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Charaka Kalpa Sthana tenth Chapter Sudha Kalpam

tenth chapter of Charaka kalpa sthana offers with Pharmaceutics of Sudha. The chapter identify is Sudha Kalpam.

Now we will expound the chapter coping with the “Pharmaceutics of Sudha”. Thus mentioned Lord Atreya [1-2]
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Results of Sudha

Amongst all of the purgative medication, Sudha is the strongest (sharpest) one. It shortly disintegrates the accrued impurities. Improper use of those medication might result in penalties that are tough to deal with. Due to this fact, it ought to by no means be administered to an individual having tender bowel. It also needs to not be administered when there’s much less accumulation of Doshas and when different therapeutic measures can be found for correcting the illness. [3-4]

Indications of Sudha

Maha-Vrksa (sudha) is run to a robust particular person affected by anaemia, obstinate belly illnesses together with ascites, phantom tumour, obstinate pores and skin illnesses together with leprosy, poisoning attributable to artificially made poisonous elements, oedema, obstinate urinary issues, madness and such different illnesses if correctly administered, it shortly eliminates the Doshas even when they’re excessively accrued. [5- ½ 7]
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Forms of Sudha

Sudha is of two varieties
1. one which has small however quite a few thrones,
2. the opposite sort which has much less however sharp thorns
The one having quite a few thrones is best than the opposite. [7 ½ – ½ 8]


 Synonyms of Sudha are – Snuk, Guda, Nanda, Sudha and Nistrimsa-Patraka. [8 ½]

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Strategies of assortment

A clever doctor ought to incise these two kinds of crops of Sudha with the assistance of a pointy instrument. By doing so they need to acquire its milky latex. The tree of Sudha is 2 three years previous, and the milk is collected particularly on the finish (final half) of the winter. [9]

Recipes of Sudha to be taken together with Sauviraka and many others.,

The milk of Sudha is blended with equal amount of the decoction of both bilva (Syonaka, Gambhari, Patala and Ganikarika), Kantakari, and dried in a pan saved over charcoal fireplace.  From this paste, drugs of the scale of Kola are ready. These drugs are taken together with both of the next autos:
Sauviraka (bitter vinegar)
Tusodaka (bitter fermented liquid ready of husked paddy, and many others)
Juice of Kola (Jujube- fruit);
Juice of Amalaki
Sura (alcohol)
Dadhi-Manda (whey) or
Juice of Matulunga [10 – ½ 12]

Recipes of Sudha to be taken with Ghee and many others.

From amongst Satala, Kancanaksiri, Syama, {Trivrt, Chaturangula, Tilvaka, Mahavrksa, Saptala, Sankhini, Danti, Dravanti], Sunthi, Pippali and Marica, as many as can be found are collected. They’re made into powder. This powder is impregnated with the latex of Sudha for one week. From this paste, drugs of the scale of the one Kola are ready. These drugs are taken with both of the next autos:Ghee orMeat-soup [12  ½- 13]

Panaka Recipe of Sudha

Sunthi, Pippali,Maricha, Haritaki, Vibhitaka, Amalaki, Danti, Chitraka and Trivrt are impregnated with the milky latex of Snuhi. Within the type of syrup ready with jaggery, [it is administered for purgation]. [14]
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Recipes of Sudha for Inhalation

Trivrt, aragvadha, danti, Sankhini and Saptala are taken in equal portions and made to a powder. This powder is impregnated and made right into a powder. That is impregnated with cow’s urine for one night time and dried within the solar. This powder ought to once more be impregnated for one week with the milky latex of Snuhi. Fragrant garlands are sprinkled with this powder and higher clothes are impregnated with the water blended with this powder of the milky latex. By the inhalation of this garland or by carrying this higher garment, an individual of royal descent or an individual who has tender bowel will get purgation simply and shortly. [15-17]

Avaleha Recipe of Sudha

The decoction of syama-Trivrt is added with the milky latex of snuhi, ghee and Phanita (Penidium), and cooked. This linctus is taken by an individual in applicable dose for the aim of purgation.
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Recipes of Sudha with Greens soup

The milky latex of Sudha is given as a potion together with vegetables-soup, meat–soup or ghee for purgation. [½ 19]

Recipes of Sudha with fish, Meat

Dry fish or dry meat is impregnated with the milky latex of Sudha and brought [for purgation]. [19 ½]

Recipes of Sudha with Ghee, Alcohol

Following the process described in respect of Chaturangula (vide Kalpha 8: 13), medicated ghee is ready of the milky latex of Sudha and brought together with the juice of Amalaki.

Sura (alcoholic drink) is ready of the powder of Sunthi, Pippali, Maricha, Vibhitaki, Amalaki, Danti, Citraka  and Trivrt  impregnated with the milky latex of Snuhi.  Medicated ghee may additionally be ready with the latex of Snuhi [these recipes may be used for purgation] in response to the strategy prescribed earlier than. [20]
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Contents of Chapter

To sum up:-
On this chapter, twenty recipes of Mahavrksa (sudha) are illustrated as follows:
(1-7). Seven recipes of Sudha to be taken together with Sauviraka and many others. (vide verse nos. 10-12)
(8-9). Two recipes of Sudha to be taken together with ghee and meat-soup (vide verse nos. 13)
(10) One recipe within the type of Syrup (vide verse no. 14)
(11) One recipe of Sudha for inhalation (vide verse nos. 15-17)
(12) One recipe of Sudha within the type of linctus (vide verse no. 18)
(13- 15)  Three recipes of Sudha to be taken together with vegetable-soup, meat soup and ghee (vide verse no. 19)
(16-17) Two recipes of Sudha to be taken together with dry fish and dry meat (vide verse no. 19)(18). One recipe of Sudha to be taken within the type of alcoholic drink and (vide verse no. 20)
(19_20) two recipes of Sudha to be ready within the type of medicated ghee (together with alcohol) (vide verse no. 20) [21-22]

Thus, ends the tenth chapter of Kalpha- Sthana coping with the “{Pharmaceutic of Sudha” within the Agnivesha’s work redacted by Charaka, and due to its non- availability, Supplemented by Drdhabala.

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