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Methods to management extra starvation and urge for food? 

Dr JV Hebbar
Extra starvation is available in our means of sustaining wholesome physique weight. Listed here are a couple of tricks to hold starvation away for so long as attainable.

Don’t give it some thought

The primary tip to maintain starvation beneath management is, not to consider starvation on a regular basis.
Starvation is hooked up to our interior need to outlive. If we don’t eat, we die. So, our pure intuition is – consider meals, see the meals and eat the meals.

Make it laborious to get your self meals

Don’t hold meals in most seen components of the house or the place you may simply entry it. Cookies shouldn’t be catching your consideration by default.
Make it very laborious to succeed in for meals. Preserve the fridge locked. Preserve the fridge within the meals retailer room and hold that room locked. Double layer security. You actually should put in an effort to succeed in the meals.
Prepare dinner each time it is advisable to eat. Acharya Sushruta has instructed, the meals needs to be freshly made and served scorching.
If you happen to make your personal meals, you may get pleasure from it with full aroma.
When you are cooking it, the aroma will additional kindle the digestive hearth (Agni) and make the meals all of the extra gratifying. As a result of your thoughts has developed a need for that meals, your physique will extract most nourishment out of it.

Good sleep

As per Ayurveda, Kapha Dosha is answerable for satiation and maintaining the starvation beneath management. An excellent sleep retains the thoughts calm and nourishes the Kapha Dosha. Therefore, it’s helpful to maintain starvation beneath management.
Lack of sleep, or sleeping late at evening unnecessarily burns some energy and makes you hungry at undesired occasions comparable to late within the evening, or early within the morning. It confuses your digestive system, and your digestive system will begin producing juices at undesired occasions.

Eat solely twice a day

Or a minimum of, anticipate the complete starvation to manifest. As per Ayurveda, we needs to be completely hungry earlier than having our meals. Whereas we observe this, generally our dishonest thoughts could produce indicators of false starvation. So, bear in mind and anticipate the true starvation to kick in and solely then eat.
Consuming solely when hungry, twice (or no more than thrice), brings a way of self-discipline to your thoughts and it lets you keep away from binging and munching as soon as each hour.


Pranayama controls respiration. In Ayurvedic phrases, it controls Vata Dosha. Within the abdomen and intestines, there may be Samana Vata, which followers and will increase the digestive hearth. Pranayama helps to regulate this Samana Vata, and thus starvation is stored beneath management.
Controlling the tongue is an important plan for the management of starvation. Pranayama improves management over all sense organs, together with the tongue.

Tastes and starvation

Bitter, candy and astringent tasting herbs and meals lower Pitta and reduce starvation. Use them in good portions.
Shri Gandhiji used to eat excessive quantities of neem and used to quick lots.
Keep away from extra spices, salty and bitter meals, as they’ll stimulate Pitta and enhance starvation.

Oils, fat

It seems to be a bit counter intuitive for weight problems administration. However together with oil or a little bit of fats in a food regimen helps to convey satiation successfully and retains starvation at bay for a protracted time period.
Together with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in a meal is right. It’s unctuous and coolant. It retains the digestive hearth beneath management.
Proteins in food regimen can also be an efficient means of maintaining starvation beneath verify.

Fiber wealthy food regimen

Fiber swells up in relation to contact with digestive juices and takes a very long time to bear digestion, whereas maintaining the digestive juices engaged. Thus, with a small quantity of fiber meals, the intestine is tricked to consider {that a} excessive amount of meals is there within the abdomen.
Barley, Millets, beans, avocado, corn, dry fruits and entire grains are very helpful.

Underlying illness

Anxiousness, elevated thyroid hormone manufacturing (hyperthyroidism), low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), forward of durations (premenstrual syndrome) and so on. circumstances could cause elevated starvation. Treating the underlying trigger takes care of the symptom.

Ayurvedic Drugs

Beneath Ayurvedic Medicines are helpful

Kamadugha ras
Shankha Bhasma
Pravala Bhasma
Yashtimadhu ghrita
Lodhrasava – astringent based mostly liquid
Chandanosiradi Kashayam

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