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Meditation By Watching Thoughts: Phases, Methodology, Advantages

By Prof. Dr. Anil Kumar Rai
Meditation is a means of:
Clearing the Thoughts.
Watching the Thoughts
Controlling the Thoughts.
Meditation is an attribute of the witness, the witness will be God, Self, Consciousness, Consciousness, and so on. 

Thoughts is a bundle of ideas.
The thought processes are influenced by our wishes. The need elements decides the standard of thoughts.
The straightforward which means of Meditation is doing nothing.
Meditation is a course of by which there isn’t any have to do something, you solely must be.

By the assistance of thoughts itself, we are able to – reduce the thought course of – management the thought course of and finally we are able to – nullify thought course of.
At that stage of nil thought course of, we might be utterly “conscious”, “concentrated” and “stuffed with power”.


We will discover out which organs of our physique is producing what secretions. However we can not determine from the place the thought course of
arises and the way our thoughts will get engaged in our ideas. This course of can solely be understood, skilled by meditation.

The method of meditation can’t be caged into few steps. It’s a means of releasing thoughts. There isn’t any normal approach for meditation as such. It can’t be compelled.

Right here, there isn’t any measurements, no quantification, no strict guidelines.
“Freedom” “peace” “full consciousness” are the key phrases right here.
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Frequent meditation approach

Sit in a snug place with a straight again.
Observe Ajna charka ( in-between eye brows) or Anahata charka (area of coronary heart).
You may consider every other space. However the textual content books say that the above two areas are the best ones.

When ideas come up, you don’t decide them, don’t analyze them however simply observe them .
Proceed to take action as typically as you have to.
After we simply observe the ideas, with out judging them and analyze them, the depth of ideas decreases. Thoughts begins changing into gentle. Thoughts begins stress-free extra, with out considering a lot.

After we are aware, in our each day routine, we’re at all times taught to research and decide individuals, incidence and so on. That is proper, that particular person is unsuitable, that ought to not have occurred, this should occur and so on.
However whenever you sit for meditation, it’s not the time to evaluate or analyze. It’s time on your thoughts to calm down and let go of these thought processes.
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Primary elements of Meditation

Once more, these usually are not guidelines. These are simply common pointers. Sit in Padmasana, with crossed legs, arms stretched, resting on the knees, with Jnana Mudra (see the image). Backbone erect. Eyes closed and concentrating on – between-the-eye-brows or on the coronary heart.
You may as well sit on a chair, in case you are not comfy in Padmasana.

Any time of the day is okay. However early within the morning or at night time is most well-liked time.
Place Anyplace is okay. But when there may be good gentle, good air circulation, it will likely be higher, devoid of noise.

Mudra (Symbolic hand gestures) – Jnana Mudra.
Dhyana and Jnana Mudras are generally used throughout meditation.
Please bear in mind Mudra, time, place and so on usually are not as essential as – lessening the ideas when you have got closed the eyes.

Phases of Meditation

Pure thoughts within the first section, the ideas weaken and grow to be much less. Thoughts turns into pure
Quiet thoughts Within the second section, the thoughts turns into quiet and fewer energetic. It turns into extra concentrated and you’ll begin experiencing inside peace.

No thoughts At this stage, your thoughts doesn’t decide something, it doesn’t analyze something. Your inner-self (excluding all of the thought bundles) will get expressed. You’ll expertise absolute fact, you’ll expertise absolute peace. You’ll expertise eternal happiness and contentment.
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Advantages of Meditation

– Will increase Self Consciousness
– Retains stress-free thoughts
– Will increase your consideration area
– Will increase immunity and helps combat ailments
– Makes you & these round you happier
– Improves functioning of mind
– Helps to get good sleep
– Cut back ageing
– Helps to understand life extra
– Will increase metabolism and helps drop some pounds
– Helps you are feeling extra related
– Happiness will increase
– Acquire readability and peace of thoughts.


Questions on Meditation
What number of occasions in a day ought to we meditate?
A few times a day.

