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Charaka Indriya Sthana ninth Chapter Yasya shyava nimittiya Indriyam

ninth chapter of Charaka Indriya sthana offers on imminent loss of life as indicated by indicators like blackish brown coloration of the eyes. The chapter title is Yasyashyaavanimiteeya Indriyam.

Now we will discover the chapter on imminent loss of life as indicated by indicators like blackish brown coloration of the eyes. Thus stated Lord Atreya [1-2]
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Indicators of imminent loss of life

  • If the eyes of the affected person seem blackish brown or inexperienced in color and are devoid of imaginative and prescient, he’s positive to die.
  • Non-sensitiveness and dryness of the mouth of the affected person related to the aggravation of the illnesses signifies the tip of the span of his life. A sensible doctor shouldn’t deal with such circumstances.
  • An individual having inexperienced coloration of veins, obstruction of hairs follicles and need for bitter meals / substances will die of issues attributable to aggravated pitta.
  • An individual whose arms and legs (limbs) look engaging, the opposite components of the physique are getting emaciated and his power is getting diminished would die of tuberculosis.
  • Consumption related to Amsabhitapa (burning sensation within the shoulder area), hiccup, hemoptysis (lit vomiting of blood), anaha (constipation together with distension of abdomen) and parsvasula ( ache within the sides of the chest) results in the loss of life of the affected person [4-7]
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The sufferers affected by the beneath talked about illnesses shouldn’t be handled once they have diminution of power and muscle groups / flesh (as a result of they don’t yield to any therapy) –Vatavyadhi (illnesses attributable to the vitiation of Vata)
Apasmara (epilepsy)
Kustha (obstinate pores and skin illnesses together with leprosy)
Sopha (oedema)
Udara (obstinate sort of stomach illnesses)
Gulma (phantom tumour)
Madhumeha (obstinate urinary issues together with diabetes mellitus) and
Rajayakshma (tuberculosis)

  • Equally different sufferers in such circumstances (affected by illnesses related to depletion of power and muscle groups) must also be rejected (shouldn’t deal with) by the doctor.
  • If a  particular person affected by Anaha (constipation related to distension in stomach) is relieved by purgation however  subsequently develops thirst and suffers from  Anaha once more regardless of the purgation having been given, he must be thought-about pretty much as good as lifeless.
  • If an individual is unable to drink liquid substances as a result of dryness of throat, mouth and the chest, he doesn’t survive.
  • Weak spot within the voice, diminution of the power and complexion and aggravation of the illness with none causes / causes point out the upcoming loss of life of the affected person.
  • A affected person having dyspnea, absence of warmth within the physique, affliction with ache within the groins and absence of any response to the therapy shouldn’t be handled by the doctor. [9-13]
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Exploratory remedy

  • A affected person who makes an announcement in a chocked voice concerning the creation of his personal loss of life and hears sounds / phrases that are indicative of inauspicious (reveal unhealthy information) issues / occasions, must be discarded from a distance (not be handled).
  • In keeping with Grasp Atreya, if a weak affected person eliminates a illness abruptly his life must be thought-about as at risk.
  • If his kinfolk method the doctor in all humanity for assist, he ought to prescribe meals with meat-soup and should not administer any sorts of elimination therapies.
  • If particular enchancment in his well being will not be noticed inside one month regardless of the administration of varied sorts of meat soup, the affected person is certain to die. [14-17]
  • If the sputum, stool and semen of an individual sink when positioned on water, he must be thought-about as moribund.
  • If a number of colours seem within the sputum of an individual and it sinks in water, he can’t survive.
  • A morbid situation attributable to the interplay of the vitiated pitta with agni (bodily warmth) within the temporal area is called Sankhaka which kills the affected person in three nights.
  • If an individual affected by ache within the decrease stomach regularly vomits blood together with foam like substance, then he shouldn’t be handled.
  • If there’s sudden diminution in power and flesh of the affected person and aggravation of the illness related to arocaka, the affected person can’t survive for greater than three fortnights. [18-22]
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To sum up:-The above are the indicators indicative of imminent loss of life of an individual. These and such others must be noticed by the doctor. All of them are manifested in moribund individuals. All of them, nonetheless, don’t seem in the identical moribund particular person.  The doctor must be conversant with these indicators of their entity. [23-24]

Thus ends the ninth chapter on imminent loss of life as indicated by indicators like black-brown coloration of the eyes of the Indriya part of Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka. 

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