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After Supply Care Of Mom For First Three Months By Ayurveda

post partum mother care

By Dr JV Hebbar
The primary three months after supply is essential for the mom. Throughout this era, the expanded uterus shrinks again to regular place, ligaments, muscle tissues and tendons related to uterus begin gaining again the misplaced energy. Mom additionally recovers again the psychological energy, which might be a bit low within the first week after supply.

First week care after supply

We’ve got learnt intimately in regards to the care of mom within the first week after supply.
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The next clarification is additional to the primary week care.
1. Oil therapeutic massage and scorching water bathtub – must be continued for the following 2 to three months. Oils most popular are – Balaswagandhadi Taila, Ksheerabala taila or Bala taila. It helps to strengthen the decrease again, hip space, bones, muscle tissues and ligaments.


Can decrease stomach and gluteal area be massaged with oil after supply?
If the supply is regular, then there isn’t any downside in massaging the belly and waist space.
If the supply was via surgical procedure (caesarian), then higher to keep away from decrease belly space, until the suture heals utterly.
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2. Lumbar belt –
Utilizing an stomach belt with average strain at the very least for 4 – 5 hours a day helps to strengthen the again, helps uterus and ligaments.

Relaxation – Whereas gentle strolling is kind of okay, rigorous work, heavy weight lifting is completely discouraged. It leaves the uterine muscle tissues and tendons weak. Uterine prolapse throughout submit mid life is linked to improper after supply care of mom and relaxation.

In case of regular supply – relaxation for at the very least 3 months.
In case of CS supply – relaxation for eventually 4-5 months.

4 essential herbs for after-delivery care

Ayurvedic medicines

Ayurveda explains totally different Ayurvedic merchandise based mostly on the necessity of the mom. Here’s a basic fowl view concerning just a few fundamental Ayurvedic merchandise. Seek the advice of your Ayurvedic physician for appropriate suggestion. Self treatment might be harmful.

In Rural India and in folklore Ayurveda observe, they make a laddu out of dry fruits, known as Gondh Ki Laddu or Edible Gum Laddu.
It’s administered from 2nd week until 3 – 4 months to enhance energy and immunity of the nursing mom.

As a basic rule, Dashamoolarishtam is suggested for the preliminary couple of months. It helps to alleviate ache and irritation. It additionally boosts immunity and retains a lot of the infections at bay.
Common dose is 5 ml, combined with 10 ml water 2 occasions a day after meals.
Please take be aware that in some individuals with very weak and delicate abdomen, Dasamoolaristam could trigger gastritis / piles or fistula. Whether it is inflicting gastritis, use Dasamularishta solely as soon as per day, 5 ml, combined with half a cup of lukewarm water, within the morning, after meals for two months time.

Jeerakarishtam is suggested particularly for moms throughout winter and wet season. It helps to maintain the physique heat as a result of its scorching nature. It additionally helps induce regular lactation.
Common dose is 5 -10 ml, combined with 10 ml water 2 occasions a day after meals.

Shatavari Gulam is often suggested to realize general hormonal stability. It additionally helps to enhance lactation.
Common dose is 5 – 10 grams, 2 – 3 occasions a day, after meals.

Pulilehyamoften administered in Kerala Ayurveda observe. It’s administered ranging from the third week onward for 30 – 45 days.

Balanta Kada – number one – 3 is usually prescribed by just a few medical doctors.
Balant Kada no. 1 is  administered quickly after supply until subsequent 10 days
Balanta kada no.2  is administered from eleventh to twentieth day after supply
Balant Kada no. 3 is run from twenty first day after supply until subsequent 2 – 3 weeks time.

Be aware: All of the merchandise aren’t suggested collectively. Often physician chooses a permutation and mixture of medicines based mostly on signs within the mom.

Generally used herbs

Musta – Nut grass – It helps to enhance breast milk manufacturing and likewise relieves milk duct clogs. Its paste is made with water and utilized over breasts to alleviate irritation and to enhance lactation. If the child has gentle fever or diarrhea, a water decoction of this herb is made and administered to the mom.

Shatavari – A teaspoon of powder is combined with a cup of milk and boiled. It’s administered for a interval of fifth day to three – 4 months to enhance breast milk manufacturing. Aside from bettering breast milk, additionally it is helpful to calm the thoughts (helpful in submit partum despair). It assists in regular involution of uterus as properly.

