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Charaka Shareera Sthana 2nd Chapter Athulya Gotriya Shareeram

2nd chapter of Charaka Shareera sthana offers on the event of embryo attributable to the union of men and women of mutually completely different clan. The chapter identify is Atuly Ggotriyam Shareeram.

We will now discover the chapter on the event of embryo attributable to the union of men and women of mutually completely different clan. Thus stated Lord Atreya. [1-2]

Question about semen
When a person belonging to a distinct clan cohabits in a lonely place with a girl after her menstruation, the person ejaculates one thing composed of 4 Mahabhutas (components of nature), has six tastes, and which leads to conception in a girl. What’s it? [3]

Composition of semen

This factor which is implanted for the formation of embryo is called Sukra or semen / sperm. That is composed of wind, hearth, water and earth components within the state of their excellence. All these elements individually share one fourth of the attributes of every of the Mahabhutas. Semen can also be fashioned from the meals comprising of all of the 6 tastes in balanced proportions. [4]
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Queries about embryo
What are the elements answerable for the event of the physique of the embryo in its entirety? How does the supply of the kid happen in correct time? How does the supply happen with ease? Why does conception delays even in a fertile girl? Why does the foetus get destroyed after its formation? [5]

Elements answerable for simple supply of a wholesome foetus and many others

The fetus will get delivered simply in time in its nicely developed type and with none ache, if

  • the sperms usually are not contaminated and are enriched with good high quality,
  • the ovum is wholesome and of excellent high quality,
  • the soul adorned with the results of excellent deeds executed within the earlier births rearing to get related to the zygote
  • the uterus is well being and in glorious situation to just accept conception of the kid
  • conception going down within the fertile interval and
  • when the girl takes healthful food regimen and way of life actions in the course of the interval of being pregnant which ensures correct nourishment of the fetus

Even in a fertile girl, there’s delay in conception due to

  • the defects within the uterus – illnesses of vagina and uterus,
  • psychological afflictions, and
  • defects in sperms or ovum,
  • improper / insufficient food regimen and regimens,
  • union / conception in inappropriate time (infertile interval) and
  • weak point of the physique of the girl as attributable to illnesses, consumption of much less / insufficient meals or malnutrition
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When the move of menstrual blood in a girl will get obstructed by the vitiated vata, the blood step by step will get amassed within the uterus and produces indicators of being pregnant. The ignorant take into account it as actual being pregnant.
Because of publicity to fireside and the solar, exhaustion, grief, affliction with illness and consumption of scorching food regimen and drinks, the blood which has amassed within the uterus begins flowing once more. Seeing this and for the reason that foetal elements usually are not discovered some individuals declare that the foetus has been taken away by evil spirits who transfer at evening time and feed on ojus i.e. essence of all of the tissues of the physique.
As a result of elements of the foetus usually are not discovered there, some individuals say that the foetus has been takeout by the evil spirits who transfer in nights and dwell on ojas. Additional, if the evil spirit can take away the foetus, having obtained entrance into the mom’s physique, it may have simply eaten Ojas in her physique resulting in her dying additionally. Subsequently it’s illogical to inform that the fetus has been taken away by the evil spirits. [6-10]
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Question in regards to the intercourse and variety of foetus
What’s the motive for a girl to provide start to:
A feminine little one,
A male little one
Twins of female and male kids
Twins of feminine kids
Twins of male kids and
Many kids at a time

Why is the supply of a foetus delayed? Why does just one out of a twin develop nicely? [11]

Elements answerable for intercourse willpower twins and many others

ominance of ovum in the course of the conception leads to the procreation of a feminine little one.
When there’s predominance of sperm a male little one is born.
Throughout the means of union, when the vayu divides the zygote into 2 equal halves, the portion in which there’s predominance of sperm will develop into male and the portion in which there’s predominance of ovum will develop into feminine little one. On this type of twins there’s one male and one feminine little one.
When each the divisions are predominant in sperm then twin male kids are fashioned.
When each the divisions are predominant with ovum, then twin feminine kids are fashioned. When the excessively aggravated Vata brings about many divisions of the sperm and ovum i.e. zygote, many kids are born; their quantity relies upon upon the variety of divisions. This isn’t below the management of the person himself; this occurs on account of one’s motion throughout earlier life. 
When the foetus doesn’t get diet and when the foetus is emaciated or there’s exudation (on account of threatening abortion), then the girl delivers after a very long time and it could even take a number of years for the correct improvement and supply of the foetus.
Relying upon the motion prior to now lifetime of a person the sperm and ovum might endure uneven division throughout conception resulting in the formation of twins and this will likely consequence within the higher development of 1 foetus than the opposite within the uterus resulting in their inequality. [12-16]
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Question about intercourse abnormality

What are the explanations for Dviretas (hermaphrodism), Pavanedriyatva (aspermia), samskaravahi (Anaphrodisa), male sterility, feminine sterility, Vakri (hypospadia), irsjabhirati (mixoscopia) and Vatikasandaka (eviration) of the procreation? [17]

