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Planning for Child with the Assist of Ayurveda

Dr JV Hebbar
Ayurveda recommends an in depth cleansing and coverings supporting psychological, bodily and reproductive well being, forward of planning for conception.

The need

It’s a recognized idea that, throughout being pregnant, if mom indulges in unhealthy habits akin to smoking, it results in improve in coronary heart price of the fetus and it will increase the probabilities of untimely childbirth, coronary heart and lung issues, miscarriage and stillbirth. (1)
Ayurveda goes a step additional and says that, if the couple are of their finest well being, it’s mirrored of their reproductive well being. The well being of the couple determines the standard of semen, sperm and ovum. This additional decides the standard of the newborn.

Steps concerned

Correcting the approach to life of oldsters
Correcting the food regimen
Stopping unhealthy habits
Enhancing psychological well being
Detoxing therapies
Ayurvedic well being selling therapies
Ayurvedic medicines to advertise reproductive well being of each female and male.

Correcting life-style

Waking up early within the morning
Consuming and ingesting water, solely when hungry and thirsty
Wholesome quantities of train
Yoga and Pranayama for a minimum of 10 minutes a day.

Correcting food regimen

Keep away from all junk meals, sodas, aerated drinks and alcohol.
Have nutritious meals, hand-crafted meals
Keep away from extreme spicy and salty meals
Have reasonable quantities of fat in food regimen

Stopping unhealthy habits

Give up smoking, keep away from or restrict alcohol.

Enhancing psychological well being

Avoiding pointless quarrels between the couple
Having a love crammed mutually respecting relationship
Yoga and Pranayama
Religious and spiritual actions akin to visiting temple, prayer and so forth. for a minimum of 10 minutes a day.
Ayurvedic medicines akin to Manasamitra vatakam, Brahmi ghritham, therapies akin to nasya, shirodhara and so forth. are carried out to enhance psychological well being and to alleviate despair, nervousness and so forth. issues which can have an effect on the standard of offspring or probabilities of being pregnant.

Detoxing therapies

Ayurveda recommends cleansing remedy to
a. Relieve any underlying illness situation
b. Reset the physique and thoughts to organize for the conception.
That is achieved by Panchakarma therapies. It’s a set of 5 therapies. However all of the 5 therapies should not required on the identical time.

Ayurvedic therapies

Oil therapeutic massage,
Oil pulling
Nasal drops, Ear Drops,
Head therapeutic massage, toes therapeutic massage,
Shirodhara and so forth. therapies are completed to enhance the power and immunity of the entire physique

Ayurvedic medicines

Ayurvedic medicines are given to
1. Relieve any underlying illness – for instance, treating weight problems with navaka guggulu,
2. Enhance power and immunity
3. Promote reproductive well being of each female and male.

Medicines for males

Ashwagandha rasayana
Oral consumption of Mahanarayana taila
Kalyanaka Ghrita, Maha Kalyanaka Ghrita
Swarna Bhasma, Loha Bhasma
Chandraprabha vati

Medicines for girls

Shatavari, Ashwagandha
Ashwagandha ksheerapaka – Milk treatment ready with Ashwagandha
Sukumara Avaleha, Ghrita or Kashaya
Ashwagandha rasayana
Mahanarayana taila oral consumption
Ksheerabala taila 101
Phalasarpis / Phala ghritha
Kalyanaka Ghrita, Maha Kalyanaka Ghrita
Maharasnadi Kashaya
Vayu Gulika

Counselling the couple

The couple must be made conscious of the tasks forward, what it feels wish to have the third member within the household, how they want most of your consideration, learn how to inculcate good habits in them and so forth. It prepares them mentally to the duty forward.

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