Yashtimadhu (Mulethi, Licorice) and fennel are the opposite two herbs used for bettering lactation.

Food regimen

She will have all the nice and cozy meals and freshly made scorching dishes.
Keep away from ice lotions and extra oily meals.

Therapeutic massage after childbirth

Can decrease stomach and gluteal area be massaged with oil after supply? 
Reply by Dr Hebbar: If the supply is regular, then there isn’t any downside in massaging the belly and waist space. If the supply was via surgical procedure (caesarian), then higher to keep away from decrease belly space, until the suture heals utterly. 

Chosing therapeutic massage oil

After childbirth,
To strengthen therapeutic massage with muscle, ligament and tendons – Bala Ashwagandhadi taila  is chosen.
To alleviate waist ache, Mahanarayana taila is used.
To alleviate stiffness, Kottamchukkadi taila or Saindhavadya taila is used.
To alleviate itchiness, nalpamaradi taila, mahamarichadi taila are used.
To alleviate stretch marks, often Kumkumadi taila, Nalpamaradi taila, Eladi taila are used.

Addition by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Sutika Rogahara Kashayam – for puerperal illness / issues

a. Bala Koduttuvadi Kashayam

Ref – Sahasrayogam, Parishishta Prakaranam, 13

Substances Botanical Identify Methodology of utilizing Indications
Bala Sida cordifolia The decoction ready with these components must be served recent early within the morning 1.Cures Puerperal fevers    
Duralabha Fagonia cretica
Parpata Fumaria officinalis
Musta Cyperus rotundus
Coriander Coriandrum sativum
Inexperienced gram Vigna radiata
Laghu Panchamula Desmodium gangeticum Uraria picta Solanum indicum Solanum xanthocarpum Tribulus terrestris
Ginger Zingiber officinale

b. Sahacharadi Kashayam

Ref – Sahasrayogam, Parishishta Prakaranam, 14

Substances Botanical Identify Methodology of utilizing Indications
Sahachara Strobilanthes heynianus The decoction ready with these components must be served with asafetida and rock salt. 1.Cures Puerperal fevers 2.Colic    
Horse gram Dolichos biflorus
Pushkaramula Inula racemosa
Devadaru Cedrus deodara
Haridra and Daruharidra Curcuma longa and Berberis aristata
Amlavetasa Garcinia pedunculata


Sutika is the title given to a girl who has not solely delivered her baby however has additionally expelled the placenta. Grasp Kashyapa opines that the lady shall be known as as sutika solely after the expulsion of placenta. Sutika thus means puerperal lady. Although different authors haven’t outlined the time period sutika, they’ve defined the administration of puerperium solely after the expulsion of placenta. Subsequently all Ayuveda opinions converge at a standard opinion.

Length of puerperium

It’s known as Sutika Kala. With exclusion of Grasp Charaka different authors have talked about a definitive interval of dietetics and routine for puerperal lady. This shall be thought-about as regular puerperal period.
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Sl No Opinion on puerperal period Creator / treatise Lower off puerperal period
1 a) After following regulated particular dietetics and mode of life for a time interval of 1 and half months, the lady turns into free from sutika (epithet). b) The girl shall be known as as sutika till her menstrual cycle begins. Sushruta Vagbhata I Vagbhata II 1 ½ months Or Reappearance of menstrual cycle
2 Particular dietetic administration must be executed for 1 month. Kashyapa, Bhavaprakasha Yogaratnakara 1 month
3 Puerperal period is for six months Kashyapa 6 months
4 After the issues and aggravation of doshas subside, the lady shall surrender particular mode of life after 4 months. Bhavaprakasha and Yogaratnakara (after agreeing with Sushruta’s clarification of 1 ½ months) 4 months

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Summing up the above stated descriptions, we are able to discover 4 totally different opinions on durations of sutika i.e. –

  • 1 ½ months
  • Reappearance of menstrual cycle
  • 6 months
  • 4 months

Sure anatomical modifications happen in reproductive organs throughout being pregnant. After supply, these modifications virtually revert again to their pre-pregnancy stage after about 6 weeks. However the physiological facets together with restart of ovarian and menstrual cycle present nice particular person variations in reverting again to the pre-pregnancy stage. In some ladies the menstrual cycle could restart from the twond month of supply. In others it might take a 12 months or two additionally. This may need been the rationale behind the Ayurveda authors writing ‘reappearance of menstruation’ moderately than mentioning particular time restrict.

