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Intermittent Fasting and Hormones – Carrots ‘N’ Cake

There are plenty of good issues about intermittent fasting, BUT it can be anxious on the physique, in case you are a lady who remains to be menstruating and may mess up your hormones. This submit is a fast abstract of find out how to apply intermittent fasting and hormones. 

My newest YouTube video offers you the entire particulars and find out how to implement fasting all through your menstrual cycle! 

Right here is my cheat sheet on find out how to apply intermittent fasting WITH your hormones!

Intermittent Fasting and Hormones

1️⃣ Follicular Section | days 1-10

It begins the primary day you bleed (menstruation) when your hormones are at their lowest. It’s the BEST time so as to add intermittent fasting.

🍽Attempt a 16:8 quick, the place you quick for as much as 16 hours with an 8-hour consuming window.

Whereas estrogen builds throughout this section, you need to preserve insulin down. Reasonable your carbohydrate consumption and give attention to good carbs with fiber that digest slowly.🥔🥗🫘

HINT: Place these carbs round your exercise, so they’re higher utilized.

2️⃣ Ovulation | days 11-15

At this level, hormones are at their highest. It’s vital to assist your physique course of and take away them to keep away from any hormonal imbalances and signs of PMS.

✔️Help your liver and intestine!
✔️Enhance your consumption of cruciferous veggies, pre and probiotic meals, and meals excessive in fiber.
✔️Beans, lentils, oats, high-quality dairy, onions, fermented meals, and many others.
✔️Keep away from sugar, alcohol, and processed and quick meals.
✔️Clear up your surroundings to keep away from pointless toxin publicity.

🍽Restrict fasting to not more than 13-15 hours as a result of an excessive amount of fasting and restriction at ovulation are anxious on the physique.

3️⃣ Put up Ovulation | days 16-19

Hormones drop briefly, post-ovulation, so fasting could be okay right here. Attempt it out and see how you are feeling! It’s extremely depending on the person!

4️⃣ Luteal Section | days 20-Menstruation

It’s the second half of your cycle and when progesterone rises. Throughout this time, the aim is to assist progesterone.

🍽Don’t quick!

Eat slow-digesting carbs from fruits and roots. Assume starches like squashes, potatoes, candy potatoes, carrots, beans, lentils, and many others.

Permit your self to decelerate. Go on a stroll or to yoga versus high-intensity train.

P.S. Remember to watch my newest YouTube video with ALL of the main points to optimize fasting and your hormones!

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