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Non secular Materialism Warning Indicators + How To Maintain It Actual

Non secular materialism takes place on the interior degree within the type of concepts, ideas, and ideologies—or what Trungpa loosely defines as our mind. Similar to we lean on our bodily issues to convey consolation, we are able to lean on our mind to navigate life extra comfortably. “Nationalism, communism, existentialism, Christianity, Buddhism,” Trungpa says, “all present us with identities, guidelines of motion, and interpretations of how and why issues occur as they do.” Mentally, we use ideologies, beliefs, and ideas to guard us or soften ‘what’s.’”

It’s true: How typically can we lean on our beliefs to self-soothe? Even the frequent religious maxim, the whole lot occurs for a cause, can sugar-coat the current second. And once we use religious truths to consolation ourselves, we generally miss the chance to face the doubt, uncertainty, and confusion that are, frankly, the perfect academics

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