Understanding variations in these time durations – Subsequently we are able to infer that ‘1 ½ months’ period has been given in relation to anatomical modifications / reverting of reproductive system. The reason of ‘reappearance of menstruation’ most likely signifies physiological modifications of reproductive system. 6 months period most likely displays the concept about reappearance of menstrual cycle. The period of 4 months has been most likely given protecting in view the obstruction of labor or other forms of irregular labors whereby the post-operative administration for 4 months has been suggested.
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Onset of menstruation

After the supply of the child, the ahara rasa – vitamins attain the breasts of the lady and type milk instantly. The remaining rasa will get reworked into blood. This blood circulating all via the physique reaches the reproductive system (uterus) of the lady. After the lady attains replenishment of her tissues and steadiness of her physique, the blood amassed within the uterus will get discharged periodically. That is how the menstruation reappears after supply of the kid.

Administration of puerperal lady

It’s known as Sutika Paricharya

I. Common administration, eating regimen and mode of life

Virtually all classics have suggested the usage of the beneath talked about for a interval of 3-7 days –

  • Therapeutic massage with natural oils
  • Oral administration of medicated fat together with medicines and decoctions
  • Medicated meat soup – from 7th to 12th day

Completely different opinions about basic administration and use of herbs and formulations

1. Grasp Charaka’s opinion – Cha.Sha.8/48

a. Pippalyadi Churna – Powder of the beneath talked about herbs must be given orally with ghee, oil, muscle fats or bone marrow after contemplating the tolerance and digestive capability of the puerperal lady –

b. Abhyanga and Udara veshtana – After giving this powder, the lady’s stomach must be given therapeutic massage with medicated oil. Following this the stomach must be wrapped with an enormous clear fabric. This causes compression of stomach. When stomach is compressed it prevents vitiation of vata.

c. Pippalyadi Yavagu – After the fat get digested, gruel made with rice and processed with Pippalyadi Churna defined above and combined with ghee must be administered.

d. Ushnodaka Parishechana / Parisheka – Irrigation or bathtub / bathe with scorching water must be given at morning and night earlier than administration of fats and different fat and gruel.

e. Apyayana / Brmhana – The above stated routine must be administered for five or 7 nights and day. Following this brmhana remedy i.e. anabolic meals which improve muscle tissues and power must be step by step administered. This routine will not be appropriate for girls residing in marshy lands since kapha is dominant in these areas. This routine is appropriate for girls of ‘wild / desert like and dry’ areas.
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2. Grasp Sushruta’s opinion – Su.Sha.10/16-18

a. Abhyanga – Firstly the lady must be massaged with Bala Taila.

b. Bhadradarvadi Kwatha – Following therapeutic massage, the lady shall be prescribed with decoction ready utilizing Bhadradaru – Cedrus deodara and different herbs. The identical decoction can be utilized to present irrigation. This decoction suppresses vata.

c. Pippalyadi Churna – The powder of the beneath talked about components must be given for oral consumption together with jaggery water if the doshas or blood is left inside i.e. some blood clots and doshas have remained within the uterus –

  • Pippali – Piper longum
  • Pippalimula – roots of Piper longum
  • Hasti Pippali – Scindapsis officinalis
  • Chitraka – Plumbago zeylanica
  • Srngavera – Zingiber officinale

This must be continued till all irregular blood i.e. lochia rubra is correctly excreted.

d. Vidarigandhadi Yavagu – After this, the rice gruel ready with herbs of Vidarigandhadi group of herbs, combined with ghee or milk must be given for 3 days (from 3rd or 4th day to sixth or 7th day after supply).

e. Shali and Mamsa Rasa – From 7th or 8th day, cooked shali rice with meat soup of untamed animals processed with yava – barley, kola – Ziziphus mauritiana and Kulattha – horse gram must be given after having thought-about the energy and digestive energy of the lady.

f. Ushnodaka Parishechana – Irrigation / bathe with scorching water must be given. The girl ought to keep away from anger, train and coitus. In accordance with Dalhana, the irrigation would flush off the irregular blood from the uterus and likewise suppress vata. Sudation must be given after the supply of full time period fetus.

