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Ajagallika That means, Signs, Therapy

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Ajagallika is without doubt one of the ailments talked about beneath the context of Kshudra Rogas i.e., minor ailments. The illness is claimed to be manifested primarily in kids. Due to this fact, it may be thought-about as a particular pediatric situation i.e., bala roga. Grasp Srikantadatta opines that this illness might also manifest within the adults however has been seen to predominantly happen within the kids and therefore Grasp Sushruta has confused and specified the phrase ‘balanam’ i.e., that which happens within the kids, whereas explaining the ajagallika illness.
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Dosha predominance – Kapha and Vata are predominantly vitiated in ajagallika.
Tissues concerned – Rasa tissue is principally contaminated by the doshas and therefore the pores and skin is concerned within the illness. Pores and skin is the location of manifestation of the illness.
Measurement and form of the lesion – the lesion seems like mudga i.e., a grain of inexperienced gram. Prognosis – this illness is curable.

Treatises during which ajagallika has been defined –

Signs of Ajagallika

Ajagallika is a lesion occurring as a result of vitiation of kapha and vata. This illness manifests primarily within the kids. The character and options of the blister is as described beneath –

  • Snigdhah – oily look
  • Savarnaa – coloration much like that of the encircling pores and skin
  • Grathita – nodular
  • Niruja – painless
  • Mudga sannibha – dimension and form of grain of inexperienced gram

Moreover, Nyaya Chandrika commentary tells that the blister can even have dimension and form of masha i.e. black gram aside from resembling a inexperienced gram grain. Due to this fact, ajagallika blister could seem in 2 kinds both like a inexperienced gram or black gram. The commentary additionally clarifies that the lesions are restricted to the pores and skin and muscular tissues and don’t encroach to the deeper tissues.


  • Publicity to the etiological elements which collectively vitiate kapha and vata
  • Simultaneous aggravation of kapha and vata (aggravated vata takes the affiliation of kapha or pulls it into the pores and skin and muscular tissues – Nyaya Chandrika commentary)
  • The aggravated doshas get lodged within the pores and skin and muscular tissues
  • Blisters / boils / lesions resembling inexperienced gram or black gram seem that are oily, painless, and nodular and have related coloration of the encircling pores and skin
  • This situation is named as Ajagallika (manifests primarily in kids)

Sanskrit Verses

Therapy of Ajagallika

The therapy rules of ajagallika are primarily based on whether or not the lesions are suppurated or non-suppurated. In each these circumstances the precept of therapy will differ. Due to this fact, the doctor ought to have the ability to differentiate each these circumstances from the therapy perspective. This additionally displays that the prognosis of the levels of ajagallika is vital for correct and complete therapy to be applied.

This additionally makes us perceive that Ajagallika is of two varieties –

  • Apakva – immature / non-suppurated – acute
  • Pakva – mature / suppurated – power

Ajagallika is of two varieties –

  • That manifesting in kids
  • Grownup kind

Ayurveda has specified that ajagallika is manifested primarily in kids, the dialogue of ajagallika and associated therapy right here is restricted to the illness manifested in kids. The identical rules of therapy shall be applied in ajagallika manifested in grownup.

Therapy by levels (A.Hr)

  1. Immature blisters – bloodletting shall be finished. For this jalauka avacharana i.e. leech utility shall be finished.
  2. Mature blisters – when the lesions get matured and break open, it’s handled on traces of vrana chikitsa i.e. on the traces of treating ulcers / wounds.

The therapy precept of ajagallika has been defined in an analogous method in Ashtanga Sangraha.

Bloodletting is finished utilizing leech utility in case of immature illness. Following this the paste of the beneath talked about herbs shall be utilized on the lesion –

  • Yavakshara – alkali of complete plant of barley
  • Shukti – pearl oyster
  • Saurashtrika – alum

Simply by pricking the blisters of ajagallika with recent and sharp thorns of Kantakari (Solanum xanthocarpum) plant they get matured shortly, break open and get healed.

