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Rating the perfect fadogia agrestis dietary supplements of 2023

Fadogia agrestis is an natural extract from a plant native to Nigeria that’s seeing elevated utilization as a possible testosterone booster.

Thought to extend libido and enhance sexual stamina by stimulating the manufacturing of upper ranges of testosterone, fadogia agrestis will not be as well-studied as among the mainstay testosterone-boosting dietary supplements, however it’s doubtlessly value a shot if you’re critical about getting each edge you’ll be able to when lifting your testosterone ranges. 

Our analysis group dug into the early-stage analysis on this doubtlessly promising testosterone complement and recognized the perfect complement manufacturers on the market if you wish to add fadogia agrestis to your complement stack.


Final up to date: March 25, 2023
Fadogia agrestis dietary supplements thought-about: 22
Hours of analysis: 19
Specialists reviewed: 4
Scientific papers referenced: 11

1. Peak Efficiency Fadogia Agrestis

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Peak Efficiency makes a super-simple fadogia agrestis complement that is available in 500 mg vegan-friendly capsules.

It’s standardized to a ten:1 extract from the stem of the plant, and it’s fully devoid of extraneous binders and fillers. Because of its simplicity and purity, it garners our prime general spot.

2. Earth Elixir Tongkat Ali & Fadogia Agrestis

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Among the many fadogia agrestis and tongkat ali combo dietary supplements, this one is our favourite. The 300 mg dosage of fadogia agrestis and the 250 mg of tongkat ali per capsule is superior to most of the different twin ingredient merchandise on the market.

On prime of that, the solely different ingredient is the cellulose-based capsule itself! This potent dosage and ultra-clean formulation make it our favourite combo complement.

3. Etta Vita Fadogia Agrestis

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If you’re on the lookout for a strong dosage of fadogia agrestis, Etta Vita is an effective potion. It’s standardized to a 20:1 focus, and is available in heavy-duty capsules that ship 600 mg of extract every.

Furthermore, it additionally contains Bioperine, a.okay.a. black pepper extract, which is understood to reinforce the bioavailability of a variety of dietary supplements (although fadogia agrestis and bioperine haven’t been studied collectively). 

4. Evlution Vitamin Fadogia Agrestis

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For those who’re on the lookout for a easy, standardized, high-dose fadogia agrestis complement, Evlution is an effective selection.

It delivers a stable 600 mg dosage in every capsule with no different lively components.

The one draw back is that there are a couple of extra binders and stabilizers than you’ll discover within the absolute top-tier merchandise, but when that doesn’t hassle you, it’s an excellent high-dose possibility. 

5. Dorado Vitamin Fadogia Agrestis with Tongkat Ali

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Dorado Vitamin’s fadogia agrestis providing combines 300 mg of fadogia agrestis stem extract with 200 mg of tongkat ali, one other natural testosterone booster, in every capsule.

It’s a pleasant combo, although different merchandise have it beat in terms of uncooked dosage. Nonetheless, if you’re on the lookout for a fadogia / tongkat ali combo, it’s a stable selection. 

6. Barlowe’s Natural Elixirs Fadogia Agrestis

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Barlowe’s focuses on natural extracts, and their fadogia agrestis complement is an effective instance of their method: a easy, pretty high-dose complement (600 mg at a ten:1 ratio) delivered in a easy cellulose-based capsule with no frills and no extras.

If all you want is a stable supply of fadogia agrestis extract, Barlowe’s is a superb possibility.  

7. Toniiq Fadogia

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At 600 mg of fadogia agrestis per capsule and a 30:1 extraction ratio, Toniiq is the highest-potency complement on our checklist. Nevertheless, extra doesn’t all the time imply higher–dosing suggestions for fadogia are obscure, and animal research recommend that taking an excessive amount of could be counterproductive.

This potent formulation isn’t our first advice for many customers, but when you recognize you’re out there for a heavy-hitting, high-dose fadogia agrestis complement, it’s a stable possibility to think about. 

8. Naturebell Fadogia Agrestis with Tongkat Ali

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Naturebell makes a fairly respectable fadogia agrestis / tongkat ali combo that gives 300 and 200 mg of every respective ingredient.

The dosages are respectable, however the primary downsides are the gelatin-based capsules and the presence of some binders and stabilizers like silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.

9. Humanx Fadogia Agrestis

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Humanx makes an very simple fadogia agrestis complement that delivers 500 mg per capsule of stem extract, and 0 additional components.

