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Charaka Indriya Sthana twelfth Chapter Gomaya Churniya Indriyam

twelfth chapter of Charaka Indriya sthana offers about indicators and signs of imminent demise as indicated by indicators like the looks of a substance resembling cow dung powder within the head. The chapter identify is Gomaya choorniya indriyam.

We will now discover the chapter on “Imminent Demise as indicated by indicators like the looks of a Substance resembling Cow dung powder within the Head”. Thus mentioned Lord Atreya [1-2]
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 Indicators of imminent Demise

  • If an unctuous powder resembling that of cow dung seems in and falls down from the top. The affected person could dwell for one month solely.
  • Morbid circumstances just like the rubbing of legs on the spherical and drooping of the shoulders of a person whereas operating point out his imminent demise.
  • One wouldn’t dwell for greater than a fortnight if after tub or utility of unction, his chest will get dried up whereas the remainder of the physique stays moist.
  • If the doctor could be very eager to manage a remedy to the affected person, however doesn’t reach making ready the medicines for a similar (despite all of the efforts to take action) or present the therapy, such a affected person hardly survives.
  • If a drug which is well-known for its therapeutic results, which has been efficiently tried in lots of different circumstances and which is run in line with the prescription within the scriptures, fails to provide the specified impact on a specific affected person, he needs to be thought-about as past therapy i.e. his demise is assured.
  • If the food plan ready beneath the supervision of an skilled doctor correctly administered to a affected person doesn’t produce the specified impact, the affected person succumbs to demise. [3-8]
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Attribute options of messenger

Now we will clarify the indicators of imminent demise as indicated by attribute options of the messenger who involves take the doctor to the affected person’s home. If such indicators are noticed, the smart doctor ought to reject the affected person (mustn’t deal with) with out hesitation (as a result of his demise could be confirmed).[9]

  • If the messenger arrives on the doctor’s home when the latter is dishevelled (has not combed his hairs or stored them open), bare, crying or unclean, the affected person needs to be thought-about as moribund.[10]
  • If the messenger arrives on the doctor’s home when the latter is sleeping, is reducing one thing, or is breaking open one thing, the doctor mustn’t go in direction of the affected person’s home or try and deal with her or him.
  • If the messenger arrives on the doctor’s home whereas the latter is providing oblations to the fireplace or Pinda (balls of meals) to his ancestors (as oblation) then the affected person for whom the messenger was despatched would succumb to demise.
  • The messenger of the affected person who’s about to die will come to the door of the doctor who’s listening to or talking one thing inauspicious.[11 – 13]
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  • If the messenger approaches the doctor when the latter is speaking a few useless, burnt or destroyed / mutilated factor or particular person or is talking / discussing about inauspicious duties or information, the affected person for whom the messenger has come will die quickly.
  • If the messenger involves the doctor’s home or place which has attributes just like these of the illness from which the affected person is struggling, he needs to be thought-about as moribund. Instance – If the affected person is affected by Raktapitta (a situation characterised by bleeding from varied components of the physique) and the messenger despatched by him arrives on the doctor’s home when hearth is burning close by (desa) or burning mid-day (Kala), each of which have attributes just like these of Raktapitta, the affected person is certain to die.
  • If the messenger is in a depressing situation, frightened, hurried, terrified and unclean or if the messenger occurs to be a lady with out chastity who has worn unclean garments, or if three messengers come at a time, or if he has deformed organs (handicap) or if the messenger is an eunuch, the affected person for whom such a messenger is shipped is to be thought-about as moribund.
  • If the messenger is poor in any organs of his physique, if his limbs, nostril or ears have been minimize (mutilated, broken), is an ascetic, is the one who’s observing chastity, or if he’s indulged in merciless actives the doctor mustn’t attend the affected person for whom such a messenger has come (as a result of the affected person is anyhow going to die).
  • If the messenger is available in a automobile carried by a donkey of camel (or using a donkey or camel) or a chariot, the affected person for whom he has been despatched succumbs to demise.
  • When the doctor sees the messenger for the primary time, if the latter is discovered to be touching both straw, chaff, flesh, bone, hair of the top, small hairs of the physique, nails, enamel, broom, rod meant for pounding grains, tray used for winnowing, leather-based items from sneakers, grass, wooden items, husk, charcoal, lump of earth / clay, or stone, the affected person for whom he has been despatched needs to be thought-about as moribund. [14 – 19]
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  • If the doctor sees unhealthy omens whereas the messenger describes the situation of the affected person, he mustn’t accompany such a messenger to the affected person’s home i.e. such an incident signifies imminent demise of the affected person.
  • Equally, if the doctor comes throughout a sorrowful particular person, useless physique or Pretalankara (adornments of useless individuals) he mustn’t attend the affected person.
  • If the doctor occurs to see somebody (one thing) being minimize, burnt or useless (destroyed) or the sound of assertion describing such incident, or tastes that are acute and pungent, or odor which is exceedingly pungent like that of a corpse, or contact of issues that are exceedingly harsh or such different sensory objects that are thought-about inauspicious, instantly earlier than or through the receipt of the message or after listening to the decision of the messenger, the affected person for whom the messenger is shipped needs to be thought-about as nearing demise.

