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Charaka Indriya Sthana fifth Chapter Poorvaroopiyam Indriyam

fifth chapter of Charaka Indriya sthana offers about indicators and signs of imminent dying as indicated by the premonitory signs of ailments. The chapter title is Poorvaroopiyamindriyam.
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Now, we will expound the chapter on the indicators and signs of imminent dying as indicated by the premonitory signs of ailments. Thus mentioned Lord Atreya [1-2]
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Premonitory signs indicative of imminent dying

We will now individually clarify the premonitory signs common in addition to particular –regarding the incurable ailments as a method to advertise the data of the doctor.

If in a affected person of fever all of the premonitory signs of fever manifest themselves excessively it shall be thought of as certain indicators of dying.
Equally, all of the premonitory signs of different ailments manifesting themselves excessively are certain indicators of imminent dying of the affected person. [3-5]

We will clarify another premonitory signs of probably the most deadly sort which comply with the varied ailments and are in flip adopted by dying

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  • If a affected person of consumption indulging in intercourse suffers from diminution of energy and aggravation of Pratishyaya (Coryza) he’s certain to die.
  • If an individual travels in direction of the south driving canine, camel or ass in his goals, he will get bothered with tuberculosis which consequentially results in his dying.
  • If an individual drinks wine within the firm of ghosts or will get dragged by canines in dream, he will get bothered with severe sort of fever resulting in his dying.
  • Such of the ailments as comply with the premonitory signs described above should lead to dying. Driving canine, camel, pig and ass in a dream is already described in Nidana 6:13 as premonitory signs of Rajayakshma (Tuberculosis). The identical dream is considered premonitory symptom of dying if the journey is in direction of the south. [6-9]
  • If the sky seems to be purple like a material smeared with lac from a close-by distance, the affected person falls a sufferer to raktapitta (a illness characterised by bleeding from completely different components of the physique) resulting in his dying.
  • If an individual in his goals wears purple garlands and attire along with his total physique trying purple (smeared with purple colour), laughs often and is dragged by a girl, he falls a sufferer to Raktapitta resulting in his dying. [10-11]
  • Colic ache, meteorism (swelling of the stomach attributable to gasoline within the intestines or peritoneal cavity), gurgling sound within the gut and extreme weak spot, discoloration of nails and many others. ends in Gulma (a illness characterised by a development within the stomach) resulting in dying of the affected person.
  • If in a dream one has the expansion of spiky creeper on his chest, he falls a sufferer to deadly sort of Gulma, [12-13]
  • If even the slightest harm give rise to extreme wound within the physique and the injuries don’t heal up, the affected person dies of pores and skin illness / leprosy.
  • If in a dream, an individual bare, anointed with ghee, providing oblations to the fireplace with out flame has development of lotus flower on his chest, he would die of leprosy. [14-15]
  • If the flies get attracted in direction of a person even after he has taken bathtub and used unguents, he falls a sufferer to Prameha (obstinate urinary issues together with diabetes). This prameha would ultimately show deadly for him. [16]

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If an individual in his goals drinks varied sorts of unctuous substance in accompaniment with the Chandalas (an individual born from a Shudra father and a Brahmin mom MW), he additionally falls a sufferer to Prameha which shall be deadly to him. [17]

Premonitory signs of Psychic ailments

  • The signs that are indicative of imminent dying preceded by madness are psychological wandering, exertion, bewilderment, phantasm in inopportune conditions, indifference and lack of energy.
  • The individual will certainly die fast as a consequence of a robust assault of madness if he’s discovered to have aversion to meals, if he has diversion of thoughts / absentmindedness, and suffers from udarda i.e. urticaria.
  • Excessive irritation, frightfulness, continued smile on his face after its onset, extra of fainting and thirst are indicative of imminent dying as a consequence of madness.
  • If one will get drowned in water whereas dancing with the demons in his dream, he succumbs to an acute assault of madness.
  • An individual who in his wakeful state sees darkness whereby there is no such thing as a darkness and listens to all sorts of sounds despite the fact that there are not any such sounds, will quickly succumb to Apasmara (epilepsy).
  • One is certain to succumb to an assault of apasmara if he whereas dancing in an intoxicated state is caught by Preta (soul of a lifeless individual) along with his face downwards. [18-23]

