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Have We Found the Fountain of Youth?

Fountain of youth

These of you following my weblog, in addition to its predecessor, the Wheat Stomach Weblog, know that I’m a giant fan of the microbe, Lactobacillus reuteri, L. reuteri.

Recall that L. reuteri is ubiquitous in human populations unexposed to antibiotics and different microbiome-disruptive elements distinctive to fashionable life. If we had been to due to this fact analyze the intestinal microbiome of native New Guineans who spear or membership their subsequent meal, dig within the grime for roots and tubers, collect berries, birds, eggs, mushrooms, drink from rivers and puddles, don’t have any operating water, and so on. all of them have L. reuteri. If we had been to evaluate the intestinal microbiomes of wolves, squirrels, rabbits, or deer within the forest, who likewise devour meals foraged from the wild, all of them have L. reuteri. Sequence the intestinal microbiome of a contemporary American, nonetheless, and you might be unlikely to seek out L. reuteri—almost all of us have misplaced this microbe. The German microbiologist, Dr. Gerhard Reuter, who first recognized this microbe in human breast milk in 1962, discovered it more and more troublesome to isolate this species from people over his subsequent 40-year profession. That is seemingly due to the microbe’s susceptibility to widespread antibiotics resembling penicillin, amoxicillin, and others.

A wealth of experimental proof, in addition to a rising variety of human medical trials, counsel that the majority results of L. reuteri are resulting from elevated launch of oxytocin from the hypothalamus and pituitary glands within the mind, thereby making it a prototypical “psychobiotic.” Restoration of this misplaced microbe, L. reuteri, has been related to:

  • Restoration or preservation of youthful muscle and energy—Recall that we sometimes lose about 35% of muscle mass as we age. Whereas it might enhance energy in youthful individuals, this remark suggests L. reuteri yields a youth-preserving impact towards age-related muscle loss, together with sarcopenia within the aged frail.
  • Preservation of bone densityPresent proof suggests that there’s half as a lot bone loss with restoration of L. reuteri in comparison with placebo. That is additionally in line with observations made in experimental research (e.g., elevated osteoblast exercise in constructing the weather of bone).
  • Upkeep of sexual conduct—Animals expertise this as mating and grooming at the same time as previous mice. People expertise this as upkeep of sexual curiosity and libido as we age.
  • Restoration of youthful immunity—Two research now doc that age-related lack of T-cell immunity resulting from atrophy of the thymus gland reverses with L. reuteri. This might probably imply that age-related lack of immunity and immunosurveillance (towards look of most cancers cells) could also be addressed or reversed with restoration of this microbe.
  • Deeper, extra sustained sleep—With (actigraphically-measured) extension of REM (fast eye-movement) durations. This remark is anecdotal, not but formally studied. I personally expertise it to an extravagant diploma, changing me from a continual insomniac to somebody who enjoys deep, uninterrupted sleep each evening.
  • Acceleration of therapeutic—Pores and skin wounds inflicted on animals and people heal extra quickly, interpreted to be a gauge of youthful therapeutic responses that reach past pores and skin.
  • Discount in endotoxemia—This impact has far-reaching potential implications together with reductions in insulin resistance, blood sugar, blood strain, and different measures. That is seemingly a consequence of L. reuteri’s upper-GI colonizing means and its capability to provide bacteriocins, pure antibiotics efficient towards lots of the species of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, SIBO, that I imagine is epidemic within the U.S.
  • Improve in empathy, social connection, and accepting the opinions of others—These are the results that I discover essentially the most fascinating. It makes you a greater member of a group, higher capable of perceive and join with different individuals.

Stronger muscle groups and bones, heightened immunity, deeper sleep, accelerated therapeutic, lowered irritation. I hope that you’re starting to understand the big implications for human well being—emotional, bodily, and social–of restoring this misplaced microbe. I don’t assume it’s a stretch to say that L. reuteri and its enhance in oxytocin make you a greater human being. It’s not about longevity; it’s about sustaining youthfulness and vigor for so long as doable. However it’s a microbe misplaced by the vast majority of individuals. Restoring it, I imagine, is a genuinely enormous benefit for the human expertise. Restoration of L. reuteri gained’t make a 70-year previous right into a 20-year previous, however I imagine it turns again the clock on lots of the phenomena of growing older by 10-20 years. I don’t know of anything that has this impact but is so benign, so accessible, and accompanied by so many different useful results.

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