3. Grasp Vagbhata’s opinion – A.Sam.Sha.3/38

a. Abhyanga – Therapeutic massage must be given with Bala Taila.

b. Sneha Matra / Kashaya pana – Correct dose of unctuous substances / fat processed (combined) with one of many beneath talked about powders must be given for oral consumption when the lady is hungry, in a amount which she will be able to digest in an entire day –

Pippalyadi Churna – powder ready with –

  • Pippali – Piper longum
  • Pippalimula – Roots of Piper longum
  • Chavya – Piper retrofractum
  • Chitraka – Plumbago zeylanica and
  • Shunti – Zingiber officinale

Yavanyadi Churna – powder ready with –

  • Yavani –
  • Upakunchika –
  • Chavya – Piper retrofractum
  • Chitraka – Plumbago zeylanica
  • Pippali – Piper longum
  • Maricha – Piper nigrum
  • Shunti – Zingiber officinale

If the lady is unfit to take oily substances / medicated fat, she must be given with decoction of both laghu panchamula or vata suppressing herbs.

c. Abhyanga and Udara Veshtana – After the above stated measures the lady must be given with belly therapeutic massage with ghee and oil and wrapped with fabric. This helps in prevention of vitiation of vayu.

d. Vidaryadi yavagu – After the digestion of medicated fat / unctuous substances, rice gruel ready with above talked about herbs or Vidaryadi group of herbs or milk must be given to the lady to drink, in a amount which she will be able to simply digest.

e. Ushnodaka Parisheka – Irrigation / bathe / bathtub must be given with scorching water at morning and night earlier than administering ghee or gruel. This shall be used for 3, 5 or 7 days. Following this, gentle eating regimen shall be given with soup of barley, jujube and horse gram.

f. Apyayana – After 12 days of utilizing the above routine, satiating and strengthening meals must be given after contemplating her energy and digestive capability. Meat soup of untamed animals / animals residing in desert like areas must be used for this goal. Additionally oil, ghee or decoction ready with Jivaniya, Brmhaniya, Madhura and Vatahara group of herbs also needs to be used for giving therapeutic massage, oleation, irrigation and bathing.

Vagbhata II has given comparable clarification. He has added massaging the vagina and uterus area additionally together with physique therapeutic massage. Arunadatta opines that if meat preparations are used earlier than 12 days, it could appeal to the grahas.

4. Grasp Kashyapa’s opinion – Ka.Sam.Khi.11

a. Rakshogna dravya – The puerperal lady ought to use antiseptic medicines and different useful issues.

b. Nyubja shayana and Udara Pidana – Candy spoken accoucheuse ought to encourage the lady instantly after supply and make her lie down in hunch-back place. She ought to rub her again, press her stomach and flanks after which compress her stomach to expel the doshas left over after supply. Following this, stomach and flanks must be wrapped with clear massive fabric. With this, the stomach reaches its correct place and vayu additionally subsides.

c. Exterior use of Bala Taila – The girl ought to sit on a small chair coated with leather-based bag stuffed with scorching Bala Taila. With this her vagina and uterus turns into wholesome.

d. Swedana and Snana – Sudation must be given to the vagina and uterine area with krsra – oleo ready with Priyangu and many others herbs. Following this, scorching water bathtub and correct relaxation must be given to the lady.

e. Dhupana – After overcoming tiredness, the lady must be given with fumigation utilizing Kushta – Saussurea lappa, Guggulu – Commiphora mukul and Agaru – Aquilaria agallocha combined with ghee.

f. Manda and Yavagu and Mamsarasa – Scum of boiled rice must be given for 3 or 5 days after contemplating the energy and digestive energy of the lady. Following this, the lady ought to take useful eating regimen and unctuous substances i.e. oil and ghee. After digestion of fat, rice gruel devoid of salt and added with little fat and combined with powder of Pippali – Piper longum and Nagara – Zingiber officinale must be given. After 6-7 days, rice gruel combined with ample amount of salt and fat must be served. Following this, meat soup of untamed animals / animals of desert like area and soup of horse gram combined with fat, salt and bitter articles and ash gourd, radish, cucumber and many others greens fried in ghee must be given.

The girl ought to use oleation, sudation and scorching water for one month after supply. Administration shouldn’t be executed in isolation. Traditions, eating regimen and useful issues as associated to the household and geography must be given duly thought-about. Sudation is contraindicated.

