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Charaka Kalpa Sthana sixth Chapter Kritavedhana Kalpam

sixth chapter of Charaka kalpa sthana offers with “Pharmaceutics of Kritavedhana”. The chapter title is Krutavedhana kalpam.

Now we will discover the chapter coping with the “Pharmaceutics of Krtavedhana”. Thus stated Lord Atreya [1-2]
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Synonyms of Kritavedhan

Now hearken to the synonyms of Krtavedhana, and its recipes. Its synonyms are Ksveda, Koshataki and Mrdanga Phala. [3]

Therapeutic results of KrutaVedhana

It’s exceedingly pungent, sharp and scorching. It’s helpful in deep seated illnesses, viz, obstinate pores and skin illnesses together with leprosy, anaemia, splenic problems, oedema, phantom tumours, toxicosis and many others. [4]

Kritavedhanam recipes with Milk and Alcohol

Preparations of the flower, and many others of krtavedhana together with milk and alcohol is made on the traces recommended earlier than and used for emesis. [½ 5]
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Krutavedan recipe with Decoctions

Relying upon his energy, the affected person ought to take one or two of the ripe fruits of Krtavedhana together with the decoctions of any one of many 9 medication, viz, Madhuka, (Kovidara, Karbudara, Nipa, Vidula, Bimbi, Sanapuspi, Sadapuspi, or Pratyakpuspi). This potion is for use in line with the process prescribed for Madanaphala (vide Kalpa 1: 14). [5 ½ – ½ 6]
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Linctus recipe

The decoction of the fruit of Krtavedhana is ready and filtered. To this liquid, one a part of the paste of Krtavedhana and half a part of the paste of Madanaphala and many others. is added. That is cooked, made into linctus and used for emesis.  [6 ½ – ½ 7]

Decoction recipe

The powder of Kritavedhana is macerated with the decoctions of any one of many 13 medication, viz, Aragvadha, Vrksaka, Svadukantaka, Patala, Sarngesta, Murva, Saptaparna, Naktamala, Piccumarda, Patola, Susavi and Guduci. These recipes could also be used for emesis. ] [7 ½]

Slimy recipe

Krtavedhana is added with the powders of the roots of one of many medication viz, Salmali, salalaka, Bhadaraparni, Elaparni, Upodika, uddala, dhanvana, Rajadana, Upacitra and Gopi. Powder of those ten recipes turns into slimy when combined with water. These ten slimy recipes are used for emesis. [½ 8]

Krutavedanam drugs

On the traces recommended for Madanaphala, six sorts of vartis (elongated drugs) are ready. In the identical method, medicated ghee also needs to be ready. Administration of those drugs and the medicated ghee causes emesis. [8 ½]
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Recipes of Linctus

Fifty fruits of Krtavedhana are cooked by including the juice or decoction of Kovidara. That is then added with the paste of Madanaphala, Jimutaka, Iksvaku, Dhamargava, Kutaja or Krtavedhana, cooked once more and made into linctus. To the decoction, one a part of the paste of Ksveda or Krtavedhana (which is one fourth of the decoction) and half of the paste of every of madana phala, (jimutaka, Iksvaka, Dhamargava and Kutaja) is added earlier than cooking.
Equally, these recipes of linctus are to be ready individually with the decoctions of –Kovidara
Pratyakpuspi [9-10]

Meat soup recipe

To the decoctions of –

The powder of kosataki or Kritavedhana and equal amount of the meat of aquatic animals are added and cooked. This meat-soup is run with salt. It will act as an emetic.
Equally, with the decoction of koshataki or Krutavedanam meat of aquatic animals and equal amount of 9 [the powder of]  Madanaphala, Jimutaka, Dhamargava, Kutaja and Krutavedhan all taken collectively is cooked. This meat-soup might also be administered for emesis. [11 ½ – 12]

Sugarcane juice recipe

The powder of Krtavedhana is boiled by including sugarcane juice and administered [for emesis] to the affected person affected by Kasa (coughing). [12 ½]
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Contents of the Chapter

To sum up:-
On this chapter describing the Pharmaceutics of Krtavedhana, sixty recipes of this drug are described, as follows:
4 preparations with milk (vide verse no. 5)
One preparation with alcohol; (vide verse no. 5)
Twenty-two preparations within the type of decoction: (vide verse nos. 5-7)
Ten preparations within the type Piccha (slimy type); (vide verse no. 8)
One preparation within the type of medicated ghee, ( vide verse no. 8)
Six preparations within the type of Varti (drugs); (Vide verse nos. 8)
Eight preparations within the type of linctus; (vide verse nos. 9-10)
Seven preparations of meat-soup and (vide verse nos. 11-12)
One preparation with the juice of sugar-cane (vide verse no. 12) [13-14]

Thus ends, the sixth chapter coping with the “Pharmaceutics of Krtavedhana” within the Kalpa part of Agnivesha’s work  as redacted by Charaka, and due to its non- availability, supplemented by Drdhabala.

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