It seems to be fairly good from a purity and ease perspective, although the truth that the fadogia agrestis extract will not be standardized to a given focus (e.g. 10:1 or 20:1) knocks it down a couple of factors in our rankings. 

10. Double Wooden Dietary supplements Fadogia Agrestis

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Double Wooden Dietary supplements makes a fadogia agrestis complement that’s on the decrease finish in terms of dosage: it delivers 300 mg of fadogia agrestis per capsule, which is half of a few of its rivals.

It’s additionally obtained a couple of extra binders and stabilizers than among the competitors, which brings down its rating a bit extra.

On the plus aspect, although, its fadogia agrestis stem extract is standardized to a ten:1 ratio, that means you’ll get a constant dose each time. 

Class winners

Finest fadogia agrestis general: Peak Efficiency Fadogia Agrestis

As a result of the analysis on fadogia agrestis is so sparse, should you’re experimenting with including it to your routine for bodily or sexual efficiency, you need a complement that’s ultra-pure and has a stable, standardized dose.

That method, you’ll be able to parse out precisely what advantages fadogia agrestis has, if any, for you. Peak Efficiency matches the invoice completely with its 500 mg dosage and 10:1 standardized focus, incomes it our prime general decide. 

Finest fadogia agrestis with tongkat ali: Earth Elixir Tongkat Ali & Fadogia Agrestis

Earth Elixir offers stable dosages of each fadogia agrestis and tongkat ali on this combo complement, and in contrast to different messy multi-ingredient dietary supplements, has nothing else in the way in which of spurious or extraneous components.

If you’re trying to leverage fadogia agrestis together with tongkat ali for increased testosterone, that is our advice. 

Finest high-dosage fadogia agrestis complement: Toniiq Fadogia

If you recognize you need a extremely concentrated fadogia agrestis complement, Toniiq Fadogia is our decide. It’s obtained a better extraction ratio and a better dosage per capsule than you’ll discover in any of its rivals available on the market.

As we famous above, increased doses of fadogia agrestis are undoubtedly not a confirmed technique for reinforcing testosterone, but when a better dose is your purpose, Toniiq is the way in which to go. 

Finest fadogia agrestis for males over 40: Earth Elixir Tongkat Ali & Fadogia Agrestis

For males over 40 trying to fight the age-related declines in testosterone, we just like the tongkat ali / fadogia agrestis combo from Earth Elixir.

It pairs the extra focused potential results of fadogia agrestis with among the broader and better-researched advantages of tongkat ali to doubtlessly offer you a greater probability at sustaining wholesome testosterone ranges.

Finest fadogia agrestis for sexual efficiency: Peak Efficiency Fadogia Agrestis

Among the early animal analysis on fadogia agrestis indicated that it will increase libido and sexual stamina, and should you’re wanting into utilizing fadogia agrestis for this goal, we just like the stable however not extreme dosage of Peak Efficiency.

It has the additional benefit of not together with some other biologically lively compounds, so that you may be extra assured that any advantages that you simply do see in your sexual efficiency are attributable to fadogia agrestis.

Finest fadogia agrestis for increased testosterone: Peak Efficiency Fadogia Agrestis

Since increased take a look at is the first purpose of fadogia agrestis supplementation, it ought to come as no shock that our prime general decide can be our winner on this class.

As a result of a lot of the help for utilizing fadogia agrestis for testosterone is anecdotal, we like the straightforward and pure formulation of Peak Efficiency–it makes it straightforward to A/B take a look at the consequences of fadogia agrestis in your complement stack, by swapping it in or out and protecting all the things else the identical. 

How we ranked

As a result of the analysis on fadogia agrestis up to now focuses on managed, purified dosages in lab animals, we put purity and managed dosage on the forefront of our rating standards.

An important fadogia agrestis complement needed to be extremely pure, versatile in its dosage, and devoid of extraneous components like pointless binders and fillers to make our rankings. We used the next particular standards:

Give attention to fadogia agrestis. Most of our prime fadogia agrestis dietary supplements present 100% pure fadogia agrestis, with no further supplemental components concentrating on testosterone.

That is the optimum formulation should you’re trying to isolate the consequences of fadogia agrestis as you add it to your complement stack.

Nevertheless, we included a couple of merchandise that additionally provide complementary compounds like tongkat ali alongside fadogia agrestis, for customers who need these dual-ingredient combos.

