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Rating the perfect vitamin Okay dietary supplements of 2021

Vitamin Okay is a necessary nutrient that performs a task in your blood’s clotting means, helps strengthen your bones, and improves your cardiovascular well being by stopping arteries from stiffening and calcifying.

Whereas it’s present in inexperienced leafy greens, it may be exhausting for many individuals to get sufficient of them of their food plan to maintain their vitamin Okay ranges excessive.

That is the place a vitamin Okay complement might be helpful. If you wish to reap the benefits of the bone strengthening and heart-health advantages, our analysis staff has give you the ten best vitamin Okay dietary supplements in the marketplace.


1. Zhou Diet K2 + D3

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Zhou Diet exploits the synergy between vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 for optimum bone and coronary heart well being.

This complement delivers 5000 IUs of vitamin D3, which ought to be sufficient even for individuals with darker pores and skin who stay in northern climates, in addition to 90 mcg of vitamin K2.

For guaranteeing enough vitamin Okay consumption, it’s a wonderful selection, due to its ultra-pure formulation: apart from rice flour and cellulose to make up the capsule, there are zero extra elements.

2. Life Extension Tremendous Okay with Superior K2 Advanced

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Life Extension contains three totally different types of vitamin Okay in various quantities, however the total dosage is 2600 mcg—a really excessive dosage, which is much more efficient due to the a number of types of vitamin Okay current.

The vitamin Okay can also be dissolved in olive oil, which will even assist bioavailability: vitamin Okay, in contrast to many different nutritional vitamins, is just soluble in fats, not water. In case you are searching for a high-dose vitamin Okay complement, this ought to be your best choice.

3. Peak Efficiency Superior D+Okay

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Peak Efficiency Superior D+Okay makes use of a mix of 2000 IUs of vitamin D, plus three totally different types of vitamin Okay, each K1 and two types of K2. This comes alongside the black pepper extract BioPerine, which helps enhance absorption, and it’s delivered in a clear and easy cellulose capsule. At 225 mcg per capsule, the dosage is good for lots of people.

4. Backyard of Life Vitamin Code Uncooked Okay-Advanced

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Backyard of Life makes a speciality of making dietary supplements that embody nutritional vitamins and minerals alongside the opposite phytonutrients current within the vegetation they arrive from.

Provided that the meals richest in vitamin Okay are inexperienced leafy greens, Backyard of Life delivers with regards to supplying vitamin Okay together with the opposite vitamins you’d discover in a pure supply.

Along with 120 mcg of vitamin Okay dissolved in cold-pressed flax oil, you’ll additionally get extracts from spinach, Brussels sprouts, kale, and a complete host of different vegatables and fruits. In order for you a vitamin Okay complement that takes a extra holistic method, this ought to be your selection.

5. Mary Ruth’s Vegan Vitamin K2 MK7 Drops

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Mary Ruth’s makes the perfect liquid-format vitamin Okay complement in the marketplace. It’s dissolved in licensed natural olive oil and is appropriate both for topical utility (immediately onto your pores and skin) or taking like an everyday complement, as a liquid or blended right into a shake or smoothie.

The one cause it isn’t larger within the rankings is that most individuals are better-suited by capsule-based vitamin Okay. However for utilizing on pores and skin, it’s our favourite.

6. Bronson Vitamin Okay Triple Play

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Bronson Vitamin Okay Triple Play is one other tackle the triple-sourced vitamin Okay mixture. This isn’t the very best dose model in the marketplace, however you’ll nonetheless get 550 mcg of vitamin Okay all collectively.

The capsules are gelatin-based, which gained’t please strict vegetarians and vegans, however the greater concern is the presence of fillers and components that you just gained’t discover in another opponents. It’s not a dealbreaker; the vitamin Okay content material continues to be adequate to make up for it.

7. NOW MK-7 Vitamin Okay-2

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NOW MK-7 Vitamin Okay-2 is pretty center of the highway so far as elements and dosage. At 100 mcg of vitamin K2 per capsule, it’s enough however not stellar.

The elements are moderately easy, although the cellulose-based capsules may most likely do with out silica. Whereas NOW MK-7 Vitamin Okay-2 doesn’t stand out in any explicit approach, it’s nonetheless an affordable selection for a lower-dose vitamin K2 complement.

8. Jarrow Formulation MK-7

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Jarrow Formulation takes a little bit of a distinct tack with their MK-7 complement. It makes use of vitamin K2 derived from natto, a fermented type of soybeans, which is a extra bioactive supply of vitamin Okay.

The dosage itself shouldn’t be notably excessive, at 90 mcg per capsule. Whereas it’s good to see the complement dissolved in oil, the low dose makes it exhausting to rank larger. Nonetheless, Jarrow Formulation MK-7 isn’t a nasty selection, however isn’t the perfect both.

