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Charaka Indriya Sthana sixth Chapter Katamaanishareeriya Indriyam

sixth chapter of Charaka Indriya sthana offers about indicators and signs of imminent loss of life as indicated by the bodily options of the affected person. The chapter title is Katamaanishareeriya Indriyam.

Now we will expound the chapter on the indicators and signs of imminent loss of life as indicated by the attribute bodily options of the affected person. Thus stated Lord Atreya [1-2]
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Bodily signs indicative of imminent loss of life

O! Nice sage, who’re the ailing individuals for whom remedy is of no avail and to whom the doctor should not present remedy?
Atreya answered this query as follows: The affected person with the under talked about signs shouldn’t be handled by the doctor –

  • feeling of excruciating ache within the higher a part of the chest whereas talking
  • vomiting out meals
  • indigestion of meals even whether it is retained within the abdomen
  • sudden diminution of energy
  • extreme improve of thirst and
  • ache within the coronary heart [3-6]

The affected person affected by bloody diarrhea and hiccup originating from a deeply situated organ shouldn’t be administered any medication remembering the directions of Atreya. [7]
A weak affected person bothered with painful situations like Anaha (distension of stomach) and diarrhoea won’t survive. [8]
A weak affected person bothered with Anaha (distension of stomach) and extreme thirst will certainly die quickly. [9]
An individual is pretty much as good as being lifeless if he’s poor in energy and flesh and likewise suffers from morning fever together with serve dry cough. [10]
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  • The individual won’t survive if he’s affected by dyspnea, stomach illness, and lack of energy of digestion and likewise passes onerous stool and urine in condensed type.
  • The individual will die after a protracted sickness if the stomach oedema of the affected person spreads to arms and ft.
  • The affected person shouldn’t be administered any form of medication if he’s affected by diminution within the complexion, energy, capability for the consumption of meals and can also be affected by oedema in arms, legs, genitals / perineum and stomach. [11-14]
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  • The doctor ought to discard the affected person from a distance if he has copious expectoration of phlegm having blue, yellow or crimson color.
  • If an emaciated individual will get horripilation, passes condensed urine and suffers from oedema, cough and fever, a clever doctor ought to discard him from a distance.
  • An individual shouldn’t be handled if he’s emaciated and weak, and all three Doshas get aggravated concurrently to such an extent that they’re incapable of being corrected.
  • If fever and diarrhea happen after oedema or vice versa, the affected person affected by such illnesses, particularly the weaker ones succumb to loss of life.
  • A affected person having pallor, extreme emaciation, extreme thirst, inflexible and stuck imaginative and prescient, and tough expiration, needs to be discarded by an enlightened doctor. [15-19]
  • If an individual having lock jaw and rigidity within the nape of the neck / carotid area of the neck additionally suffers from thirst and extreme diminution of energy and the indicators of life confined to the chest solely, such a affected person needs to be discarded. [20]
  • If an individual with emaciation, diminished energy and lack of digestive energy will get assaults of fainting and violent motion of the organs of the physique and is tough to handle with any measures, he succumbs to loss of life instantly.
  • If critical illnesses of mutually contradictory etiological components and contours of remedy  get all of the sudden aggravated in an individual, he succumbs to loss of life in fast time.
  • An individual having sudden diminution of energy, mind, well being, flesh, blood and capabilities of grahani (duodenum and the higher a part of small gut that are chargeable for digestion and absorption of meals) succumbs to loss of life quickly.
  • If there may be sudden deterioration of well being and alter within the bodily structure of the person, such a affected person succumbs to loss of life instantly. [21-24].
    Ailing individuals of above talked about sorts needs to be discarded. The clever doctor mustn’t anticipate success of his remedy in such circumstances. [25]
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Thus ends the sixth chapter on the indicators and signs of imminent loss of life as indicated by the attribute options of the affected person of Indriya part of Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka.

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