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Charaka Indriya Sthana 2nd Chapter Pushpitakam indriyam

2nd chapter of Charaka Indriya sthana offers about signs of imminent demise of the person (Puspita) referring to the style and scent in his physique The chapter identify is Pushpitakam Indriyam.
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We will now expound the chapter on “The exhalation of odor indicative of imminent Loss of life”. Thus mentioned Lord Atreya [1-2]

A simile
Similar to flowers seem earlier than the manufacturing of fruits, the deadly signs and indicators seem earlier than the demise of an individual as premonitory signs. [3]
All flowers don’t finally form up into fruits into future. Sure flowers could also be devoid of fruition. Equally generally even fruits could also be produced with none flowers i.e. there aren’t any flowers earlier than the fruits are produced. However as soon as the deadly signs seem they wouldn’t disappear with out having induced demise. This implies to inform that when these signs are produced they’ll undoubtedly trigger demise. Conversely there isn’t any demise with out being preceded by its premonitory signs i.e. deadly indicators and signs. [4-5]

Incapability to understand indicators of imminent demise due to Mental blasphemy
An ignorant particular person generally wrongly views pseudo signs as actual premonitory signs. Generally he doesn’t even acknowledge the actual premonitory signs as such. All that is the results of mental blasphemy. [6]
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With a view to explaining the a number of premonitory signs previous demise as indicative of its imminence, we now illustrate the varied individuals with such manifestations. [7]

Attribute scent of moribund individuals

An individual whose physique emits perfume just like that of many flowers, as if the scent is coming from a backyard wherein many bushes and creepers bearing aromatic flowers are grown, known as as pushpita i.e. the particular person’s physique is flowering / flowered. It is because these are the signs of impending demise (deadly indicators and signs). Thus, such manifestations are indicative of imminent demise. Any particular person presenting with such indicators and signs is certain to die inside a span of 1 12 months.
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A physique of the particular person which emits the perfume of just one flower be it aromatic or foul smelling can also be thought of as pushpita. If the physique is of an individual is emitting many disagreeable odours at a time or even when foul scent of various flowers having disagreeable scent are emitted at completely different occasions which might be perceived by the organ of scent i.e. nostril, the particular person will probably be considered being pushpita.

Even when the scent of the physique resembles the perfume of various nice and unsightly flowers, one after the other, an individual with such manifestation can also be considered “Puspita”. Right here number of disagreeable odours are emitted concurrently from the physique of the affected person which signifies deadly indicators or signs of impending demise. If the physique emits disagreeable odour even when coated with aromatic unguents and nice odour when no unguents are utilized, if the disagreeable unguents emit nice odor and nice odours emit disagreeable odour or when nice and unsightly odours are emitted alternatively from the physique of the identical particular person, he’s identified to be pushpita.

Odour of Sandalwood, Kustha (Saussurea lappa), Tagara (Valeriana wallichi), Aguru (Aquilaria agallocha), honey and garland are nice. Odour of urine, faeces and useless our bodies (of human beings or animals) are disagreeable. Based on this analogy, odour from related different sources are additionally to be thought of as premonitory signs by inference. We will additional clarify as examples, the premonitory signs based mostly on olfactory notion as a way to facilitate basic appreciation of such signs by realizing which a doctor can predict imminent demise.

Ex – the person whose physique emits nice or disagreeable scent constantly with none considerable trigger can not survive for greater than a 12 months.
That is all about pre-monitory signs based mostly on the scent of the physique of the person. [8-17]
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 Style of moribund individuals

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Now we will appropriately describe the indicators of imminent demise, as indicated by the style within the affected person’s physique. The conventional bodily style of human beings undergoes two forms of modification on the occasion of demise. This modification could also be both within the type of look of extraordinarily irregular style within the mouth or within the type of excessive sweetness. Morbid situations of style can solely be inferred. One can not in any other case have a direct notion of such situations (one can not lick or style the physique of the affected person to entry the style of the physique).

Within the case of the primary forms of morbidity, flies, lice, wasps and mosquitoes get away from the physique of a moribund particular person having an irregular style. On the opposite, hand, flies repeatedly encompass the physique of a moribund particular person having extraordinarily candy style of the physique even after he has taken tub or has utilized unguents. [17-22]
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To sum up- Signs of imminent demise of the person referring to the style and scent in his physique are described right here on the whole. Such signs result in demise of the person. [23] Thus ends the second chapter on the “Exhalation of Odour Indicative of Imminent Loss of life” of Indriya part of Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka.

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