5. Grasp Harita’s opinion – Ha.Sam.Tr.Sth.53/1-5

a. Kashaya Prayoga – Decoction ready with the beneath talked about herbs, as many as accessible, must be administered for purifying the blood and uterus –

b. Purana, Abhyanga, Swedana – Vaginal filling must be executed with the oil. Therapeutic massage adopted by sudation with scorching water must be given.

c. Upavasa and use of formulations –

  • The girl ought to quick on the primary day.
  • On the second day, she ought to take combination of ginger, Terminalia chebula and jaggery within the morning. Within the midday she ought to devour heat soup of horse gram.
  • On the third day, rice gruel combined with panchakola must be given.
  • On the fourth day, rice gruel combined with chaturjata must be given.
  • On the fifth day, shali or shashtika rice shall be prescribed within the eating regimen.

This routine shall be continued for 10-15 days. The girl shall be allowed to satisfy different ladies on the 12th day.

6. Different opinions

a. The puerperal lady ought to use congenial eating regimen and mode of life. She ought to avoid anger, coitus, chilly air and extreme train (Bha.Pra).

b. She ought to use unctuous, gentle, congenial eating regimen and each day sudation and therapeutic massage for 1 month (Bha.Pra).

c. Instantly after the supply of the kid the vaginal canal of the lady must be pressed in order to keep away from entry of air (Y.R.).

d. Measures to guard the lady and baby from the seizure of grahas or bhutas must be taken.

e. Beneath talked about are contraindicated –

  • Evacuative enemas – if used will increase ama dosha (Cha.Si)
  • Venesection – if given, causes emaciation, anorexia and bodyache
  • Nasal drops / errhines – if used, it should have comparable results like that of venesection
  • Purgatives
  • Sudation (indicated as per Sharngdhara)

f. Brmhana dravyas – muscle bulk enhancing and energizing herbs and Manda – liquid rice gruel / skinny gruels are indicated throughout this era.
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Advantages of correct administration of puerperal lady

Because of the growth of fetus the lady turns into weak or emaciated. Equally she turns into empty bodied as a result of unsteadiness or languor of all tissues, labor pains and excretion of moisture and blood. With correctly executed above stated measures, the lady attains all of the misplaced issues and reaches her pre-pregnancy stage, anatomically and physiologically.

Administration of puerperal lady relying on place of residing

1. Lady residing in Anupa Desha – marshy land

  • These areas have dominance of moisture. Ailments of vata and kapha predominance are manifested on this area.
  • Fat / unctuous substances shouldn’t be used initially. As a substitute of this, the scum of boiled rice handled with appetizer and strengthening herbs shall be given.

2. Lady residing in Jangala Desha – wild / dry / desert like place

  • Oil or ghee or any unctuous substances shall be given in good amount. Decoction ready with Pippalyadi Churna talked about usually administration must be used as after-drink.
  • Oleation within the method defined above shall be given to sturdy ladies. To the weak ladies rice gruel must be given. Each these shall be used for 3-5 nights.
  • Following this cereals combined with unctuous substances shall be utilized in a step by step growing method.
  • Irrigation with scorching water shall be given typically.
  • The girl must be suggested to keep away from anger, train and coitus.

 3. Lady residing in Sadharana Desha – frequent / regular land

This land can have qualities of each the above stated lands. For lady residing on this area, basic or common administration which includes of not too many unctuous or an excessive amount of dry therapies shall be used.
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Administration in accordance with the intercourse of the kid

If male baby is delivered, the lady shall be given with oil. In case it’s a feminine baby, the lady shall be given with ghee to drink. After the right digestion of fats, rice gruel ready with appetizing herbs must be given for 5-7 days. Then, the scum of boiled rice and many others must be launched in a gradual means.

Bathtub to the puerperal lady

Bathing ceremony must be carried out on the auspicious interval of 10th or 12th day in accordance with correct rituals of the household.

Ailments of the puerperal lady and their administration

Some basic ailments manifest in the course of the puerperal interval like fever and many others. These ailments must be handled in the identical means as they’re handled in some other individual.

Some particular ailments too are manifested within the puerperal lady. They’re known as as Sutika Rogas. They’ve been talked about by Kashyapa and different masters. They must be managed with particular remedies and medicines talked about for them.

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