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Advantages of Papaya Fruit, Seeds, Leaves, Latex, Treatments, Facet Results

The leaves, latex (combine exudate), seed and fruits of Papaya are extensively used within the therapy of ache, bleeding piles, constipation, dysmenorrhea, toxic bites of bugs and pores and skin ailments. 
Botanical Title- Carica papaya Linn.
Household Caricaceae

Carica papaya

Papaya Treatments

  • The milk from the uncooked papaya is utilized over mouth ulcer to deal with it.
  • The milk of the uncooked papaya is utilized over insect bites, scorpion bitten space to alleviate the ache.
  • The chilly infusion ready from the leaves of papaya is given in a dose of 20-30 ml to deal with native swelling, fever, issue throughout micturition.
  • The ripened fruit of papaya is consumed to alleviate constipation.
  • The uncooked papaya is consumed as vegetable to deal with intestinal worm, piles and hepatomegaly.
  • The milk from uncooked papaya is utilized over wounds and bleeding piles to deal with it.
  • The leaves of the papaya plant are barely heated and utilized domestically over the a part of the physique to alleviate ache and swelling.
  • The milk of uncooked papaya is utilized domestically to alleviate pores and skin ailments like eczema, ringworm.
  • The papaya fruit is consumed to strengthen the muscular tissues of the center.
  • Papaya seeds are made into high quality powder and administered within the dose of 5-6 grams every day, within the empty abdomen.

Properties, half used, dosage

Papita medicinal Properties
Rasa (Style) of leaf – Katu (Pungent),Tikta (Bitter)
Guna (Properties) –Laghu (Gentle for digestion), Ruksa (Dry), Tikshna (Pungent)
Vipaka- Katu (Undergoes to pungent style conversion after digestion)
Veerya (Efficiency) – Ushna (Scorching)
Karma- Kaphavatahara (pacifies Kapha and Vatadosha), Hridya( Advantages the center)
Half used-Fruit, Leaf, Latex, Seed
Dosage-Leaf infusion 40-80 ml
Seed powder- 0.5- 1g
Latex- 3-6 g

The wild madhukarkati is good in style, chilly in efficiency, relieves burning sensation, mitigates all of the three doshas, imparts good style, is aphrodisiac,heavy and troublesome to digest.

Papaya Seeds for Pinworm An infection

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD (Ayu)
In kids, pinworm is a standard well being grievance. Even few adults are additionally repeatedly get this grievance. Fairly curiously, the incidence stays in little larger vary among the many individuals who eat leafy greens excessively or frequently. Pinworm is often often called threadworm and seatworm. 

Although wormicides like Mebendezole, Albandezole, Piperizine citrate and many others are prescribed, they produce their impact just for sure interval of life. After 15-20 days as soon as once more the identical complaints like nausea, itching within the anus, discomfort throughout defecation, indigestion, mal-absorption and many others are complained.
Here’s a handiest, secure and cheaper house treatment for this type of grievance.

papaya fruit with seeds


Elements required:
Papaya seeds 2 fist full (50 grams)
Honey or jaggery


Dried papaya seeds are taken and make into high quality powder.

dry Papaya seeds

Methodology of administration

5 gram (3 gram in case of kids of under 8 years of age) of powder is combined with 1 teaspoon of honey and licked, early within the morning on empty abdomen.
After 10 minutes,
1 pinch of desk salt or Rock salt (1 gram) and a pair of pinches of turmeric powder (1 – 2 grams) is added to a cup of heat water and is given to drink.

How lengthy it must be practiced?
5-7 days common medicine helps to beat the complaints of pin worms.

threadworm seatworm

When to repeat?
If the grievance doesn’t persist, the medicine could also be repeated in between. Or else, after 1 month, similar is repeated for 3 consecutive months.
There after as soon as in 3 months if that is administered, certainly it relives the issue of pin worms.

Well being advantages

This acts as laxative, carminative, digestive, liver stimulant (cholegogue), wormicide, antipyretic and many others. Additionally it improves the digestion and metabolism of the physique.

