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Connection Between Overtraining Symptom and Undereating – BionicOldGuy

I’ve mentioned the idea of overtraining and “how a lot train is an excessive amount of?” beforehand. One other dangerous phenomenon amongst exercisers is undereating, now known as “relative vitality deficiency in sport (RED-S)”, which I mentioned right here. It was known as the feminine athlete triad, as a result of it gave the impression to be extra widespread in feminine athletes, however is now recognized to have an effect on males as properly. Quite a lot of the dialogue of RED-S has been about points like attempting to realize a super coaching weight.

However a latest research [1] has proven that undereating can happen unintentionally for individuals present process a excessive coaching quantity. It appears that evidently your urge for food cues turn out to be unreliable and may result in undereating, and particularly insufficient carbohydrate consumption. This insufficient fueling can exacerbate the signs of overtraining.

I believe the important thing takeaway is to not exceed the quantity of coaching that’s best for you. Then this unintentional undereating phenomenon gained’t kick in. I believe the essential concern is likely to be these exercising to reduce weight shortly. Preserving to the commonsense suggestion from many authors of not attempting to lose way more than 1 lb per week will assist keep away from this.


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