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Feeling Pressured Or Torpid? Come Alive With BEAM Minerals!

Should you’re feeling extra stressed, or simply not feeling your self  nowadays, you aren’t alone. Many individuals are discovering themselves extra stressed and drained both as a result of pandemic or on account of different circumstances. However your state of being isn’t just affected by what’s occurring round you exterior, but additionally from the within. The best way our physique feels and whether or not it’s  functioning correctly can have a significant affect on how you’re feeling.

Everybody has 37 trillion cells in your physique and each single cell wants minerals to meet its supposed function. Folks take loads of capsules to make up for vitamin and mineral dietary supplements, however swallowing loads of these capsules generally is a problem and uncomfortable. That’s why BEAM Minerals created a method you may get all these minerals that your cells want however in a one ounce liquid that tastes like water.

Come Alive

Come Alive is the slogan for BEAM Minerals, a model specializing in plant-based electrolytes and mineral drinks to assist increase the best way your physique absorbs minerals. Lately, vitamin and mineral deficiencies have gotten increasingly widespread. Odds are, you and somebody you realize is poor in one thing. Particularly now that we’re spending extra time indoors. Maybe your weight loss program has modified and also you’re lacking out on minerals that your physique wants. The actual fact of the matter is, due to manufacturing farming, we aren’t getting sufficient minerals in simply our meals alone. Minerals are depleted in our meals provide.

Try two of their high merchandise: Electrolyze and Micro-BOOST.

These are plant-based merchandise which might be instantly bioavailable. Which means that your physique could make use of them instantly to assist your physique replenish itself. Most powders and liquids are usually not simply digestible by the human physique, however as a result of these are plant-based, they’re simple on the digestive system.


Electrolyze™️ is a 100% bioavailable electrolyte replenishment your physique can make the most of instantly. Electrolyze™️ provides most assist for mobile vitamin and the replenishment of electrolytes within the physique. With its distinctive ionized liquid format, Electrolyze™️ supplies 100% bioavailable electrolytes and hint minerals which might be instantly utilized by the physique.

Electrolyze is made out of fulvic complexes, that are a naturally occurring results of historic decomposed fresh-water vegetation. Fulvic complexes are flavonoids that present vital transportation for vitamins into cells and bio-waste and toxins out of cells. Fulvic complexes additionally naturally increase the metabolism and supply distinctive immune system assist.

Electrolyze has a satisfying golden hue, much like a cup of tea, but the flavour is surprisingly delicate and tasteless.


Micro-BOOST™️ supplies full-spectrum micronutrient and phytonutrient assist for the whole mobile system. Micro-BOOST™️ is 100% bioavailable and supplies naturally occurring micronutrients, hint components, phytonutrients, amino acids and a few B-vitamins which might be instantly utilized by the physique.

Micro-BOOST™️ is made out of humic complexes which might be a naturally occurring results of historic, decomposed, fresh-water vegetation. Humic complexes are wealthy in micronutrients and are the champion of antioxidants! They acquire free radicals and bio-waste, bind with heavy metals and supply vital detoxing assist by carrying these undesirable components out of the physique.

Micro-BOOST™️ has a deep wealthy hue, much like a cup of espresso or darkish tea.

Each Electrolyze and Micro-BOOST have delicate and nice tastes.

If you wish to check out BEAM Minerals for your self, verify them out on their web site –

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