Vrshamuladi Lepa – paste of vrshamula, roots of Adhatoda vasica and vishala – Citrullus colocynthis shall be utilized over the ajagallika lesion. If the blister is difficult, preparations of alkalies shall be utilized or poured on them and break them open.

Trendy correlation

Ajagallika is correlated to a illness of the trendy time named Molluscum Contagiosum. The form and dimension of the lesion resembling that of inexperienced gram shall be correlated to the pearly papules of molluscum contagiosum with attribute central umbilication.

Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum is a sort of viral pores and skin an infection. The causative agent (virus) additionally carries the identical title as that of the illness. It is not uncommon in kids however can have an effect on adults additionally, primarily in those that have weakened immune techniques. This illness is taken into account as a sexually transmitted illness when genitals are concerned in adults having regular immune system.

Attribute options

The illness is characterised by raised bumps presenting on the higher layers of the pores and skin. Normally it’s painless. Most frequently they go away with out being handled. Additionally they don’t depart scars after they get resolved. The virus could final for various lengths of time (totally different in several people). The lesions might also stay for various durations of time starting from 2 months to 4 years. In these having weak or compromised immune system, this situation could develop into tough to deal with or could trigger extreme results or problems.

How does the illness transmit?

  • Direct pores and skin contact with an individual having this virus (person-to-person)
  • Touching any object contaminated by the virus

The an infection of molluscum contagiosum would unfold to surrounding pores and skin if the lesions are scratched or injured.


This illness is brought on when one acquires M. contagiosum virus, a sort of poxvirus. Energetic lesions of the sufferers can transmit the virus. The transmission can even occur from the pores and skin of 1 a part of the physique to the pores and skin of different components of the physique of the identical particular person.

Transmission of Molluscum Contagiosum

M. contagiosum virus could move from one particular person to the opposite in some ways. Pores and skin contact with contaminated particular person could happen by

  • touching the lesions of an contaminated particular person,
  • amongst kids whereas enjoying,
  • as a consequence of sexual contact in adults
  • throughout contact sports activities

Floor contact – one can contact the virus by touching the surfaces which the contaminated particular person had touched, like contaminated clothes, toys and so forth.
Sharing – sharing the sports activities gear utilized by the contaminated particular person. Instance, soccer helmets, wrestling mats, baseball gloves and so forth
Inside unfold – after getting contacted the virus the an infection would possibly unfold all through the physique. Equally the an infection / virus could unfold from one a part of the physique to a different. This occurs by touching different a part of the physique after touching, scratching, rubbing or shaving (over a bump).

Different factors of curiosity –

  • Transmission is discovered to happen extra in moist environments.
  • The virus wouldn’t unfold to different particular person if the lesions usually are not energetic / not seen.

In response to consultants it’s seemingly that swimmers transmit this virus by means of many issues like shared towels, equipments, or pores and skin contact. So it could be frequent situation in swimmers.


The signs could also be seen generally between 2-7 weeks after one acquires the molluscum contagiosum virus. A small group of painless bumps could seem at first. The looks of bumps could differ. They could happen as a single bump or a patch comprising of as many as 20 or extra bumps.

The attribute look of bumps in molluscum contagiosum

  • Measurement – small, 2-5 millimeters in diameter/ dimension varies from that of the pinnacle of a pin to that of an eraser on the pencil high
  • Texture – Shiny / clean
  • Shade – white, pink or flesh coloured
  • Form – agency, raised, dome or spherical formed with a pit / dimple / indentation within the center (elevated on the perimeters and depressed on the heart)
  • Content material – waxy materials filling the central core
  • Location – wherever, besides on palms or soles, particularly discovered on the face, neck, stomach, arms, armpits, arms, legs or torso in kids and over inside thigh, genitals (if the an infection is sexually transmitted) and stomach in adults
  • Modifications – bumps could develop into pink, infected or itchy


  • Disseminated secondary eczema
  • Impetigo
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Widespread and bigger than ordinary molluscum contagious most frequently manifested on the face (primarily in these with compromised immunity)
  • Sudden scarring with pitted look (could also be attributable to surgical procedure additionally)
  • Immune response to an infection – the bumps and pores and skin across the lesions could develop into pink and infected.
  • An infection of bumps happen if they’re scratched
  • If the lesions happen on the eyelids, conjunctivitis can develop.