We have to observe such easy and efficient secure formulation in our observe. This is likely one of the best methods to stay away for chemical molecules for our easy diseases.
Learn associated: Ayurvedic Remedy For Worm Infestation

What about different parasites? 
The above one is particular for pinworms, as per the expertise of Dr Krishnamurthy. If different parasites are concerned, then medicines which can be talked about within the under article are helpful.
Seek the advice of Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD

Chemical composition

The inexperienced elements of the plant and seeds of the papaya include an alkaloid carpaine. The seeds additionally include carpasamine. The latex of the plant accommodates papain, chymopapain and pseudocarpaine. The ripened fruit of papaya accommodates vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, niyacin and vitamin C. The latex of the unripe fruit is collected by giving a minimize and the collected latex is dried underneath shade.
papaya accommodates the digestive enzyme, papain. It’s utilized in treating sports activities accidents, different causes of trauma, and allergic reactions.
Being wealthy in Vitamin A, pro-vitamin A carotenoid phytonutrients and C, Papaya fruit is a wonderful anti oxidant.

Sanskrit verse

– Dravya Guna Vijnana, PV Sharma.
Hrudya – cardiac tonic, good for coronary heart
Grahi – absorbent, bowel binding, helpful in IBS, diarrhoea

Karma: Appeases the burning sensation inside the physique and physique elements; controls the fever. Controls the raktapittaM situation [bleeding diathesis].
Motion on Dosh?s: Appeases the pitta and rakta doshAs.


Ayurvedic Indications:
Kasa – chilly, cough
Shwasa – bronchial asthma, respiratory issues involving issue in respiration
Yakrutodara – Liver enlargement, hepatomegaly
Pleehodara – splenomegaly, enlarged spleen
Mandagni – low digestion power
Shotha – oedema, swelling, inflammatory circumstances.
Visha – poisonous circumstances

devour Papaya?
Its fruits are consumed readily.
Fruits are added as an ingredient of fruit salad, together with banana, apple and many others.
Fruits are sprinkled with black pepper powder for added style.
Its fruit juice is ready by including few cardamoms.

Papaya for meat eaters:
For individuals who devour extra of proteins like meat or protein dietary supplements, having just a few slices of Papaya may also help in straightforward digestion of proteins. It accommodates Papain, a phytochemical which acts as proteolytic. It helps in straightforward breaking down of protein molecules into smaller digestion pleasant ones. (1)

Ayurvedic formulations

Formulations containing Erandakarkati:
Ashmariharakashaya: It’s an ayurvedic medication in decoction kind given to deal with circumstances of urinary calculi and the ache arising attributable to it.
Alopazyme syrup: It’s a proprietary Ayurvedic medication manufactured by ALOPA HERBALS prescription drugs, Bhuvanagiri, Bangalore. It’s used within the therapy of all varieties of digestive issues.

Caripill: It’s a pill manufactured by micro labs, Bangalore, to extend the platelet depend in sufferers affected by dengue fever.
Uplat capsules: It’s a capsule to deal with low platelet depend within the physique.

Interplay with medicines, dietary supplements

Can this be used whereas taking Homeopathic medication?
Sure. This product doesn’t react with homeopathic medication.

this medication be continued whereas taking dietary supplements like multivitamin tablets,
Omega 3 fatty acids and many others?

Sure. Typically, this product goes nicely with most
of the dietary dietary supplements. Nevertheless, in case you are taking multiple product
per day, please seek the advice of your physician for an opinion.

With western
Search your
physician’s recommendation in case you are taking this product together with different western
(allopathic / trendy) medicines. Some Ayurvedic herbs can work together with trendy
If each Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines are suggested collectively, then it’s
finest to take Allopathic medication first, anticipate half-hour after which take the
Ayurvedic medication.

Analysis, antagonistic results

Analysis work on Caricapapaya:
Improves platelet depend:The examine was performed to research the platelet growing property of Carica papaya leaves juice (CPLJ) in sufferers with dengue fever (DF).There was a big improve in imply platelet depend noticed within the intervention group however not within the management group 40 hours because the first dose of CPLJ. Comparability of imply platelet depend between intervention and management group confirmed that imply platelet depend in intervention group was considerably larger than management group after 40 and 48 hours of admission.

