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Charaka Kalpa Sthana third Chapter Iksvaku kalpam

third chapter of Charaka kalpa sthana offers with “Pharmaceutics of Iksvaku”. The chapter title is Iksvakukalpam.

We will now discover the chapter coping with the “Pharmaceutics of Iksvaku” Thus, stated Lord Atreya. {1-2]
I shall hereafter clarify the efficient recipes of Iksvaku, and the sorts of sufferers for whom these are very helpful. [1/23]
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Synonyms of iksvaku are Lamba, Katukalabu, Tumbu, Pindaphala and Phalini. Its recipes can be described [hereafter]. [3 ½ -1/4]

Results of Iksvaku

It’s helpful as emetic for sufferers affected by cough, bronchial asthma, toxicities, vomiting and fever, for these in whom Kapha has been dried up, for many who are distressed with palpitation. [4 ½- ½ 5]

Recipes of Iksvaku ready with milk and alcohol

Eight milk preparations and alcoholic preparation of Iksvaku are as follows:

  • One prastha of milk is boiled by including one free fistful of Iksvaku- sprouts which haven’t but put forth flowers. That is given to the affected person affected by Kaphaja sort of fever related to aggravated Pitta. (To this recipe 4 Prasthas of water must also be added whereas boiling).
  • As per the outline of the recipes of Jimutaka within the earlier chapter (vide Kalpa 2:5-6), 4 sorts of milk preparations are to be made out of the flowers, and many others, of Iksvaku.
  • Alcoholic preparation: the matured fruits of Iksvaku that are inexperienced and yellowish are stored soaked in Sura-Manda (supernatant a part of alcohol) [following the procedure described in Kalpa 2:8]. This constitutes the fifth recipe of flowers and fruits (the sooner 4 recipes are already described above in merchandise nos. 2-5)
  • One a part of the juice of iksvaku is boiled by including three components of milk (and 4 instances of water).  That is administered to the affected person whose chest is bothered with aggravated Kapha, and to an individual who’s affected by hoarseness of voice and coryza.
  • The pulp of ripe fruit of Iksvaku is eliminated. On this shell after eradicating the pulp, milk is stored till it will get transformed into curds. This curd is taken by the affected person affected by cough with phlegm, bronchial asthma and vomiting.
  • Seeds of Iksvaku are impregnated with goat’s milk. This milk is given as a potion to a affected person affected by toxicosis, phantom tumour, obstinate stomach ailments together with ascites, nodules), enlargement of thyroid gland and elephantiasis. [5 ½ – ½ 10]

Recipe of Iksvaku with Whey

The pulp of Iksvaku is blended with whey and brought by the affected person affected by anemia, obstinate pores and skin ailments together with leprosy and toxicities. [10 ½]

Recipe of Iksvaku with Buttermilk

The pulp of Iksvaku boiled by including buttermilk, and blended with honey and salt could also be taken for emesis. [1/2 11]
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Recipe of Iksvaku for inhalation

The juice and powder of dried flowers of Iksvaku is sprinkled over a garland. By the very scent of this garland of flowers the sufferers habituated to nice scent will vomit. [11 ½ – ½ 12]

Recipes of Iksvaku with Jaggery and many others.

The pulp of Iksvaku could also be taken together with jaggery or oil-cake for emesis.
The medicated oil ready with the paste of Ikshvaku fruit shall trigger vomiting.
The medicated ghee ready on the strains advised earlier (in Kalpa 2:13 additionally precipitated vomiting. [12 ½ – ½ 13]
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Recipes of Iksvaku with Seeds

pibedvimṛdya bījāni kaṣāyeṣvāśataṃ pṛthak|14|
The seeds of Iksvaku starting with fifty in quantity is steadily elevated by tens until the quantity comes to 1 hundred. Thus, both 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, or 100 seeds of iksvaku is crushed and added to the decoctions of one of many six vegetation, (viz, Madana-phala, Jimutaka, Iksvaku, dhamargava, Vatsaka and Krtavedhana) and used for emesis. [13 ½ -1/2 14]

Recipes of Iksvaku With Decoctions

One closed fist stuffed with the seeds of Iksvaku is taken together with the decoctions (9) of any one of many under talked about is used for producing emesis –

Pratyak- puspi [14 ½]

Recipe of Iksvaku Tablets

Tablets (Matras) are ready out of Iksvaku by including the decoctions of any certainly one of Kovidara, {Karbudara, Nipa, Vidula, Bimbi, Sada-Puspi or PratyakPuspi, on the strains advised for Madana- Phala (vide Kalpa 1: 16) and used for emesis. [1/2 15]
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Recipes of Iksvaku Linctus

One Anjali (192 gms) of the seeds of Iksvaku are boiled by including (eight Anjalis) the decoction of the foundation of Bilva. It’s boiled until the liquid is lowered to 1 fourth. To 3 components of this strained decoction one a part of Phanita (treacle or half boiled sugar- cane juice) and one a part of ghee are added. To this, half components every of the paste of Maha-Jakini (pita-Kosataki), Jimutaka, Krtavedhana (jyotsnika) and Vatsaka are added. The linctus is ready over gentle hearth and by strewing with the assistance of a giant spoon. That is carried out until the stuff turns into thick in consistency, and threads seems when part of it’s pulled out, and it doesn’t unfold when part of it’s put into water. This linctus is taken in acceptable dose and thereafter, Pramathya (decoction of digestion- stimulant medication) is used as put up prandial drink.
Equally, recipes of linctus of Iksvaku seeds could be ready by including the decoction of the roots of certainly one of Agnimantha (Shyonaka, Patala and Gambhari) individually. [15 ½ – ½ 19]

Recipe of Iksvaku Mantha

Saktu (roasted barley flour) is impregnated with the juice of tumbi (Iksvaku). Sufferers affected by Kaphaja sort of fever, cough, ailments of the throat and anorexia ought to take the mantha i.e. skinny gruel ready from this saktu as a potion. [19 ½ – ½ 20]

Recipe of Iksvaku with meat soup

The paste of the seeds of Iksvaku are taken with meat soup in phantom tumour, obstinate urinary problems together with diabetes and ptyalism. By this, the individual will get vomiting simply and doesn’t undergo from weak spot. [20 ½]
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Contents of Chapter

To sum up:
On this chapter on the Pharmaceutics of Iksvaku, the nice sage, with the wholesome wellbeing of the individuals in view, has described 45 recipes of Iksvaku that are as follows:
Eight recipes ready with milk (vide verse nos. 5- 10)
One recipe with Sura-Manda (supernatant a part of Alcohol)
Two recipes one every of whey and buttermilk (vide verse no  10-11)
One recipe for inhalation (vide verse no  11-12)
One recipe to be taken with Palala (oil-cake)
One recipe of medicated oil (vide verse no 13)
Six recipes with elevated variety of seeds (vide verse no. 13-14)
One recipe of medicated ghee (vide verse no 13)
9 recipes to be taken together with decoctions of Yastimadhu or different medication; (vide verse no. 14)
Eight recipes within the type of capsules: (vide verse nos 15)
5 recipes of linctus (vide verse nos . 15-19)
One recipe of medicated Saktu; and (vide verse nos 19-20)
One recipe to be taken together with meat-soup (vide verse no. 20) [21-23]


Thus, ends the third chapter of Kalpa-Sthana coping with the:Pharmaceutic Of Iksvaku” in Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka, and due to its non- availability supplemented by Drdhabala.

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