and use of oral natural vata-alleviating oils can even turn out to be useful.

Different remedy rules

Adhmana shall be handled on the strains of remedy rules of the beneath talked about situations –

  • Anaha – flatulence dysfunction
  • Udavarta – pathological upward motion of vata, primarily udavarta prompted as a consequence of behavior of forcibly withholding the fart reflex
  • Shula – belly colic
  • Gulma – belly tumour
  • Vataja Udara – belly dysfunction brought on by vitiated vata
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Distinction from Atopa and Anaha

Atopa is a situation wherein aggravated vata causes gurgling sounds within the stomach however there isn’t any constipation. Anaha is a situation whereby there’s distension of the stomach brought on by obstruction of faeces and urine. Adhmana is a situation whereby belly distension is brought on by obstructed gases and presents together with ache and gurgling sounds.
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Pratyadhmana is yet one more situation defined within the vata issues, within the context of adhmana. Adhmana manifesting with comparable indicators and signs within the areas aside from the flanks (belly sides) and chest (belly area very near the center) and manifested within the abdomen known as pratyadmana. This situation is prompted because of the kaphavrita vata i.e. aggravated kapha obstructing the vata within the abdomen area. So adhmana manifests within the colon and intestines and an analogous situation occurring within the abdomen known as pratyadhmana.
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Remedy of Pratyadhmana

  • Vamana – emesis
  • Apatarpana – therapeutic hunger / fasting
  • Dipana – digestive fireplace kindling medicines

Fashionable Correlation

Admana is correlated to a situation referred to as ‘tympanitis or generalised tympanitis or meteorism’ defined within the trendy texts. Pratyadhmana may be in comparison with ‘pyloric stenosis’ or ‘gastric tympanitis or cardalgia’.

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