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Charaka Kalpa Sthana eighth Chapter Chaturangula Kalpam

eighth chapter of Charaka kalpa sthana offers with “Pharmaceutics of Chaturangula Kalpam”. The chapter identify is Chaturangula Kalpam.

We will now discover the chapter coping with the: “Pharmaceutics of Chaturangula “, thus, stated Lord Atreya. [1-2]
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The synonyms of Chaturangula are Aragvadha, Rajavrksa, Sampaka, Chaturangula, Pragraha, Krtamala, Karnikara and Avaghataka.

Therapeutic Utility

Due to its mildness, candy style and cooling impact, Rajavrksa (Chaturangula) is exceedingly helpful as a purgative for illnesses like fever, cardiac illnesses, gout and upward motion of wind within the stomach. Due to mildness it doesn’t produce any problems. Chaturangula is particularly appropriate as purgative for kids, previous folks, sufferers affected by phthisis and emaciation, and for individuals having delicate structure. [4-5]
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Processing of Aragvadha

Throughout applicable seasons of fruiting, the matured fruits of Aragvadha (Chaturangula) are collected. These fruits endowed with therapeutic attributes are taken in massive amount and saved coated with sand for seven days.  Thereafter, these fruits are taken out of the sand and dried within the solar. The pulp of those fruits is then taken out and saved in a clear jar. [6-7]

Aragvadha (Chaturangula) Swarasa Kalpa

The affected person aged between 4 to 12 years and affected by daha (burning sensation) in addition to udavarta (upward motion of wind within the stomach) is given one pala (48 g) or one anjali (96gms) of the pulp of Aragvadha (Chaturangula) together with grape juice. [8 – ½ 9]
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Aragvadha Kalpa with Sura-Manda and many others.

Sita-Kashaya or chilly infusion of 1 Prasrta (48 gms. appr) or one Anjali (96 gms. appr) or pulp of aragvadha might also be given together with the next autos:
Sura-Manda (supernatant fluid of Sura sort of alcoholic drink)
Kola-Sidhu (a sort of wine ready of Jujube-fruit)
Dadhi-manda (whey)
Juice of Amalaki or
Sauviraka (a sort of vinegar) [9 ½ – 10]

Chaturangula Kashaya Kalpa

Equally, the pulp of Aragvadha is made into paste and brought together with the decoction of both Trivrt or Bilva by including salt and honey. [11]

Aragwadha Avaleha Kalpa

Linctus is ready of the decoction of Argavadha added with the powder of Trivrt and Jaggery, by cooking over gentle hearth. This linctus is taken in applicable dose for purgation [12]

Aragvadha Ghee recipes

Milk is boiled with Aragvadha. From the cream of this medicated milk, ghee is ready. This ghee is cooked by including the paste of the pulp of Aragvadha and the juice of Amalaki [this medicated ghee is taken for purgation].
The ghee ready  within the above talked about method is cooked by including the decoction of Dashamula (bilva, Syonaka, Gambhari, Patala, Ganikarika, Salaparni, Prsniparni, Brhti, Kantakari and Gokshura ), Kulattha and Yava in addition to the paste of 9  medication (viz Syama, Trivrt, Chaturangula , Tilvaka , Mahavrksa, Patala, Sankhini, Danti and Dravanti). [13-14]
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Recipe of Aragvadha with Aristha

Within the decoction of Danti, one Anjali (96 gms, appr) every of the pulp of Sampaka (aragvadha) and Jaggery is added and saved [to ferment] for half month. The Arista (medicated wine) thus ready is taken as a potion for purgation. [15]

Aragvadha with Meals, Drinks

Aragvadha is run as purgative including to both candy, pungent or saline meals and drinks that are pleasing to the center of the affected person. [16]

Contents of Chapter

To sum up:-
On this chapter coping with the pharmaceutics of Aragvadha, twelve purgative recipes are described for the happiness of individuals of delicate nature. These recipes are as follows:
One recipe to be taken together with grape juice (vide verse no. 8) 
One recipe every of (1) Sura (alcohol), (2) Sidhu (a sort of wine), (3) Dadhi (whey), (4) Juice of Amalaki, (5) Sauvira), (6) decoction of Trivrt and, (7) Decoction of Bilva: (vide Verse nos. September 11)
One recipe within the type of Linctus (vide verse no. 12)
One recipe within the type of medicated wine: and (vide verse no. 15)
Two recipes within the type of medicated ghee (vide verse nos. 13-14) [17-18]

Thus, ends the eighth chapter of Kalpa-Sthana coping with the “Pharmaceutics of Chaturangula” in Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka, and due to its non- availability supplemented by Drdhabala.

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