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Mind Meals – Dr. William Davis

There are two vitamins that stand out for sustaining and restoring mind well being and stopping cognitive decline: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and phosphatidylserine (PS).

Each DHA and PS are present in massive portions within the human mind, in addition to the brains of different creatures. If fashionable people had not change into so squeamish about consuming animal brains, in addition to coronary heart, intestines, abdomen, liver and different organ meats, our diets can be wealthy in each DHA and PS. As a result of nearly no person at this time consists of mind or different organs on the menu, the fashionable food regimen is woefully poor in each vitamins. Each play a significant function in human mind physiology and well being—their absence or lack implies that the fashionable food regimen is a mind well being catastrophe ready to occur. Couple this with insulin resistance and irreversible protein glycation that at the moment are fashionable plagues and cognitive impairment ought to come as no shock. (Recall that many name Alzheimer’s dementia “kind 3 diabetes,” which means the mind is poorly conscious of insulin and subjected to excessive blood glucose ranges.) Even if you happen to wished so as to add mind again to the menu, fashionable agricultural practices have launched circumstances resembling bovine spongiform encephalopathy that makes consuming (bovine) mind doubtlessly hazardous.

Most of you might be already acquainted with DHA, as we complement it by including fish oil to our way of life. (EPA can also be necessary for numerous different areas of well being, however DHA stands out for mind well being.) Whereas the scientific trial proof has been blended, the majority of proof suggests modest slowing of cognitive decline with DHA supplementation in its earliest phases. We additionally know that moms who acquire DHA and EPA throughout being pregnant (particularly the third trimester) and lactation have youngsters with much less behavioral and studying impairments, and have increased intelligence quotients (IQs) when they’re older.

To get an concept what meals are a supply of PS, check out the phosphatidylserine content material of assorted meals:


From Souci 2008


The proof in including again PS to our diets means that:

  • Studying and habits are improved in youngsters with numerous studying/developmental impairments resembling attention-deficit hyperactivity dysfunction (ADHD) and autistic spectrum dysfunction (ASD), conditions during which inattentiveness and impulsivity are diminished by PS
  • Folks with early cognitive impairment expertise enhancements in reminiscence and slowed cognitive decline with PS supplementation
  • Rising proof means that, by enhancing the functioning of HDL particles, PS could scale back danger for heart problems

PS subsequently helps preserve human cognitive operate, short-term reminiscence, the consolidation of long-term reminiscence, the flexibility to retrieve recollections, the flexibility to be taught, the flexibility to pay attention, the flexibility to motive and resolve issues, and the flexibility to speak.

The physique additionally synthesizes PS from compounds resembling phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine which might be likewise most ample in mind, organs, and different animal merchandise, although modest portions are obtained by way of consumption of plant matter, additionally.

As soon as once more, we’re again to the argument that, with out consumption of animal merchandise, we change into poor in numerous vitamins mandatory for well being. In addition to DHA, EPA, and PS, there’s additionally collagen, hyaluronic acid, zinc, vitamin B12 and others. As with the fashionable food regimen that’s collagen- and hyaluronic acid-poor as a result of we don’t devour intestines, abdomen, coronary heart, pores and skin, and so forth., so we’re phosphatidylserine-deficient additionally for related causes. Ought to we subsequently add PS to our record of lacking vitamins if we fail to devour organs and plentiful fish?

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