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Charaka Kalpa Sthana eleventh Chapter Saptala Shankhini Kalpam

eleventh chapter of Charaka kalpa sthana offers with Pharmaceutics of Saptala and Sankhini. The chapter identify is Saptala hSankhini Kalpam.

Now we will discover the chapter coping with the “Pharmaceutics of Saptala and Sankhini”. Thus mentioned Lord Atreya [1-2]
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Synonyms of Saptala – Saptala, Carmasahva and Bahuphenarasa
Synonyms of Shankhini – Sankhini, Tiktala, Yavatikta and Aksipidaka are synonymous [3]

Therapeutic Results

Due to their attributes, viz – tendency to trigger looseness of joints, sharpness and un-unctuousness (dryness), these two medicine (saptala and sankhini) are used within the therapy of phantom tumor, poisoning, coronary heart illnesses, obstinate pores and skin illnesses together with leprosy, oedema, obstinate belly illnesses together with ascites and such different situations brought on by aggravated kapha. [4]

Technique of Assortment

The fruits of Sankhini are collected when these are usually not very dry and excorticated. The roots of Saptala are collected to be used. Each of those are preserved in a pot. [5]
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Kashaya Kalpana recipes

One Aksa of the paste of Saptala and Sankhini is added with Prasanna (a kind of wine) and salt. That is helpful for treating coronary heart illnesses brought on by Kapha and vayu, and for treating phantom tumour. This recipe is run with the under talked about autos –
Decoction of Priyala
Decoction of Pilu
Decoction of Karkandhu
Decoction of Kola
Juice of Amrataka
Juice of Dadima
Juice of Draksa
Juice of Panasa
Juice of Kharjura
Badaramla (bitter preparation of Jujube – fruit)
Juice of Parusaka
Maireya (a bitter drink)
Amla Dadhimanda (bitter whey)
Sauviraka (Vinegar)
Tusodaka (one other bitter drink ready of Paddy and so forth) and
Sidhu (a kind of wine)
Consumption of those recipes helps in simple and fast purgation. [6-8]
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Taila Recipes

Milk is boiled by including medicine belonging to Vidarigandhadi group. Oil is cooked by including this milk, the paste of Saptala and Sankhini (one half), and Trivrt in addition to Syama (half elements). This medicated oil is added to Dadhi-Manda (whey) and administered as a potion [for purgation]. 
Two elements of the powder of Sankhini is added with one a part of the powder of sesame seed, and oil is expressed out of it. This oil is taken together with the decoction of Haritaki [for purgation].
Following the identical process, oil is expressed from the seeds of Atasi, Sarsapa, Eranda and Karanja, [and taken along with the decoction of Haritaki for Purgation]. [9-11]
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Ghrita Recipes

From the milk boiled with Sankhini and Saptala, ghee is extracted. This ghee is cooked by including one a part of the paste of Saptala and Sankhini, and half a part of the paste of Trivrt in addition to Syama. This medicated ghee is blended with milk and brought as potion for purgation.

Within the place of paste of Trivrt and syama, the above talked about ghee might also be ready by including half a part of the paste of the next medicine:
Danti and Dravanti;
Ajasrngi (dugdhika) and Niliki;
Two forms of Karanja and
Masuravidala (Syamalata) and Pratyakparni (Musikaparni)

Medicated ghee might also be ready by boiling ghee with the decoction of Sankhini, Saptala and Amalaki.
Medicated ghee of Saptala could also be ready in response to the process described for the preparation of medicated ghee of Trvrit (vide Kalpha 8: 66-68).
Following the process prescribed for Lodhra, there sorts of Leha or linctus (vide Kalpa (: 11-13), Sura or alcoholic drink (vide Kalpa 9: 8-9) and recipe of Kampillaka (vide Kalpa 9-10-11) might also be ready of Saptapala and Santhini. [12-16]

Fermented Drinks

Based on the process described with respect to Danti-Dravanti (vide Kalpa 12: 35), Sauviraka (Vinegar) and Tusodaka ( a kind of Bitter drink ready of Husked paddy, and so forth) of Saptala and Sankhini can also be ready.
 Equally, Guda sort of wine of Saptala and sankhini might also be ready by including Ajagandha and Ajasrngi (on the strains recommended in Kalpa 12: 33)
These [four recipes] are helpful for purgation. [17]
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Contents of Chapter

To sum up:-
On this chapter thirty 9 sorts of efficient recipes of Saptala and Sankhini are described as follows:

1-6. sixteen recipes of saptala and Sankhini to be taken together with decoctions And so forth. (vide verse nos. 6-8)
17-22. six recipes of Saptala and Sankhini to be ready within the type of oil (vide verse nos. (Sept. 11)
23-30. eight recipes of Saptala and Sankhini to be ready within the type of medicated ghee: (vide verse nos. (12-16)
31-35. 5 recipes of Saptala and Sankhini to be ready by fermentation and (vide verse no. 16-17)
36—39.Three recipes of Saptala –Sankhini to be ready within the type of linctus and one recipe of Saptala – Sankhini to be ready by including Kampillaka (vide verse no. 16)

For the preparation of the talked about recipes, both Saptala or Sankhini individually or each of those taken collectively are for use. [18-19]

Thus, ends the eleventh chapter of Kalpa- part coping with the “Pharmaceutic of Saptala and Sankhini” in Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka, and due to its non-availability, supplemented by Drdhabala.

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