That being stated, we ditched difficult “kitchen sink” formulations that included fadogia agrestis solely as an afterthought. 

Exact dosage. As a result of preliminary animal research point out that fadogia agrestis could possibly be dangerous or counterproductive in excessive doses, we solely included capsule-based dietary supplements, resulting from their extra constant dosage (versus powder-based merchandise, the place the precise dose can fluctuate considerably from scoop to scoop).

We strongly most popular merchandise that had a standardized extraction ratio, once more to extra rigorously management the dosage from one product to a different.  

No pointless complement bloat. We lower out any merchandise that included an excessive amount of in the way in which of binders and stabilizers.

These add nothing however bloat to the complement, so we dropped any merchandise full of too many of those unhelpful components. 

Who can purchase fadogia agrestis?

Fadogia agrestis is finest utilized by males who’re on the lookout for each attainable benefit for reinforcing testosterone.

If you’re only a informal, non-athletic male on the lookout for a straightforward increase to testosterone, fadogia agrestis in all probability isn’t the fitting decide.

Nevertheless, there are males in a couple of completely different classes who could need to take into account including fadogia agrestis to their complement stack.

Athletes in power and energy sports activities. For those who’re pushing the boundaries of your physique in terms of power and energy, the potential testosterone increase from fadogia agrestis could be value it.

That is significantly true should you’ve already obtained the fundamentals lined, like optimizing your sleep and diet routines for max testosterone ranges.

Although there’s no assure that fadogia agrestis will assist, it could be value a brief if you’re out of different choices for reinforcing your T ranges–particularly should you mix fadogia agrestis with different superior dietary supplements for rising testosterone ranges.

Bodybuilders. Nobody tracks their hormone ranges extra carefully than critical bodybuilders, and if maxing out your testosterone goes to push you above your present plateau, fadogia agrestis could be value consideration when transforming your complement stack.

Significantly together with different cutting-edge potential testosterone boosters, like turkesterone and tongkat ali, you would possibly be capable of leverage the potential (although unproven in people past anecdotal experiences) motion of fadogia agrestis on uncooked testosterone manufacturing to optimize your testosterone ranges by balancing each testosterone and its binding proteins. 

Males who aren’t getting sufficient of a elevate in testosterone from mainline dietary supplements. For those who aren’t getting the outcomes you need from normal go-to choices for reinforcing testosterone (like magnesium and zinc, which have confirmed testosterone advantages at the very least in males who’re poor in these minerals), you would possibly take into account turning to a extra experimental complement like fadogia agrestis.

You may give it a strive for a couple of weeks and see if you’re experiencing the good points in testosterone, libido, and sexual stamina that you really want, and resolve from there whether or not or to not hold it in your complement stack. 


Q: The place does fadogia agrestis come from?

A: Fadogia agrestis is an extract from the stem and bark of a bush-like plant that’s native to Nigeria. It’s lengthy been utilized in folks drugs, however solely not too long ago got here to the eye of diet and supplementation fans because of analysis accomplished within the mid-2000s on its biochemical results in lab animals.

In contrast to another rising testosterone dietary supplements like turkesterone or tongkat ali, analysis on fadogia agrestis hasn’t but made the leap to medical trials in people, so its efficacy is much extra unsure than another natural compounds used as testosterone boosters. 

Q: Does fadogia agrestis have advantages past boosting testosterone?

A: One examine on fadogia agrestis reported anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-killing) properties when extracts of fadogia agrestis had been examined in rats (1).

In some experiments, fadogia agrestis extract carried out comparably with aspirin when it got here to discount in noticed animal ache and irritation. This examine was primarily based on experiences on the native folks use of fadogia agrestis in Nigeria, the place it’s generally used for ache, irritation, and irritation.

As with the purported results of fadogia agrestis on testosterone ranges, this examine was restricted to lab animals, and will not essentially generalize to people. 

Q: Is fadogia agrestis poisonous? 

A: Analysis revealed in 2008 suggests that prime doses of fadogia agrestis in rats may induce modifications within the exercise of liver and kidney enzymes (2).

Concerningly, these doses had been the identical (per unit physique mass) because the doses utilized in earlier analysis on the efficacy of fadogia agrestis in boosting testosterone and libido in rats, so there might not be a lot separation between an efficient and a poisonous dose.

