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Obesophobia is rampant. The psychology behind it has far-reaching penalties. Aside from the obvious physique picture situation, conformity to social requirements and self-criticism, it impacts bodily well being. Folks or the up to date world are extra involved about being obese as a result of aftereffects brought on by the problem.

As per a examine by the World Well being Organisation (WHO), in 2016, greater than 1.9 billion adults have been obese. Of those, round 650 million are overweight. Quite a few issues are related to being obese. They embrace diabetes, coronary heart illnesses, sleep apnea, stroke and gallbladder illnesses. However weight acquire is not only restricted to those well being penalties. There are particular neglected phobic tendencies associated to weight acquire. Obesophobia occurs to be considered one of them.

It’s an intense concern that’s extra prevalent in ladies however could be current in males additionally. When weight consciousness turns into concern, it turns into obesophobia. Nonetheless, anybody can overcome obesophobia if it will get approached in the appropriate method.

What’s Obesophobia?

Obesophobia is a psychological situation during which an individual can have an irrational and inexplicable concern of gaining weight. It is usually referred to as pocrescophobia. Reasonably than the bodily situation of being overweight, it’s the psychological concern of gaining weight and changing into overweight. A number of issues can come up if in case you have obesophobia.

To start with, you would possibly start hating people who find themselves obese or overweight. It could actually additionally result in different extreme points like anorexia (a situation during which an individual restricts consuming) and bulimia (an consuming dysfunction state during which an individual throws up proper after consuming).

Obesophobia tends to manage consuming patterns. For example, an obesophobic particular person finds it difficult to eat out in a restaurant or social occasion. Because of this, they face difficulties fostering a traditional and wholesome relationship with meals. 

Causes of Obesophobia

It’s troublesome to pinpoint an actual trigger for obesophobia like all different fears. It may be as a consequence of varied components, together with private experiences, previous traumas, and so on. 

Nonetheless, here’s a record of some attainable causative components:

Weight Stigma

Weight stigma discriminates towards people who find themselves obese and overweight. It’s vital and widespread in as we speak’s society, the place being skinny is fascinating and appreciated. Because of this, people who find themselves overweight and obese really feel stigmatised. The stigma and discrimination grow to be much more pronounced, notably from household and buddies. Maybe insecurity from social and peer stress additionally will increase the concern of changing into overweight. 

Aiming for the Good Weight

The web is stuffed with weight sheets that inform in regards to the preferrred weight for women and men as per their age and top. Some develop anxiousness after they discover that their weight doesn’t fall throughout the given weight vary. As well as, the flicks and reveals that we watch, the celebrities we observe, and journal entrance covers present individuals with excellent weight and form. This additional will increase danger of creating obesophobia.

Nervousness Issues

Obesophobia could be a results of anxiousness problems as nicely. Different anxiousness problems can mix to make obesophobia even worse. For instance, if in case you have a social anxiousness dysfunction, you might face obesophobia of a higher depth. It’s as a result of the social anxiousness dysfunction might already make you are feeling rejected by society. Therefore, it is going to additionally scare you from gaining weight due to the sensation of social rejection.

Previous Experiences

The extent to which you face obesophobia relies upon closely in your previous experiences. When you have been teased and bullied in your previous in your weight, you’ll doubtless develop obesophobia. Most occasions, the concern originates from individuals passing feedback in your physique measurement. 

Signs of Obesophobia

The obsession to Lose Weight

Reasonable weight reduction is usually an excellent factor. Nonetheless, creating a loopy obsession with doing it will get unhealthy and isn’t really useful. When you have obesophobia, you continuously examine what number of energy you burn and the way a lot you eat. 

In different instances, you are inclined to train or weight loss program past limits, doing extra hurt than good due to your obsession to reduce weight.


Obesophobia can result in extreme anxiousness and stress associated to your weight. In excessive instances, the ensuing stress and anxiousness may even push your blood stress ranges to trigger hypertension.

Much less confidence

Obesophobic individuals often have decrease self-worth. They even have problem adjusting to social conditions due to their self-perception of their excessive weight. Because of this, they grow to be socially awkward and discover it troublesome to keep up current relationships and develop new ones.  

