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Methods to Preserve Bananas Contemporary Longer?

Most of us have skilled the harrowing encounter of shopping for bananas in bulk, pondering they’ll final. You might be much less more likely to take pleasure in your bananas if they’ve turned mushy and brown. Because of this your bananas have over-ripened.

How do you forestall over-ripening? Are you able to cease bananas from going brown?

To grasp maintain bananas recent longer, we have to navigate by way of their quick ripening course of. Banana stems comprise ethylene fuel that’s launched and quickens the ripening course of.

Think about adapting storage ways that decelerate the ripening course of, thereby growing the longevity of your bananas. Let’s delve in!

Why Ought to Bananas Be Stored Contemporary Longer?

Now that you simply perceive why bananas are stored recent longer, let’s take a look at why they need to be stored recent within the first place:

  • Preservation of vitamins
  • Forestall softening
  • Prevents flies
  • Protect the style
  • Preserve the outward look
  • Save on prices
  • Cut back wastage

10 Hacks That Preserve Bananas Contemporary Longer

Retailer Your Bananas Correctly

Bananas are extremely perishable. Due to this fact, the way you retailer your bananas determines how lengthy they’ll final. For these questioning correctly retailer bananas, take into account the next:

● Retailer in a cool, dry, and ventilated space

● Retailer in a bowl, basket, or hanger

● Keep away from storing close to any cookware

● Keep away from storing them on kitchen counter tops

● Keep away from storing in inexperienced baggage and paper baggage

Don’t Combine Bananas With Different Fruits

Until you’re making a smoothie or a fruit salad, bananas are nearly incompatible with different fruits. Tropical fruits like bananas produce extreme ethylene fuel. Consequently, they’ve a quick ripening course of.

Due to this fact, keep away from mixing bananas with different fruits to delay the method. As an alternative, retailer them individually in a basket, bowl, or banana hanger.

Wrap the Stems

You’ve most likely questioned why some grocery outlets wrap their banana stems. In a nutshell, bananas unleash ethylene fuel primarily from the stems, the extra the fuel escapes, the riper the fruit.

Once you wrap the banana stems, you decelerate the discharge of ethylene fuel and, consequently, the fruit’s ripening. You should use plastic paper or aluminium foil to wrap your banana stems.

Preserve Your Ripe Bananas within the Fridge

It’s no shock that you could maintain bananas within the fridge for every week with out going unhealthy. As a result of cool temperatures of the fridge, you’ll be able to retailer ripe bananas within the fridge to cease the ripening course of.

Nevertheless, refrigeration doesn’t forestall the peel from turning brown. Due to this fact, keep away from leaving them within the fridge for too lengthy to keep away from rotting.

Tub or sprinkle acidic fruit juice on Peeled Banana Slices

In case you incessantly make salads, then you might be conscious of how briskly bananas oxidize. When bananas are reduce open, the chemical cells react with oxygen by way of oxidative motion.  Consequently, the fruit shortly turns brown and finally softens.

Nevertheless, you’ll be able to forestall enzymatic browning by sprinkling or immersing the slices in any acidic fruit juice. The acid retains the banana slices recent and prevents browning. You should use fruits reminiscent of lemon, pineapple, or vinegar.

Purchase Unripe Bananas 

Unripened fruits are likely to last more in comparison with ripened fruits. Once you purchase unripened bananas, it’s simpler to observe and management the speed of ripening. The extra unripe the banana, the longer the shelf life and vice versa.

Separate the Bananas​

This tactic is known as divide and rule. Bananas develop in bunches, which implies they develop as shut to one another as doable. Remember they launch excessive quantities of ethylene fuel.

Due to this fact, isolating the bananas prevents the discharge and absorption of ethylene fuel, slowing down the ripening course of.

Buy a Banana Bunker

In case you incessantly pack bananas in your little one or to work as your snack, then you recognize the frustration of opening your lunch field and discovering a tender and mushy banana resulting from warmth and moisture. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to say goodbye to air flow points by utilizing a banana bunker.

A banana bunker is a conveyable and well-ventilated plastic field that protects your fruits. The bunker has small holes to permit air circulation therefore enabling the banana to remain recent longer.

As well as, the banker has an ergonomic design that accommodates a curved or straight banana, thus stopping fruit bruises.

Retailer Unripe Bananas at Room Temperature

The room temperature is the advisable temperature for good ripening of the banana. Since bananas are tropical fruits, they’re hardly ever ripe beneath chilly temperatures. Storing unripe bananas at room temperature ensures the bananas ripen on the similar fee.

Henceforth, take into account shopping for and storing unripened bananas at room temperature to keep away from over-ripening of the bananas.

Keep away from Shopping for in Bulk

We’re all conscious of how briskly bananas ripen or spoil. Due to this fact, choose a bunch that you simply or your loved ones can comfortably end in just a few days.

As well as, why would you purchase bananas and allow them to sit for days with out consuming them? Bananas are pleasant fruits with excessive dietary worth. As an alternative of consuming burgers and different unhealthy snacks, take into account making a banana smoothie or salad as a substitute snack.

Regularly Requested Questions –

How Lengthy Do Bananas Final?

Relying in your storage strategies, unripened bananas can last as long as 1 week with out going unhealthy. Ripened bananas have a tendency to last as long as 5 days.

When Ought to I Throw My Banana?

In case your banana has a black peel and is totally mushy, take into account it inedible and eliminate it instantly.                        

Can Bananas Be Frozen?

Sure, they will. When freezing your bananas, it’s advisable to peel and reduce them into slices, then retailer them. As well as, retailer in a tightly sealed freezer bag to keep away from air coming into the bag. These bananas can last as long as 6 months.

Can I Use Aluminium Foil to Wrap the Banana Stems?

Sure, you’ll be able to. Aluminium acts as a barrier to forestall the escape and absorption of ethylene fuel among the many fruits of the identical stem. Consequently, the ripening course of is delayed.

Can I Expose Bananas to the Solar?  

It’s not advisable to reveal bananas to direct daylight to keep away from softening and over-ripening.

Can I Wrap the Entire Banana As an alternative of the Stem?

No, you’ll be able to’t. Wrapping the entire fruit prevents any ripening course of from happening.


If bananas usually are not correctly saved, they develop into mushy, tender, and discoloured. Let’s be sincere; nobody likes the style and odor of a tender and mushy banana. In a nutshell, correctly storing your bananas ensures that they last more and stay recent longer.

If you’re searching for hacks to make your bananas last more, take into account the factors mentioned above.

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