How lengthy meditate?
To start with, you might have to pull your self to sit down for meditation forcefully. You might really feel difficulties. However should you persevere diligently, no less than for quarter-hour in a day, the exhausting work of sitting nonetheless with out ideas will begin yielding outcomes. And you’ll begin having fun with it extra and might sit for even longer hours. What meals will be taken earlier than and after meditation? Meals isn’t immediately associated to thoughts. You may take veg or non veg. However within the preliminary phases, when you find yourself making an attempt to pay attention exhausting, vegetarian food plan is most well-liked.
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Is it higher if we meditate after taking a shower within the morning?
Taking bathtub injects power and freshness to thoughts, therefore it is vitally helpful to meditate after bathtub. However this isn’t a strict rule.

What’s the position of Guru (Grasp) at meditation?
Guru is essential to information you in the fitting path. To take you thru
the completely different phases of meditation life, to clear your doubts, that will help you in your progress.
If you’re undecided of the right way to discover a Guru, don’t drive your self to search out one. Simply begin with meditation. Both your meditation, inside power will bless you with a Guru, or you’ll attain the summit with no Guru. Your instinct itself will information in the fitting path of sunshine.

We really feel uninterested in meditation?
Within the preliminary phases, whenever you attempt to management thoughts, the thoughts could rebut your efforts resulting in bodyache, boredom, lack of focus and so on. Perseverance, exhausting work at all times yields outcomes. That is true, even in case of meditation.

How will I understand how a lot progress I’ve made in meditation?
The clearance of ideas, enchancment of reminiscence, focus, inside peace, higher thoughts energy are a number of indicators of success in meditation

Can we see God by training meditation?
Sure, it’s doable.
After doing all this, how will I do know that I’ve grow to be centered? The clearance of ideas, enchancment of reminiscence, focus, inside peace, higher thoughts energy are a number of indicators of success in meditation.
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What’s yoga?
Charaka Samhita Shareera Sthana 1/138-139
Happiness and miseries are felt due the contact of the soul, the sense organs, thoughts and the objects of senses. Each these sort of sensations disappear when the thoughts is concentrated and contained within the soul and the supernatural powers within the thoughts and physique are attained. This state is named yoga. In response to sages properly versed on this science.

Charaka Samhita Shareera Sthana 1st Chapter
Moksha or salvation is nothing however an absolute detachment of all contacts by advantage of the absence of rajas and tamas within the thoughts and anihilation of results of potent previous actions. It is a state after which there isn’t any extra bodily and psychological contacts.

Yoga and Moksha

Charaka Samhita Shareera Sthana 1st Chapter
Recurrence of all sensation is checked via yoga and moksa. Absolutely the eradication of sensation is attained via moksa. The yoga is a method to achieve moksa.

Want to get away from the worldly lure;
Absence of egoistic disposition;
Being afraid of contacts of the soul ,the thoughts and the physique ;
Anihilation of the results of previous actions;
Focus of the thoughts and mind within the soul ;
Evaluation of religious information.
All this may be attained by advantage of the fixed remembering of the very fact the soul is completely different from the physique and the latter has nothing to do with the previous.

Prof. Dr. Anil Kumar Rai
Professor and Head of Division of
Mansa Roga (Psychiatry)
Alva’s Ayurveda Medical School, Moodbidri, Karnataka
He’s out there for session on this place.
E mail: [email protected]

Ghee for Meditation

Cow ghee is taken into account very Satvik. Cow ghee is utilized in Homa – fireplace ritual. Lighting the lamp with ghee is taken into account as holistic and auspicious. Ghee is defined as Medhya – improves reminiscence, intelligence and focus. It promotes constructive mindset. It improves focus, makes the thoughts to hunt religious issues and retains thoughts away from worldly distraction.
In case you have bother concentrating throughout meditation, strive the under technique:
a. Take a teaspoon of ghee and drink half a cup of lukewarm water, 20 minutes earlier than your meditation session.
b. Apply a number of drops of the ghee to the middle a part of your scalp. You may even apply a few drops of it over your brow with mild therapeutic massage for 1 – 2 minutes.
As per Ayurveda, aggravated Vata is the trigger for lack of focus. Ghee within the abdomen calms down Vata Dosha. It offers stability to thoughts and physique and retains distractions away.
You may discover the distinction immediately. Some meditators discover it exhausting to sit down in a gradual posture for an extended time period. For them, the above technique will assist immensely. In about 3- 5 days time of following the above treatment, it is possible for you to to sit down steady throughout meditation, with calm, cool and composed thoughts.
Give it a strive.

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