Anti- inflammatory exercise: The anti-inflammatory exercise of an ethanolic extract of Carica papaya leaves was investigated in rats utilizing carrageenan induced paw oedema, cotton pellet granuloma and formaldehyde induced arthritis fashions. The outcomes present that the extracts considerably (p <0.05) diminished paw oedema within the carrageenan take a look at. Likewise the extract produced important discount within the quantity of granuloma fashioned from 0.58 ±0.07 to 0.22 ±0.03 g. Within the formaldehyde arthritis mannequin, the extracts considerably diminished the persistent oedema from the 4th day to the tenth day of the investigation. The extracts additionally produced slight mucosal irritation at excessive doses. The examine establishes the anti-inflammatory exercise of Carica papaya leaves.

Potential medicinal advantages:The latex from unripe papaya fruit include enzymes papain and chymopapain; different elements embrace a combination of cysteine endopeptidases, chitinases and an inhibitor of serine protease. Phytochemical evaluation of C.papaya leaf extract revealed the presence of alkaloids, glycosides, flavanoids, saponins, tannins, phenols and steroids. This evaluation focuses on totally different properties of papaya akin to antioxidant and free radical scavenging exercise, anticancer exercise, anti-inflammatory exercise, therapy for dengue fever, anti-diabetic exercise, wound therapeutic exercise and anti- fertility results.

Papaya Antagonistic impact: Pregnant ladies mustn’t devour uncooked papaya because the milk current within the uncooked papaya might trigger abortion. Within the folklore observe, uncooked papaya is used to trigger abortion.

Market obtainable variants of papaya

Papayas, uncooked

बीजपूरोऽपरः प्रोक्तो मधुरो मधुकर्कटी |
मधुकर्कटिका स्वाद्वी रोचनी शीतलाः गुरुः |
रक्तपित्तक्षयश्वासकासहिक्काभ्रमापहा ||१०९|| (bhavaprakashanighantu Amradiphalavarga) Rasa – candy
Guna – heavy
Veerya – chilly
Vipaka – candy
Impact on Doshas
Vata balancing
Pitta balancing
Kapha growing

Papaya, canned, heavy syrup, drained

Rasa – candy
Guna – very heavy
Veerya – chilly
Vipaka – candy
Impact on Doshas
Vata balancing
Pitta balancing
Kapha growing (extra Kapha growing than fruit as heavy syrup is very concentrated)

Papaya nectar, canned

Nectar has a thicker texture and isn’t as clear as pure juice.
Rasa – candy
Guna – heavy
Veerya – chilly
Vipaka – candy
Impact on Doshas
Vata balancing
Pitta balancing
Kapha growing (extra Kapha growing than fruit as nectar is barely thick)

Vernacular names

Names in numerous languages:
Hindi name- Papita, andakharbuja, papaya, papeetha
English name- Papaya fruit, melon tree, papain, papaya, paw paw.
Bengali Title- Papeya
Kannada Title- Parangimara, akka thangi hannu, bappangaayi, papaya, peragi, parangi hannu mara, poppaya, Pappayi hannu
Telugu name- Boppayi, bapaipundoo, bappayi, boppayi,poppaya.
Marathi title – papaya, popai.
Tamil Title- Pappali, pappali phalam, parangi aamanakku, poppayi, cittamukkikamaram, kapakkini maram.
Malayalam title – apappaya pazham, kaplam, kappalam, karmmos, papaya pazham.
Urdu title – arand kharbuza.
Persian title – aanabahe-hindi.
Arabic title – aanabahe-hindi.

Sanskrit synonyms

Synonyms of Eranda Karkati:
Nalaparni- The stalk of leaves are cylindrical.
MadhuKarkati, Erandachirbhata

Scientific classification

Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
Order: Brassicales
Household: Caricaceae
Genus: Carica
Species: C. papaya

Papaya plant is a local of West Indies and Central America. It’s now cultivated throughout India in reasonable local weather. It’s a small tree rising to a peak of 4-6 m. The ripened papaya fruit is well-known for its well being advantages.

Creator: Dr.B.Okay.Prashanth M.D (Ayu), Ph.D.
Seek the advice of Dr BK Prashanth

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