Threat elements

Anybody can contact the an infection of this virus and may endure from the illness. However the beneath talked about usually tend to purchase the virus greater than the others and therefore are the chance elements of the illness –

  • Youngsters between 1-10 years age group
  • These residing in tropical climates
  • These having atopic dermatitis
  • Having weak immune techniques
  • These collaborating involved sports activities


Bodily examination – the physician will diagnose molluscum contagiosum after analyzing distinct traits and look as defined above.
For affirmation, pores and skin biopsy could also be suggested. It’s because molluscum contagiosum ought to be differentially identified with pores and skin most cancers, warts and chickenpox.


One ought to keep away from touching the pores and skin of one other one that has been contaminated with molluscum contagiosum. That is the easiest way to stop getting contaminated.

Tips on how to forestall spreading the an infection?
If you’re contaminated with molluscum contagiosum you could comply with the beneath talked about measures to stop spreading the an infection to others –

  • Make an everyday observe of washing hand with heat water and cleaning soap. Additionally instruct the youngsters handy wash often and prepare them with correct hand washing methods.
  • Don’t share private gadgets like towels, clothes, soaps, hair brushes and so forth with others.
  • Keep away from sharing different’s sport gear or yours with others.
  • One ought to keep away from touching the lesions / bumps on his / her personal physique or these of contaminated particular person. Shaving over the contaminated areas can even unfold the virus.
  • Frequently clear the bumps and preserve them lined.
  • One ought to alert the others to not contact him or his supplies if he / she are contaminated with M. contagiosum.
  • These having lesions within the genital space ought to keep away from sexual contact till they’re utterly handled and the lesions have completely disappeared.
  • Whereas swimming one shall cowl the lesions with a water-tight bandage.


Most instances the lesions of molluscum contagiosum will go away with out therapy. Therapy won’t be required in any respect if the particular person has a wholesome immune system. For the reason that lesions are too contagious the medical doctors would advise them to be eliminated earlier than they disappear on their very own. Mixtures of therapies often work which embrace a methodical combination of scraping, cryotherapy and utility of medicines that causes blisters which raise off the bumps.

Proper time to see the physician

  • Lesions are bigger than regular, positioned on face and neck
  • Having atopic dermatitis
  • Obtained therapy that reduces immunity
  • Acquired a well being downside that reduces immunity
  • Having low immunity
  • Having considerations about spreading the virus to others

Medicinal therapies

A number of of the beneath talked about therapies could be efficient for these affected by molluscum contagiosum –

  • Cryotherapy – freezing the lesions / bumps with liquid nitrogen
  • Curettage – piercing and scraping off the lesions / bump
  • Laser remedy
  • Topical remedy – utility of lotions or chemical compounds


  • Lotions containing iodine and salicylic acid / potassium hydroxide
  • Trichloroacetic acid
  • Cantharidin utility
  • Imiquimod (T cell modifier)

Pregnant girls, girls planning being pregnant and people breastfeeding shall take warning earlier than taking these medicines. They need to let their physician to know their standing. For HIV sufferers contracting molluscum contagiosum, ART (Antiretroviral Remedy) is the simplest therapy.


The illness resolves all by itself in these having good immunity. It typically takes about 6-12 months for the decision to happen with out scarring. In many individuals it will take few months or years earlier than the bumps of molluscum contagiosum disappears. In these with compromised immunity or having issues associated to immune system the an infection could develop into extra persistent and can even last more.

The an infection or virus not stays within the physique as soon as the lesions fade out. Throughout this era one won’t unfold the virus to others or to at least one’s personal components. The bumps will reappear if one will get contaminated as soon as once more. One can get contaminated as soon as once more despite having received contaminated as soon as, extra so if the immunity tapers within the coming days.

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