Elements answerable for intercourse abnormality

When that portion of the sperm and ovum of fogeys which is answerable for the creation of the genitals of the foetus is vitiated and these sperm and ovum endure equal division, then the offspring turns into a hermaphrodite. Such an offspring may have the attribute options of each the sexes.
If the testicles of the foetus are troubled with Vata, then the offspring turns into aspermic. When vitiated vata obstructs the seminal passages the offspring turns into samskaravaka i.e. anaphrodisiac.
When there’s union of man and girl who’re debilitated, having much less arousal, low libido, and deficit sperms and ovum respectively will give rise to both male or feminine sterility respectively.
Weak point in sperms of the male companion and irregular posture or lack of curiosity in intercourse of the feminine companion throughout coitus makes the offspring hypospadiac.
Diminished ardour (curiosity in intercourse) and elevated jealousy amongst the companions (man and girl indulged in intercourse) produces mixoscopia within the offspring.
Being affected with Vayu and agni (pitta), if the testicles of the foetus get destroyed, then there’s eviration within the offspring.
These are the eight kinds of sexual abnormalities. They’re attributable to the results of the misdeeds within the earlier lifetime of the person. [18-21]

Question about indicators of conception and many others
What are the indicators of conception which has simply taken place? What are the indicators to point if the foetus within the womb is a boy, lady or a eunuch? What are the explanations for a kid to resemble some physique? [22]
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Indicators of conception and many others

Indicators of conception which has simply taken place are

  • salivation / really feel to spit usually,
  • heaviness within the physique,
  • prostration / tiredness within the physique elements,
  • drowsiness,
  • horripulation / feeling goose-bumps ,
  • cardiac misery,
  • satisfaction in intercourse / feeling as if the abdomen is full regardless of not having taken the meals
  • non-elimination of the ejaculated semen from the uterus / conception (implantation of the zygote)

Indicators of being pregnant indicating the presence of feminine little one within the womb
It ought to be inferred that the kid within the mom’s womb is unquestionably a feminine if the pregnant girl –

  • prefers to work utilizing left a part of her physique i.e. left higher and decrease limbs
  • desires firm of males with need for sexual intimacy
  • sees girls / women in her desires
  • needs to have meals and liquids carrying female names
  • has all her actions, angle and speech resembling that of a girl
  • whose left a part of her stomach appears raised as a result of the conception has taken place within the left facet of the womb
  • whose form of the uterus (foetus) just isn’t spherical however is elongated
  • in whom the breast milk first manifests in her left breast

The girl having these indicators would undoubtedly ship a feminine little one.
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Indicators of being pregnant indicating the presence of male little one within the womb
It ought to be inferred that the kid within the mom’s womb is unquestionably a male if the pregnant girl has the indicators reverse to these talked about above (indicators indicating the presence of feminine little one within the womb). The girl having these indicators would undoubtedly ship a male little one.

Indicators of being pregnant indicating the presence of eunuch little one within the womb
It ought to be inferred that the kid within the mom’s womb is unquestionably a eunuch if the pregnant girl presents with mixed indicators of each the above stated sorts (indicators indicating the presence of feminine and male little one within the womb).  The girl having these indicators would undoubtedly ship a eunuch little one.

The kid resembles these individuals and issues about which the mom thinks in her thoughts throughout conception.

There are additionally different causes for this similarity –
The kid resembles the dad and mom as a result of the fetus and all physique elements of the foetus are fashioned by the 4 components of nature i.e. air / wind, hearth, water and earth components. Every of those components are of 4 sorts i.e. – these fashioned from the mom (ovum), these fashioned from the daddy (sperm), these fashioned from the food regimen of the mom i.e. pregnant girl and people fashioned or accompanying the soul (which enters the foetus). The form of the foetus relies on which amongst these elements is predominant on the time of conception. The standard of thoughts of the foetus i.e. sattva, rajas and tamas are decided upon the traits which the thoughts has imbibed and carried from the reminiscences of the earlier start and the species from which the thoughts carries these qualities. [23-27]
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Question about abnormality on foetus and many others
Why does a girl give start to an irregular offspring with poor or extra of limbs or impaired sensory and motor organs? How does the soul transmigrate from one physique to a different? With whom is it all the time hooked up? [28]

Elements answerable for abnormality in foetus

Due to the defects in seeds (sperms, ovum), actions related to the soul, uterus, time and meals in addition to routine of the mom, Doshas get vitiated in several varieties and this leads to the impairment of the form, color and sensory in addition to motor organs of the offspring. As a tree standing within the present of a river will get troubled by the forceful downward motion of wooden, stone items and water in the course of the wet season, the foetus within the uterus of the mom additionally will get troubled with the vitiated Doshas. [29-30]
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Atman-its transmigration

Being guided by the related previous actions (of earlier start) the soul who travels with the assistance of the thoughts, transmigrates from one physique to a different together with the 4 delicate Bhutas – components of the character.
This Soul can’t be perceived by some other sense besides the divine imaginative and prescient. He’s omnipresent; he can enter into any physique; he can carry out any motion and may take any form; he’s the aware ingredient; he’s past any sensory notion; and it is because of his affiliation with the mind and many others. that he will get concerned in attachment and many others.

