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Avasechana Methodology of Wound Care: Which means, Sorts, Medical Significance

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Avasechana is the second sort of remedy talked about amongst ‘Sapta Upakrama’ i.e. the 7 sorts of remedies talked about by Grasp Sushruta which are supposed to deal with and heal the injuries, ulcers and associated swelling.
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Avasechan means to expel the doshas. It’s comprised of 4 remedies and executed after Vimlapana (first remedy amongst 7 remedy procedures). Vimlapana means softening the wound / swelling related to ulcers. ‘Secondly avsechan needs to be executed…!’

Avasechana means ‘to take away / expel the doshas’. It contains of 4 measures which should be skillfully administered as and when wanted, relying on the situation of the illness and the diseased. They embrace bloodletting or drainage of ulcers / swelling (containing contaminated fluids), oleation, therapeutic emesis and purgation. These measures are 4 among the many 60 sorts of remedies defined by Grasp Sushruta (Shashti Upakrama) within the first chapter of Chikitsa Sthana. The set of those 4 remedies collectively comprise avasechana.
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Under talked about are the 4 remedies which assist in cleaning the swelling, ulcers and wounds by enabling the expulsion of doshas both triggering or worsening them in order to allow complete therapeutic. These measures needs to be undertaken solely after having administered the remedies included beneath vimlapana.

1. Visravana – drainage / bloodletting

Grasp Sushruta has given significance to the blood tissue and has thought of it because the 4th dosha. Vitiated blood is invariably concerned in both inflicting the injuries, ulcers or swelling (irritation) or complicating the talked about situations. Contaminated blood may additionally be amassed in these wounds and swellings. Subsequently bloodletting shall be one of many foremost remedy methods in these situations.

Situations for doing bloodletting
If the swelling across the wound is suppurating the affected person needs to be given with meals in a amount of 1’s consolation. In swelling that has freshly manifest bloodletting needs to be executed to offer aid from ache and to forestall suppuration. Bloodletting is useful in elevated or depressed wounds related to swelling / irritation, hardness, darkish brown (darkish coloration) or golden yellow / purple / reddish brown coloration, congested, broad or deep rooted. In swellings consisting of poisons bloodletting needs to be executed by the use of leech software and scraping / scarifying procedures.
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2. Snehapana – oleation remedy

Oleation needs to be administered –

  • for offering aid from ache
  • to forestall suppuration of wound / swelling (to forestall formation of pus)
  • when the wound / ulcer / swelling is related to problems
  • when the affected person is dry (devoid or has much less of fats within the physique)
  • when the affected person is skinny / emaciated
  • when the affected person has been debilitated by ulcers / wounds

Medicated oil or ghee ready with herbs particular for mitigating concerned dosha, have cleaning property, can produce unctuousness, relieve ache, forestall suppuration and problems shall be used skillfully.
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3. Vamana – therapeutic emesis

Therapeutic emesis shall be administered when –
the wound / ulcer is surrounded by elevated muscle groups (muscle groups raised above the floor of the wound)
the wound brought on by vitiated kapha
there’s accumulation of blackish coloured blood within the wound / ulcer or swelling
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4. Virechana – therapeutic purgation

Therapeutic purgation shall be administered in wounds and ulcers / swelling –

Sanskrit Verses


The above mentioned measures assist in purification of the injuries, swelling and ulcers of their contaminants and doshas. Pathological improve of doshas or blood within the physique may additionally affect on the injuries / ulcers / swelling and should both worsen or complicate the image of the illness.

Subsequently well timed cleaning therapies shall be administered taking into account the dosha or blood which has been vitiated and inflicting the illness. These procedures won’t solely expel the morbid doshas but additionally assist in correct and complete therapeutic of ulcers / wounds / swelling. Elimination or expulsion of doshas / contaminants (i.e. visravana) shall be executed after the primary remedy (set of remedies which embrace) vimlapana. Following visravana the third remedy process talked about amongst 7 remedies i.e. upanaha – making use of poultice / unguent shall be administered if want be.
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