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Charaka Indriya Sthana third Chapter Parimarshaniyam Indriyam

third chapter of Charaka Indriya sthana offers concerning the indicators of imminent demise indicated by contact. The chapter identify is Parimarshaniyamindriyam.

Now we will expound the chapter on the indicators of imminent demise as indicated by contact. Thus stated lord Atreya. [1-2]
Indicators of imminent demise as indicated by complexions, voice, scent, and style is already described individually. These indicated by contact are being described now. [3]
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Examination of moribund individuals by contact

A doctor who’s desirous of ascertaining the life span of a given affected person simply on the idea of contact ought to contact your entire physique of the affected person along with his palm. His fingers ought to neither be too chilly nor too scorching and may have regular temperature.
If the fingers of the doctor should not wholesome he shall get the affected person touched and examined by another particular person in whom he trusts. Even when the affected person’s social customs don’t allow the doctor to the touch the physique of the affected person or if the affected person is of such standing that the doctor can’t contact the physique of the affected person (instance – preceptor’s spouse being a affected person) he ought to get the affected person touched and examined by another particular person.
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Whereas touching the physique of the affected person, the under talked about factors must be noticed –

  • Absence of actions (pulsation) in such of the organs of the physique which transfer or pulsate continually
  • Coldness in organs that are usually (nearly all the time) heat
  • Hardness in mushy organs
  • Roughness in easy organs
  • Absence of organs that are usually current
  • Main or minor dislocation of joints- downwards or aspect wards
  • Extreme diminution of muscle tissue and blood
  • Look of hardness in physique components
  • Persistent sweating or its whole absence

The above talked about signs or related different signs which mirror irregular contact situations with none considerable trigger are indicative of imminent demise. Thus the tactile signs indicative of imminent demise are briefly described. [4]
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Particulars of examination

We will now expound such signs in higher element.  If the ft, knees, buttocks, stomach, sides of the chest, vertebral column, fingers, neck, palate, lips and  brow of the affected person are touched individually and if they’re discovered moist, chilly, inflexible, onerous or devoid of flesh and blood, it needs to be inferred that the life span of that particular person has come to an finish and he’ll die quickly.

If in any particular person the ankles, knees, hips, anus, testicles, pains, umbilicus, shoulder, breasts, wrist joints, ribs, jaws, nostril, ears, eyes, eyebrows and temples have change into free, scattered, displaced, dislocated or have change into stiff and onerous, then it needs to be predicted that the person would possibly face instantaneous demise. [5]
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The doctor ought to fastidiously study the exhalation, manya (area of carotid arteries, nape of the neck), enamel, eyelashes, eye, hair (of the top), loman (quick hairs of the remaining components of the physique of the person), stomach, nails and fingers of the sufferers. The next situations are indicative of imminent demise of the affected person:

  • too lengthy (deep) or quick (shallow) breathe
  • absence of pulsation in manya (nape of the neck / area of carotid arteries) when touched;
  • enamel lined and adhered with grime, is excessively white and lined with sugary particles
  • matting of eyelashes
  • eyes are devoid of pure traits and endowed with unnatural ones e.g. if they’re excessively projected, withdrawn, slanted, uneven, free, have extreme secretions, perpetually open/closed, very fast, frequent and steady blinking, rolling, reverted, poor or scattered imaginative and prescient, with morbidity of nakulandhya or blindness of mongoose i.e. they view every part as white throughout day time, with morbidity of kapotandhya (or the blindness of pigeon) i.e. they view every part as black throughout day time, fiery eyes – eyes look crimson like burning coal, endowed with excessively black, yellow, blue, darkish brown, coppery, inexperienced, turmeric, yellow or white colour;
  • hair of the top and loman (quick hair of the remaining components of the physique of the person) of the affected person are pulled they arrive out simply with roots however don’t trigger ache
  • veins on the stomach are seen and have darkish brown, coppery, blue, turmeric, yellow or white colours or related such colours
  • nails are devoid of flesh and blood and black like ripe fruit of jambu (Syzygium cumini) and
  • finger joints don’t produce cracking sound even when bent and pressed [6]
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To sum up:
The doctor who can perceive all the assorted tactile sensations by contact will seldom fail to determine the life span of the affected person. [7]
Thus ends the third chapter on “the indicators of imminent demise as indicated by contact” of the indriya part of Agnivesa’s work as redacted by Caraka.

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