Thus, all concerning the indicators of imminent demise as indicated by the attribute options of the messenger who comes from the affected person’s home to the doctor is described [20-25]
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An incident in doctor’s approach to affected person’s home

Now we will focus on the indicators of imminent demise as indicated by the attribute options of incidents within the physicians’ approach to the affected person’s home or on the time of arrival at his (affected person’s) home.

  • Sneezing, sounds of somebody crying out of concern or screaming, stumbling, falling, listening to somebody crying / yelling out of anger or disappointment, imaginative and prescient of individuals quarrelling or beating one another, somebody stopping from going forward or listening to of abuses.
  • Some abnormalities out of the blue seen within the garments, turban, scarf, umbrella or pair of sneakers such that they can’t be worn or carried or imaginative and prescient of family of the useless particular person who’re grieving or imaginative and prescient of useless or grieving individuals on the pathway to affected person’s home.
  • Falling or Caitya (non secular Fig tree), flag employees, flag or pitcher stuffed with water, arrival of data concerning demise or different inauspicious issues, physique getting coated or polluted by ashes or mud.
  • Cats, canine or snakes crossing the trail, or listening to wild animals like jackals, vultures and many others crying loudly going through southwards.
  • Imaginative and prescient of beds, seats, vessels and automobiles that are turned the wrong way up—all these are thought-about to be inauspicious by the smart.
  • A smart doctor who comes throughout these auspicious and ominous indicators or hears about them in his approach to the affected person’s home or on the time of arrival at his (affected person’s) home mustn’t proceed additional (to the affected person’s home).

Thus the indicators of imminent demise as indicated by the attribute options of the doctor’s approach to the affected person’s home are described. The doctor ought to keep away from treating the affected person in such conditions. [25-31]
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Signifies whereas coming into the affected person’s home

The attribute options of the home of the moribund affected person are as follows:

  • On the time of entrance into the home of the moribund affected person, if the doctor observes the exit (from the affected person’s home) of pitcher stuffed with water, hearth, earth, seeds, fruit, ghee, a bull, a Brahmin, valuable  stones, ready meals or idols of the Gods it needs to be thought-about as ominous.
  • Inside such a affected person’s home he may even see the damaged vessels stuffed with hearth (wherein hearth is lit) or the fireplace with out flame and solely smoke arising from the fireplace (extinguished hearth).
  • Issues which can be damaged, cracked, burnt, break up or crushed are utilized by vital individuals residing in the home of the affected person who’s moribund.
  • If inauspicious and unsightly issues are being mentioned concerning the mattress, fabric, automobile, gait / journey and meals and many others of the affected person (inside affected person’s home) the therapy of such a affected person won’t change into profitable (the affected person will certainly die).
  • If the family of the affected person organize for his mattress, fabric, automobile and different attire that are befitting for useless our bodies, then the affected person needs to be thought-about as already useless.
  • No therapy would change into fruitful in curing the affected person if the meals given to him turns into exceedingly rotten and the fireplace for him will get extinguished despite it being provided with gas in enough amount and the place whereby the fireplace is lit is devoid of wind.
  • If saucers and plates typically fall down and get damaged in the home of a affected person then his life can hardly be saved. [32-39]
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Want and scope of repetition

Thus, it’s mentioned:
Indicators of imminent demise of moribund individuals described intimately within the twelve chapters will now be described briefly otherwise which elucidates their inherent that means.
It’s after all not the intention to enter the topic once more intimately as a result of such particulars are already described within the respective chapters. [40-42]