Within the physique of dwelling beings, there are sixteen kinds of Bhutas. They’re derived from Rasa (digestive product of mom’s meals), Soul (these accompanying Him), mom and father. 4 of those Bhutas accompany the Soul and the Soul himself relies upon upon 4 of them for his existence.  Bhutas from the mom and father are derived via their ovum and sperm. It’s the Rasa (digestive product of meals) which gives nourishment within the type of Bhutas to the sperm and ovum.

The 4 Bhutas which get fused (continuously related) with the Soul to enter into the foetus are the merchandise of the previous actions. Continuity of the migration of Bhutas is maintained because the Soul who is sort of a seed (and who’s answerable for a number of incarnations) transmigrates from one physique to a different. It’s a indisputable fact that in people having the affiliation of previous motion, the physique and the thoughts are respectively derived from the physique and thoughts of his previous life. The dissimilarity within the form and mental colleges is attributable to the Rajas, Tamas and the character of the previous actions. [31-36]
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Elements answerable for maintaining the Soul hooked up

The Soul can by no means dissociate himself from the transitory and excessively delicate Bhutas or from the results of the previous actions or from the thoughts and the mind or from ego and different morbid elements.
The thoughts is continually related to Rajas and Tamas.  This can preserve one related to the actions. All of the doshas and morbidity would envelope and affect the thoughts till one attains non secular data. The thoughts related to rajas and tamas qualities (morbid thoughts) and robust motion (with strongly decided outcomes) are answerable for transmigration of the Soul from one physique to a different and for the person’s inclination to do virtuous of vicious work. [37-38]
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Question about illnesses
What are the causative elements of illnesses? What are their curatives? What’s the reason behind happiness? What’s the reason behind sorrow? How can the recurrence of psychosomatic illnesses be prevented after their manifestation? [39]

Elements for causation and alleviation of illnesses

Causative elements of illnesses are

  • Mental blasphemy
  • Unwholesome contact with senses and
  • Seasonal differences

All illnesses might be cured in 3 ways, viz,

Causes of happiness and distress and their cessation

Righteous acts are answerable for happiness and unrighteous acts for distress. The physique and the thoughts are the seats of illnesses. When the affiliation of thoughts and physique completely will get dissociated with the soul, the illnesses of the physique and thoughts will get cured and in addition stop to recur. [41]

Cessation of continuity of physique and thoughts

In line with scriptures, there isn’t any starting of the thoughts and the physique. The continuity of the thoughts and the physique is damaged solely when the person is in possession of the superb braveness and non secular data of energy of meditation, reminiscence and sattvik mind. [42]
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Elements answerable for non-affliction by illnesses

One doesn’t get troubled with illnesses even in the course of the existence of the physique and the thoughts that are the seats of illnesses, if earlier than the manifestation of illnesses, he takes recourse to preventive therapeutic measures and abstains from mental blasphemy and unwholesome contact with senses, offered the manifestation of the illnesses at the moment just isn’t pre-determined by the fruits of his beforehand executed actions i.e. karma / daivam. [43]

Daiva and Purusakara

The impact of what’s executed in the course of the earlier life is called Daiva. The impact of what’s executed in the course of the current life is called Purushakara. The non-righteous deeds of the earlier life expose one to illnesses; if nonetheless, they’re righteous, then the person stays free from illnesses. [44]

Strategies for prevention of seasonal illnesses
Doshas amassed throughout Hemanta (December- February) ought to be eradicated within the month of Chaitra (March- April). These amassed throughout summer time (April- June) ought to be eradicated within the month of Shravana (July- august) and people amassed throughout wet season (August- October) are eradicated within the month of Margashira (November- December). [45]
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Elements answerable for maintaining an individual free from illnesses
One who resorts to healthful food regimen and regimens, who enters into motion after correct remark, who’s unattached to the pleasure drawn from the satisfaction of sensory objects, who’s given to charity, impartiality, truthfulness and forgiveness and who’s at service of realized individuals, seldom will get troubled with illnesses.

Ailments don’t afflict a person who’s endowed with excellence of ideas, speech and acts that are in the end blissful, unbiased pondering, clear understanding, data, observance of non secular prescriptions and love for meditation. [46-47]

To sum up:

With view to enlightenment Lord Atreya has correctly replied thirty six vital quires of Agnivesha on this chapter on “the event of embryo attributable to the union of men and women of mutually completely different clan. “ [48]

Thus ends the second chapter on the event of embryo attributable to the union of men and women and females of mutually completely different clan, of the Sharira part of Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka. [2]

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