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Ought to You Suppress Your Feelings? Do They Develop on You?

By Dr JV Hebbar
The idea of suppressing an emotion makes that emotion stronger is mistaken as per Ayurveda. We must always suppress our feelings. However there are exceptions.

Feelings that needs to be suppressed

As per Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana, seventh Chapter, Verse 27,
लोभशोकभयक्रोधमानवेगान् विधारयेत्| नैर्लज्ज्येर्ष्यातिरागाणामभिध्यायाश्च बुद्धिमान्||२७||
lobhaśokabhayakrodhamānavegān vidhārayet| nairlajjyerṣyātirāgāṇāmabhidhyāyāśca buddhimān||27||
It means,
A clever individual ought to suppress psychological urges pertaining to
Lobha – greed,
Shoka – grief,
Bhaya – concern,
Krodha – anger,
Mana – self-importance, ego
Nairlajja – shamelessness,
Irshya – jealousy,
Atiraga – extreme need
Abhidhyaya – sick will, malice

Suppressing these feelings won’t make them stronger. After we suppress these feelings, with passage of time, we are likely to let go of those emotional urges. We achieve again our frequent sense and thus we will survive from the sick results.


Overcoming Greed

I’m having such an enormous urge to purchase the newest iphone, I’m able to swipe the bank card immediately. Postpone the choice for a day and chances are you’ll discover higher methods to spend your cash.
If I suppress this need, and withhold shopping for at that susceptible time, that urge by no means surfaces again. With time, life teaches me the distinction between want and need. So, suppressing that need didn’t have any unfavorable affect on my thoughts. It doesn’t imply that the identical need will hang-out me in some other type

Controlling Grief

It is a tough one. It shouldn’t be confused with the urge to cry /weep. If we really feel like weeping, it’s higher to weep it unexpectedly and recover from the grief.

However when you really feel unhappy on a regular basis, so long as you’ll be able to really feel that your thoughts is occupied with disappointment, when you can acknowledge your disappointment episodes, it is best to make all efforts to suppress it, by indulging in actions reminiscent of
sharing your feelings with buddies or household,
searching for assist from a health care provider,
indulging extra in your hobbies
yoga, meditation and so on.
I do know that each one these will be overwhelming for very extremely depressed sufferers. However when you can put an effort on the earlier stage, the therapeutic can occur faster.

Overcome Concern

Braveness is the one reply to concern, phobia and nervousness. There isn’t a workaround. As a way to be brave, we needs to be truthful to ourselves and others.
It might really feel arduous to start with to beat concern. However fixed small steps will get you there.
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Management Anger

Suppose I management anger in a tense state of affairs. When the state of affairs passes, that managed anger will not be inside us. We gained over the anger at that occasion and it immensely benefited myself and all individuals concerned in that occasion. 
Controlling anger won’t make the anger develop on us.

Anger will be transformed right into a constructive factor. I used to be fats shamed. I’m indignant. I’ll hit the health club and do weight-reduction plan to get out of it. 
Anger, concern and so on. feelings if we make a observe of controlling them, then the observe turns into behavior and being affected person but fearless turns into our nature. 

If nonetheless, we management anger or concern in a single occasion and even after the occasion whether it is nonetheless bothering us, these unfavorable hidden emotions will be recycled into constructive ones by
Self message – Daily, my concern is lowering. I’m turning into brave and fearless.
Prayer – Oh My Lord, I’ve this burning anger born out of that unhealthy incident yesterday. I can neither management it, nor deal with it, I’m submitting it at your holy ft. Please heal my thoughts.

Meditation – Om Chanting and so on. will get the thoughts again to its pure calmness and balances out all fears, needs and angers.
For some individuals, partaking in rigorous bodily actions reminiscent of hitting the health club, doing vigorous yoga, dance, and so on. helps them ease out the unfavorable emotions.
Ayurvedic therapies reminiscent of nasal drops, shirodhara, head therapeutic massage and so on. are helpful.
Ayurvedic medicines reminiscent of Bramhi, Shatavari, Shankhapushpi, ghee and so on. are helpful. 
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Controlling ego

It is among the hardest psychological workouts. Realizing that there’s a super-power of a God in our hearts, realizing that we will by no means be wiser or smarter, there may be all the time one thing to study from others, the legislation of Karma by no means forgives anybody and helps us in controlling our ego.

Stopping being shameless

Being shameless comes from ego, ignorance, extra greed and conceitedness. Whereas we pursue our needs and life objectives, we should always take care to behave in a method that draws love and respect from the individuals round us.
Shamelessness arises because of the Tamas high quality of thoughts (darkness, conceitedness, lethargy, elation).

Stopping being Jealous

As per Ayurveda, aggravated Vata Dosha causes jealousy. This emotion may be very near greed. We needs to be aggressive and needs to be tirelessly bettering ourselves.

David Goggins advises – Whereas understanding, don’t examine your self with others and fear about not having six packs.
Quite, take an image of your self, exercise on a regular basis and examine your photos week after week and keep focus.

The teachings are –
Don’t examine your self with others
Evaluate your present self along with your previous variations
Preserve engaged on your self relentlessly on a regular basis

Controlling unhealthy intentions

Dhuryodhana as soon as mentioned
जानामि धर्मं न च मे प्रवृत्ति: जानाम्यधर्मं न च मे निवृत्ति:
jānāmi dharmaṃ na ca me pravṛtti: jānāmyadharmaṃ na ca me nivṛtti:

I do know what’s the proper path to take however I gained’t take it. I do know what’s mistaken, I cannot cease doing it.
He was killed by Arjuna within the 18 day conflict of Maharabharatha.

Knowingly doing evil issues will be influenced from
Rajas high quality of thoughts – extra greed, unrealistic ambitions, ego.
Tamas high quality of thoughts – ignorance, conceitedness, excessive self-worth, ruthlessness.

As now we have learnt right here, virtually all mistaken feelings are value suppressing. It’s a mistaken notion that if we suppress our feelings, they may develop larger on us.
We must always know easy methods to divert and convert them into constructive vitality.

Giving undue recognition and respect to unhealthy feelings makes our thoughts weak, makes us doubt our skills and do evil deeds. We’ll damage others however extra importantly, we are going to find yourself hurting ourselves unknowingly.

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