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How Lengthy Does Magnesium Keep In Your Physique? Diet Professionals Reply

The quantity of magnesium that’s absorbed by the physique once we take a complement will depend on the shape (i.e., complicated) the magnesium is delivered in (suppose glycinate, oxide, and so forth.) but in addition our inner magnesium ranges, or standing. Somebody who’s magnesium poor (has a blood serum degree under 0.75 mmol/L) will usually take up extra of the mineral than somebody who isn’t.

Infusing a bit extra nuance into the evaluation of magnesium ranges within the physique, Ferira shares that, “some well being care practitioners, particularly these with a purposeful or integrative focus, select to evaluate magnesium standing with crimson blood cell (RBC) ranges as a substitute of plasma or serum as a result of increased magnesium content material in RBCs, however even that take a look at has its challenges in capturing the whole-body magnesium standing scenario.”

It is a complicated mineral. Utilized for over 300 important mobile pathways within the physique, it is no marvel we might profit from a enough provide of magnesium each day. “Your physique is consistently utilizing up magnesium and the quantity that you simply retailer is regulated,” registered dietitian Tracey Frimpong, R.D., tells mbg. On common, she provides, about 40% of the magnesium we eat is absorbed within the higher GI tract, whereas 5% is absorbed decrease down within the massive gut (i.e., colon).

One of many causes it may be difficult to precisely measure magnesium ranges within the blood is due to the place it preferentially concentrates within the physique. “Curiously, 99% of the mineral is positioned in our bones (about 50 to 60%), whereas the remainder is present in muscle and different delicate tissues,” explains Ferira.

This ongoing means of absorption and utilization is fairly fast, so it is vital to be sure to’re at all times giving your physique the magnesium it wants. “Most magnesium will keep within the physique for anyplace from 12 to 24 hours. So it isn’t one thing you possibly can simply take as soon as, see outcomes, after which by no means take once more,” explains registered dietitian Amanda Li, R.D.

Which means as you are seeking to fulfill your dietary necessities by way of wealthy dietary sources (like inexperienced leafy greens, legumes, nuts, seeds, and entire grains) and high-quality dietary supplements, you’ll wish to reap the benefits of that magnesium complement at the least as soon as a day.

Although the precise cadence will depend upon the shape you take—be it magnesium bisglycinate, citrate, chloride, and so forth., or perhaps a complete multivitamin that incorporates magnesium—and what you take it for.

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