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Chris Bumstead Exercise Routine And Eating regimen Plan

Chris Bumstead Exercise Routine and Eating regimen Plan: Chris Bumstead is an IFBB professional bodybuilder identified for being the Mr. Olympia Traditional Males’s Physique winner for the previous three years. He’s undoubtedly the fan-favorite on this yr’s competitors as nicely.

Chris Bumstead has gained an immense fan following, and other people have began to like his physique, particularly since Chris Bumstead went from cumbersome to a bit of extra shredded. So if you happen to additionally need the Chris Bumstead exercise and the Chris Bumstead eating regimen plan, maintain studying.

Chris Bumstead Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Chris Bumstead Exercise Routine and Eating regimen Plan

Chris Bumstead Physique Stats

Top 6 ft 1 inch
Weight 107-118 kg
Age 27 years
Chest 51-53 inch
Waist 32-34 inch
Biceps 18-20 inch

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Chris Bumstead Exercise Routine

Chris Bumstead is among the most well-known bodybuilders and has made himself a self-proclaimed basic king. That’s what Chris Bumstead calls himself; nicely, it might be self-proclaimed, however it’s not far off the reality. Chris Bumstead is undoubtedly among the finest bodybuilders ever to enter the Traditional Physique. It’s why many individuals need to know the key of how he can do this. For those who additionally need to get extra particulars about Chris Bumstead’s routine, then maintain studying.

So many movies do present a few of his exercises, however who can inform what the most effective exercise is aside from Chris Bumstead, proper? Effectively, that’s why I went to Chris Bumstead’s channel and looked for all of his exercises that you would be able to observe and do to get an excellent exercise. Now do do not forget that Chris Bumstead does have the identical routine however completely different coaching patterns for low season and in-season.

Chris Bumstead focuses on lifting with fewer reps and units, getting singular physique muscle day-after-day, and contracting muscle throughout the low season. Throughout in-season, Chris Bumstead will begin to lose a number of the fats and get shredded, and for that, he often trains 5 days per week, coaching two or extra muscle teams day-after-day. He additionally will increase the set counts, including extra drop units, reps, and units.

So do bear in mind if you find yourself coaching to observe in line with these stats. For now, we can even be understanding 5 days per week; the important thing will likely be consistency, and we will likely be doing all of the exercises that Chris Bumstead himself has proven in his movies on the YouTube channel. So it is not going to get any extra authenticated than this text. So when you’ve got any doubts about performing the train, go to his YouTube channel.

Chris Bumstead exercise contains:

Chris Bumstead Workout Routine

Chris Bumstead Exercise Routine

Weight Coaching

Earlier than we get into weight coaching, ensure to get a 10-minute cardio warm-up. After that, you are able to do an incline stroll on the treadmill and even go and do stairmasters. After that, we’ll begin with our weight coaching. I like to recommend including a fast pause and drop set for the final 1-2 units.

Units: 4-6

Reps: 12-8


Chest Day

  • Incline bench press
  • Incline close-grip chest press machine
  • Incline machine or dumbbell flys
  • Chest machine press or dumbbell press
  • Cross-over machine
  • Chest dips


Again Day

  • T-bar lat pulldowns
  • Smith machine barbell rows
  • T-bar machine rows
  • Shut grip lat pulldowns
  • Rope/cable again lat pushdowns
  • Deadlifts


Shoulder Day

  • Cable warm-up
  • Smith machine barbell press
  • Seated lateral raises
  • Machine shoulder press
  • Machine lateral raises
  • Rear delt flys


Arms Day

  • Rope triceps pushdowns to Overhead triceps press
  • Bench triceps dips to Shut-grip biceps cable curls
  • Dumbbell isolation biceps curls to Seated dumbbell biceps curls
  • Cable triceps push to Barbell reverse biceps curls
  • Preacher machine curls


Legs Day

  • Single-leg extension to Leg curls
  • Barbell squats
  • Leg press
  • Dumbbell Lunges
  • Machine leg curls to Seated calf raises

That’s all for the Chris Bumstead exercise routine.

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Chris Bumstead Eating regimen Plan

Now for the eating regimen, he uploaded a video that you would be able to see right here the place Chris Bumstead talks about his eating regimen plan consisting of 5 meals. The eating regimen he gave was the eating regimen he takes to get competitors prepared. So we will likely be following that very same eating regimen, and it goes one thing like this;

Chris Bumstead eating regimen contains:

Chris Bumstead Diet Plan

Chris Bumstead Eating regimen Plan

Is Chris Bumstead a Vegan?

No, Chris Bumstead just isn’t vegan.



  •  Oatmeal with protein powder and blueberries


2nd Meal

  • Hen breast
  • Rice
  • Broccoli and greens


Meal 3 (Pre-workout)

  • Floor turkey
  • Diced potato


Put up-workouts

  • Shake and a few rice muffins


Meal 4

  • Whitefish
  • Rice
  • Air-fried cabbage
  • Sautéd asparagus


Meal 5

  • Air-fried salmon
  • Rice
  • Purple cabbage

That’s all for the Chris Bumstead eating regimen plan.

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