Furthermore, different analysis discovered that prime doses of fadogia agrestis truly triggered harm to testicular cells in rats, although solely on the highest dosages (3).

Like with the advantages of fadogia agrestis, its potential toxicity must be assessed in people, or at the very least in a extra human-like animal mannequin, for stronger proof. 

Q: Does fadogia agrestis increase testosterone? 

A: For those who’re a (literal) lab rat, there’s good proof that fadogia agrestis will increase your testosterone–a 2005 examine confirmed important will increase in testosterone, alongside important will increase in sexual libido and efficiency, in a pattern of male rats (4).

Some features of this examine have been replicated in different analysis, however the actual take a look at of fadogia agrestis’ efficiency–a medical trial in people–has but to be accomplished.

So, arguments about its means to spice up testosterone largely revolve round its recognized biochemical pathways of motion, versus medical leads to people. 

Q: How a lot fadogia agrestis does Andrew Huberman take?

A: Stanford neuroscientist Andrew Huberman takes 425 mg of fadogia agrestis per day, alongside 400 mg of tongkat ali. In keeping with feedback made on Tim Ferris’ podcast, Huberman’s routine elevated his testosterone ranges by about 200 factors, with no destructive impacts on different biomarkers of his well being.

Although this is only one anecdote, Huberman’s routine is predicated on his evaluation of the precise biochemistry of fadogia agrestis and the way it stimulates testosterone manufacturing within the testes.

The tongkat ali pairing goals to “easy out” the supply of fadogia agrestis to tissues all through the day, as an alternative of getting testosterone ranges spike and plunge. 

Q: Must you mix fadogia agrestis with different dietary supplements to spice up testosterone? 

A: One well-liked mixture supplementation stack is fadogia agrestis to stimulate testosterone manufacturing within the testes, plus tongkat ali alongside to extend the binding capability of the testosterone to make sure it’s delivered at a gentle focus to your tissues.

This argument is usually biochemical in nature; there aren’t any human research to attract on that present that combining fadogia agrestis with tongkat ali enhances the efficacy of both complement. 

Compared to fadogia agrestis, tongkat ali has a greater monitor document of analysis in people, so this mixture is certainly within the experimental class. 

You may additionally discover fadogia agrestis in combined-ingredient testosterone dietary supplements alongside compounds like attractive goat weed, DHEA, zinc, turkesterone, or different well-studied testosterone boosters.

In these instances, fadogia agrestis is at finest serving a distinct segment use, including a bit to the general efficiency of a testosterone booster (although it’d be exhausting to parse out precisely how a lot of the general profit is attributable to fadogia agrestis). 

Q: Is fadogia agrestis a dangerous complement?

A: So far there are not any human research on the protection of fadogia agrestis. From some peoples’ perspective, this itself makes it a dangerous complement.

Furthermore, there are some animal research exhibiting that fadogia agrestis may alter ranges of sure enzymes associated to liver and kidney perform. Whereas fadogia agrestis is used as an natural drugs in Nigeria, it doesn’t see the identical widespread utilization that natural therapies like ginseng see, which could offer you elevated confidence of their security.

So, from all three of those views, fadogia agrestis is “dangerous” within the sense of getting an excessive amount of uncertainty surrounding its security; nevertheless it doesn’t have a confirmed monitor document of well being dangers both.  

Associated articles


Fadogia agrestis is squarely within the “experimental” complement class: although some early-stage animal mannequin analysis has proven promising outcomes in terms of rising testosterone and libido ranges, its worth hasn’t been confirmed but in human research.

That implies that fadogia agrestis is finest reserved for people who find themselves on the lookout for each attainable benefit in terms of testosterone ranges, like athletes and bodybuilders, or for individuals who tried different mainstream testosterone dietary supplements and haven’t gotten the advantages they need.  

Although it’s sometimes taken at doses of round 400 mg per day, that’s primarily based on anecdotal experiences from customers, not medical trials.

Studies on its security are equally sparse: some analysis, once more in animals, suggests it may alter ranges of liver enzymes, although no human security information can be found apart from its historical past as an ‘ethnomedicine’ in rural components of Nigeria. 

Fadogia agrestis could possibly be a secret weapon for reinforcing testosterone, or it could possibly be ineffective–solely extra analysis will inform whether or not this complement is value consideration by a broader swath of males, or whether or not it is best to focus your consideration on more practical options. 

For BodyNutrition‘s #1 fadogia agrestis advice, click on right here. 

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