Issues That Obesophobia 

Extreme obsession along with your weight could cause varied consuming problems. These are harmful consuming behaviours that one must remedy. There are distinct types of obesophobia induced consuming problems. These embrace the next:

Anorexia Nervosa

Folks with Anorexia Nervosa assume that they’re obese. They could even imagine so regardless of having low weight. They resort to excessive types of train and extremely restricted meals consumption to combat this. Sadly, it results in excessive thinness and distorted physique form. As well as, they go right into a extreme calorie deficit state due to minimal calorie consumption and extreme burning of energy. It provides their physique no vitality to even run the each day processes like strolling, pumping of blood and even respiration. Such vitality deficit reduces weight under wholesome ranges, inflicting muscle loss. And in excessive instances additionally dangers a number of organ failures. 

Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa entails repetitive and cyclic episodes of binge consuming and purging. Whereas binge consuming, individuals with obesophobia attempt to eat a variety of meals in a brief period of time. Nonetheless, after binge consuming, they realise that they’ve put an unlimited quantity of pointless energy of their physique. To eliminate these extra energy, they resort to unhealthy practices like extreme fasting, extreme exercising and compelled vomiting. Different signs of bulimia nervosa embrace excessive criticism about one’s physique, frequent and inexplicable temper modifications, and overeating for brief durations. 

Purging dysfunction

This dysfunction is just like Bulimia Nervosa, besides it doesn’t contain the binge consuming stage. As an alternative, individuals having this dysfunction go for eliminating their energy by way of unhealthy and compelled vomiting. Some mix it with strict intermittent fasting, extreme exercising, and different restrictive regimes to make it more practical. 

Relation Between Obesophobia and Weight Acquire

Obesophobia itself doesn’t result in weight acquire or loss as a result of it’s only a psychological situation. What causes a weight change is the consuming problems that include obesophobia. Most consuming problems put you in a calorie deficit. Subsequently, if in case you have an consuming dysfunction, you’ll begin consuming considerably much less or exercising extra. So, it is vitally doubtless that you’ll start to lose and acquire weight quickly as a consequence of consuming problems. Nonetheless, this sort of weight fluctuation is extremely unhealthy and never really useful. 

Remedy of Obesophobia

Obesophobia isn’t a bodily illness. It’s primarily a psychological medical situation that may be handled by a psychological well being skilled. Subsequently, it’s advisable, and we suggest you to hunt medical help if in case you have obesophobia and consuming problems. Since it’s psychological, it will get handled by common medical intervention over a protracted interval. There are primarily two strategies of treating obesophobia. They’re psychotherapy and medicine.


It entails speaking to a psychological well being skilled for a very long time over a number of periods. It usually entails no or much less medicine and extra speaking about your feelings. First, the skilled will speak to you about your emotions intimately. The skilled will first recognise your pondering patterns after which change unhealthy and dangerous beliefs into optimistic and wholesome ones. One other step entails constructing optimistic habits to eliminate obesophobia. It is going to enable you acquire extra positivity and eliminate anxiousness associated to your physique form. It is going to additionally enhance your self-image.  


Suppose your obesophobia has taken the type of an anxiousness dysfunction. In that case, the medical skilled might prescribe some drugs for you. The medicines could also be antidepressants, antipsychotics, temper stabilisers, or a mixture of all of those. These drugs are to not deal with your obesophobia per se, however to deal with the anxiousness points. 


Working in your physique and dropping these further kilos is an attractive apply. Nonetheless, creating an obsession to reduce weight is undesirable. And when you develop that obsession while you already weigh high-quality, it’s unhealthy additionally. It causes you to reduce weight under normal ranges. And the means to realize so are additionally dangerous more often than not. 

You should perceive {that a} nutritious diet and reasonable train are enough for wholesome weight administration. Emotions of being obese every so often are regular. Nonetheless, in case you are having such points extra often, it’s suggested to seek the advice of a psychological well being skilled. They’ll remedy you thru psychotherapy or medicine.