Indicators of impending demise

The soul who’s spending his remaining moments within the current physique wherein he’s situated, who’s enthusiastic to depart this physique and journey additional forward, who is able to get indifferent from the life parts which he had preferred them earlier and migrate to one more physique earlier than this physique succumbs to remaining darkness within the type of demise, the method of destruction within the physique is initiated in the one who is about to enter the darkness referred to as demise after he getting indifferent and separated from the devices (organs) of the physique.
As proposed earlier the indicators that are manifested and the modifications which occur within the particular person and his soul throughout this time will now be described. That is primarily based upon the scriptural authority.
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They’re as follows:

  • Affliction of Prana i.e. important breath, clouding of understanding, the components of the physique change into weak and there may be drainage of energy from limbs (they change into much less lively as their features are impaired), and there may be cessation of actions.
  • Destruction of sensory and motor features (as a consequence of impairment of actions in sensory organs and motor organs).
  • Impairment of consciousness
  • Restlessness and anxiousness within the thoughts about life
  • Affliction of the thoughts with concern
  • Deprivation of reminiscence and retention energy, mind, pure modesty and lustre of the physique
  • Aggravation of ailments brought on by sinful acts
  • Destruction of Ojas and complexion
  • Radical change within the conduct and character of the particular person
  • Modifications in what he likes
  • Perversion and abnormality within the mirrored picture and lustre of the person
  • Expulsion (ejaculation) of the semen takes place even when the particular person is sexually not provoked or not within the sexual act
  • Upward motion of Vata
  • Losing of muscle tissue and blood
  • Diminution of the heat and warmth (in locations whereby it ought to naturally be current) and growth of coldness in these components of the physique
  • Dislocation / laxity of joints
  • Foul odor emanated from the physique
  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Impairment of complexion / discoloration of the physique
  • Dryness of the orifices of the physique
  • Look as if smoke is coming from the top
  • Look of substance like the facility of cow dung within the head which is indicative of imminent demise
  • Full cessation of pulsation / actions within the components (organs) of the physique which normally pulsate always in regular circumstances
  • Manifestation of attributes of reverse nature in these components of the physique that are  both chilly, scorching, smooth, or tough; and comparable different options
  • Look of flower like indicators of white spots in nails and adherence of mud like substance in enamel
  • Matting of eye-lashes and manifestation of Simantas i.e. strains brought on by parting of hair within the head (despite not being manually parted)
  • Problem in acquiring the specified medication for making ready the medicines in direction of the affected person and even when such medication are obtained, their actions (and the motion of the medicines made by these medication) aren’t manifested in consonance with their efficiency
  • Sudden manifestation and worsening of significant ailments of numerous sorts and requiring several types of therapy by overpowering the energy and Ojas (energy of resistance to ailments and decay)
  • Manifestation of inauspicious sound, contact, style, imaginative and prescient, smells, motion and ideas within the doctor whereas treating such sufferers
  • Look of merciless goals and manifestation of evil disposition for the affected person and the folks nearer to him change into his rivals
  • Hostility of the messenger and alter in complexion to that of a useless particular person
  • Diminution of the traditional attribute options of the physique, abnormality within the well being standing and aggravation of the morbid circumstances and
  • Manifestation of all of the inauspicious indicators abruptly

As proposed earlier, the indicators of imminent demise primarily based on scriptural authority are described. [43-61]
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Info on impending demise to be stored secret

Regardless of being conscious of the onset of the unhealthy prognostic indicators of impending demise, the doctor mustn’t announce the imminence of demise with out being specifically requested for that. If the announcement of unhealthy prognosis is prone to trigger collapse of the affected person or misery of others (family and pals round), the doctor mustn’t announce something concerning the approaching demise (of the affected person) despite specifically requested for.
The smart doctor ought to nonetheless chorus from treating affected person having indicators of imminent demise with out making announcement of the approaching demise. [62-64]
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Good prognostic indicators needs to be disclosed

If the doctor comes throughout auspicious indicators of restoration (reverse to the inauspicious indicators of approaching demise) of the affected person as indicated by:
– attribute options of the messenger
– sudden manifestation of sure auspicious indicators
– indicators within the doctor’s approach to affected person’s home
– attribute options of the affected person’s residence
– method and conduct of the affected person
– availability of medicine comfy
he ought to make this announcement positively. [65-66]
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Messengers indicating good prognosis

The next kinds of messengers are to be thought-about as auspicious that’s – messenger indicative of beneficial prognosis:

  • he would have good conduct and nice behaviour
  • he’s not devoid of any organ of his physique;
  • he’s of fine reputation and clad with white cloths;
  • he has not fully shaved, he has a tuft of hair within the crown of his head and his hairs aren’t matted,
  • he’s comparable in caste, costume and motion to the affected person,
  • he has not arrived in a automobile carried by camel or donkey;
  • he has not come on the time of Sandhya i.e., morning or night twilight,
  • he has not come throughout inauspicious planetary positions,
  • he has come at a time when merciless stars are current or throughout presence of dhruva star (he has come at a time when the Uttaraphalguni, Uttarasadha, Uttarabhadrapada and Rohini stars are auspicious and on auspicious Tithis i.e. dates)
  • he has not come on 4th, 9th, and 14th days or rikta tithi (date) of the lunar fortnight
  • he has come at a time apart from the midday or midnight, when there isn’t any earthquake and when there isn’t any eclipse;
  • he has come to a spot which isn’t defamed and which is devoid of inauspicious traits;
  • he’s not perturbed [67-70
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Incident on the way or while entering patient’s house indicating good prognosis

If while entering or on his way to patient’s house, the physician comes across the following, then he can predict the recovery of the patient.

  • Curd
  • Aksata (grains of intact rice)
  • Brahmanas
  • Bulls
  • King
  • Gems
  • Pitchers filled with water
  • White horse
  • Flags and banners dedicated to Lord Indra
  • Fruits
  • Grains of barely
  • Boys and girls seated on the lap (or boys, girls and earthen plate)
  • An animal of good breed tied to a rope
  • Cultivated land
  • Kindled fire
  • Sweets
  • White coloured flower
  • Sandal paste
  • Delicious food articles and drinks
  • A cart fully loaded with human beings
  • A cow together with a calf
  • A mare with her calf
  • A woman with her child
  • Cakora (cukor)
  • Siddhartha
  • Sarasa (crane)
  • Oataka (sparrow)
  • Swan
  • Satapatra (parrot)
  • Casa (blue joy)
  • Peacock
  • Fish
  • Goat
  • Elephant tusk
  • Priyangu (Callicarpa macrophyla Vahl)
  • Ghee
  • Rucaka (ornaments of horses)
  • Mirror
  • White mustard
  • Gorocana (bile of cow)
  • Fragrance
  • Things having white colour
  • Sweet taste
  • Sweet and auspicious voices of animals, birds and human beings
  • Unfolding of umbrellas, flags and banners
  • Prayers
  • Sound of cattle drums, drums and conches
  • Punyaha (auspicious sounds)
  • Sounds of vedic recitations and soothing wind from the South direction. [71-80]
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Indicators of fine prognosis

The next are the auspicious indicators indicative of a certain success within the therapy of a affected person –

  • Engagement in auspicious acts, faithfulness and favorable disposition of the affected person and his kinsmen;
  • Assortment of enough funds and different equipment
  • Attainment of wealth, energy and happiness
  • Straightforward availability of desired issues
  • Straightforward availability of medicine in abundance and availability of various strategies of making ready medicines from them and utilizing them, beneficial impact of those medication when administered and
  • Goals like (a) climbing on the roof of the home, palace, hill, elephant, bull, horse and human being (b) imaginative and prescient of the moon, the solar, hearth, Brahmana, cow and man of reputation, (c) swimming within the ocean; (d) enchancment of well being, (e) finish of sufferings, (f) dialogue with the gods and forefathers of their pleasing temper (g) imaginative and prescient of white clothes and a clear lake, (h) acquiring of meat, fish, poison, unclean objects umbrella and mirror (i) imaginative and prescient of white flowers (j) using of horses, bulls and  chariots and transferring in direction of the north-east, (ok) weeping; (l) rising after fall and (m) subjugation of enemies [80-86]
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Furthermore, look of noble qualities, devoted, devotion to physicians and Brahmana, subjective feeling of curability of ailments, freedom from anxiousness constitutes the indicators and signs of fast restoration from sickness. A person of auspicious traits attains energy, longevity, happiness and different fascinating objects solely when he possesses good well being. [87-88]

To sum up:-On this chapter on “Imminent demise as indicated by indicators like the looks of substance resembling cow dung powder within the head”, indicators and signs of imminent of the affected person, unintended happenings, reasoning and accomplishments of success are described. [89]
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Utility of the data

Indicators and signs described on this chapter ought to at all times be correctly studied by the doctor. It’s only then {that a} doctor can attain success, fame and wealth in addition to accomplishment by way of therapy. [90]
Thus ends the 12th chapter on “Imminent demise as indicated by indicators like the looks of a substance resembling cow-dung powder within the head” of the Indriya Part of Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka

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