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  • An individual positively succumbs to bahirayama (a situation characterised by opisthotonos of the physique) if his jaw bone (decrease), manya (nape of the neck / the area of carotid artery) and the 2 eyes turn out to be stiff whereas awake.
  • If one takes saskuli (a big spherical cake ready of floor rice, sugar and sesame, and cooked in oil MW) and Apupa (cake of flour MW) in his goals and vomits related substance whereas being awake can’t dwell lengthy. [24-25]
  • If one is conversant with these premonitory signs, he can very properly comprehend the consequential developments and closing outcomes thereof. [26]
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Desires indicative of imminent dying

The next are the opposite goals of probably the most harmful varieties which point out both the dying of the affected person or affliction of people with severe sorts of diseases-

  • Progress of Bamboo, shrubs, creepers and many others., within the head
  • Birds make nest in a single’s hairs
  • Lack of hairs of the scalp
  • The individual is surrounded (and attacked by) by vultures, owls, canines, crows and many others
  • The individual is surrounded by Rakshas (demons), Preta (soul of lifeless individuals), Pisaca (evil spririts), ladies, Candala (an individual born of Sudra father and Brahmin mom M.W), Dravidas and Andhras;
  • The individual will get trapped within the forests of bamboos, Vetra (Salix caprea Linn), creeper, snare, grass and thorny bushes
  • Falling down whereas strolling within the above talked about sorts of forests
  • Falling down on the bottom with mud, ant-hill or ashes or cemetery or ditch whereas strolling; Drowning in soiled water, mud or the properly coated with darkness
  • Being carried away by the quickly flowing stream of water, rivers and many others
  • Consumption of fatty substance, anointment, emesis or purgation of fat
  • Receipt of gold
  • Quarrelling with somebody, getting arrested and getting defeated
  • Shedding or forgetting each the sneakers, peeling of the pores and skin out of ft
  • Exhilaration
  • Getting yelled at and insulted by offended forefathers
  • Fall or extinction / destruction of enamel, moon, solar, stars, the gods, lamp and eyes
  • Hills crack / break down into items and hold falling;
  • Getting into right into a forest stuffed with purple flowers, the earth whereby purple flowers are grown, the locations of sinful acts, funeral pyre or a cave dense with darkness or crammed with shrubs and creepers
  • Shifting southwards by carrying purple garlands, laughing out loudly and being bare
  • Going into frightful forests together with monkeys / on a chariot yoked by monkeys;
  • Seeing people who find themselves darkish in complexion having purple eyes, carrying ochre colored material, of terrific look, bare, with a stick in hand
  • Seeing a sinful lady of black color devoid of conduct with lengthy hair, nails and breasts, carrying garlands and attire of awkward colors / devoid of color
  • These are the harmful sorts of dream which point out the dying of sufferers. If a person not bothered with any illness sees such goals, he’s additionally more likely to succumb to ailments. Cases of such individuals surviving after such dream are very uncommon. [27-40]

Strategy of manifestation of goals

When the Manovaha srotas (vessels hooked up to the center, channels of thoughts) are crammed with the exceedingly aggravated three Doshas, one sees terrific goals in ominous conditions. It is just in a half woke up state that an individual is enabled by his thoughts which controls the sense organs, to have the various sorts of goals significant or meaningless. [41-42]
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Kinds of dream

The dream pertains to the next seven components in wakeful state
Visible notion
Auditory notion
Experiences although different means
One’s personal need;
Imaginary as premonitions;
Brought on by the aggravations of Doshas [43]

Outcomes of assorted sorts of dream

The primary 5 sorts of goals listed within the earlier paragraph, goals skilled through the day time, these that are both too brief or too lengthy usually are not significant for a doctor (that’s such goals can’t be considered having any premonitory worth).
Desires skilled within the first a part of the evening are much less significant. If one doesn’t get sleep after experiencing a dream, then that dream is extremely significant.
Even when one experiences an inauspicious dream however thereafter once more if he experiences an auspicious one, that is indicative of auspicious outcomes. [44-46]

To sum up: -The doctor who’s acquainted with these premonitory signs and goals indicative of imminent dying is not going to be trapped in ignorance and also will not provoke the remedy of those sufferers who’re incurable. [47]
Thus ends the fifth chapter on the “Indicators and signs of imminent dying as indicated by the premonitory signs of ailments” of Indriya part of Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka.

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