Regularly Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. What’s the distinction between anorexia and obesophobia?

A.  Obesophobia is a type of concern. It’s the concern of getting overweight or placing on weight. Then again, anorexia is a psychological dysfunction that will come up as a consequence of obesophobia. Folks with Anorexia Nervosa resort to excessive types of train and a extremely restricted weight loss program to reduce weight. They even refuse to eat. Nonetheless, each are emotionally imbalanced states.

Q. How do I overcome my concern of gaining weight?

A. It’s attainable to beat this concern. All it’s good to do is to reprogram your ideas a bit. First, you could remind your self that you’re in higher form all through the day. For instance, it could assist when you repeatedly inform your self that overexercising and weight-reduction plan past limits would diminish marginal advantages. Additionally, easy practices like speaking to family and friends each time you are feeling an irrational concern would possibly enable you. Easy methods like optimistic affirmations might enable you. Then, search skilled remedy to really feel higher outcomes.  

Q. Is Obesophobia an consuming dysfunction?

A. No. Like different fears (agoraphobia, claustrophobia), it’s only a concern of gaining weight. Nonetheless, obesophobia can result in varied consuming problems. One in all them is Anorexia Nervosa when individuals assume they’re obese. They could even imagine so regardless of having very low weight. They resort to excessive types of train and extremely restricted meals consumption to combat this. It proves to be extra hurt than good ultimately. 

Q. How do I cease obsessively weighing myself?

A. a wonderful method to obtain the goal is to take away the weighing balance from sight. Maintain it someplace inaccessible. Make a behavior of weighing simply as soon as a fortnight or as soon as a month. As well as, you could remind your self all through the day that you’re in higher form. Lastly, it’s good to remind your self that your weight is beneath management when you take the correct weight loss program and observe the absolute best train routine.  

Q. How do I do know I’m fats?

A. It’s straightforward to know in case you are fats or not. First, examine your weight and evaluate it with a regular top and weight chart. For those who see that you’re going above the best weight, you could realise that you’re going on the trajectory of changing into fats. One other indicator is your waist circumference. For those who see that your waist circumference has elevated, it’s one other signal. 

Q. How do I prioritise reducing weight?

A. The golden rule to prioritising weight reduction is by realising that having a wholesome weight is of utmost significance. Take into consideration the added advantages of a wholesome weight. For instance, You’ll have extra vitality in reserve to make different modifications in your well being. Your circulatory system will enhance if in case you have a wholesome weight. Additionally, you will handle fluid ranges higher. Along with the above, a wholesome weight saves you from illnesses that come from being obese. These embrace lowered danger of diabetes, cancers, arthritis, gallstones, bronchial asthma, infertility, loud night breathing and sleep apnea. Prioritise weight reduction by consuming common meals wealthy in protein and low in energy.  

Q. Do you weigh much less after a poop?

A. As a matter of reality, sure. However the weight reduction is short-term. It’s as a result of the physique is repeatedly processing meals. So the load misplaced after pooping will get replenished inside a number of hours. To lose vital weight, it’s good to be on a calorie deficit. There are solely two methods to do this. Both take fewer energy in or burn extra energy.  

Q. Why am I obese however don’t appear to be it?

A. Loads relies on your physique construction. For instance, you will have denser bones that contribute to the upper weight. One other attainable situation is that you’ve got good muscle mass. However, once more, that will contribute to the excessive studying on the weighing scale. 

Q. Am I bloated or gained weight?

A. It’s straightforward to be confused about getting bloated or getting fats. First, really feel your abdomen along with your hand to examine in case you are bloated or fats. For those who assume that the abdomen is tough, you’re bloated. It’s as a result of the abdomen is comfortable and spongy even after gaining weight. Then again, when you assume your abdomen is getting bulgy, you’re additionally getting fats and never bloated. 

Q. What impact do consuming problems have on the physique?

A. They all the time have an undesirable impact on the physique. Folks with consuming problems use unhealthy strategies to go on a calorie deficit. These strategies embrace extreme fasting, extreme exercising and compelled vomiting.

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