9. Puritan’s Satisfaction Vitamin Okay

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Puritan’s Satisfaction makes a fairly primary vitamin Okay complement. It delivers 100 mcg per pill, in phytonadine kind (K1). The presence of some binders and fillers isn’t to the liking of complement purists, however that apart, it’s nonetheless an okay selection.

10. Bluebonnet Vitamin K1

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Bluebonnet makes a fairly primary vitamin Okay complement. The dosage, 100 mcg, shouldn’t be very excessive, and furthermore, the capsule incorporates a number of binders and fillers. For these causes, most individuals can be higher served with a distinct vitamin Okay complement.

Class winners

Finest vitamin Okay total: Zhou Diet K2 + D3

Whether or not for coronary heart, bone, or connective tissue well being, Zhou Diet is a unbelievable decide. Its mixture of vitamin D3 and vitamin Okay gives a synergistic enhance to absorption, and the clear complement formulation means there aren’t any extraneous elements to fret about.

Finest vitamin Okay for coronary heart well being: Life Extension Tremendous Okay

Life Extension makes a strong, high-dosage vitamin Okay complement that gives three totally different types of vitamin Okay (K1, K2, and K3) for max bioavailability. This precision formulation makes it a terrific selection for maximizing the cardiovascular well being advantages of vitamin Okay.

Finest vitamin Okay for pores and skin: Mary Ruth’s Vegan Vitamin K2 MK7 Drops

Vitamin Okay isn’t simply used for coronary heart and bone well being. It’s additionally a typical treatment for spider veins and pores and skin bruises. Mary Ruth’s is a superb model that makes a double-duty liquid vitamin Okay complement that’s equally well-suited for taking as an oral complement or making use of on to pores and skin.

Finest vitamin Okay for bone energy: Zhou Diet K2 + D3

Vitamin D is crucial for bone well being, however its organic exercise is considerably enhanced by vitamin Okay. That’s why Zhou Diet’s K2 + D3 formulation is our decide for bone energy—by leveraging the consequences of each nutritional vitamins collectively, it acts to battle the lack of bone density that causes osteopenia and osteoporosis. 

Finest vitamin Okay with vitamin D: Zhou Diet K2 + D3

Zhou Diet fastidiously balances the vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 content material of this complement for max bioavailability. For that cause, it’s our favourite selection if you’re taking vitamin Okay to enhance the efficacy of vitamin D supplementation.

Finest liquid vitamin Okay:  Mary Ruth’s Vegan Vitamin K2 MK7 Drops

Want a liquid-form vitamin Okay complement? Mary Ruth’s is much and away the most suitable choice. Delivering pure vitamin K2 in natural olive oil, it’s a wonderful approach to make use of vitamin Okay on bruised or scarred pores and skin, or as a therapy for varicose veins. It’s additionally suited to inside use too, so if you wish to add vitamin Okay to a shake or smoothie, it really works simply as effectively.

Who should purchase vitamin Okay?

Vitamin Okay is principally comprised of vitamin K1 and K2, with vitamin K1 being the primary kind in vitamin Okay dietary supplements. It’s nice for individuals seeking to enhance bone energy, artery well being, and bone well being – particularly when used with vitamin D3. Whereas there have been reviews of individuals utilizing it to deal with most cancers, extra analysis is required as there may be nothing proving this to this point.

Folks that take Coumadin for bleeding problems or coronary heart issues ought to keep away from vitamin Okay until in any other case directed by a healthcare supplier. In case you are taking any medicine corresponding to antibiotics, blood thinners, or chemotherapy, you also needs to keep away from vitamin Okay as they could be affected by it.

How we ranked

Since vitamin Okay includes of a number of varieties, we first regarded on the kind included in every complement. We most popular vitamin K1 and K2 over different varieties, as these appear to be the best. By way of varieties, we didn’t reward variations corresponding to MK-4 or MK-7 since analysis continues to be inconclusive about what’s greatest. 

Subsequent, we checked out bioavailability. Since vitamin K2 is fat-soluble, we had been fairly particular about what we needed to see. We most popular merchandise like Backyard of Life and Life Extension that included some kind of fats of their product to assist with absorption. Merchandise like Peak Efficiency additionally ranked effectively for together with BioPerine – which has been proven to drastically improve the bioavailability. 

A last merchandise we thought of was the purity. We most popular merchandise that included restricted fillers and binders and penalized these, like Physician’s Finest, that did. Our best choice, Zhou Diet, contains each vitamin and D3 for higher absorption and effectiveness within the physique. With principally no fillers and a wholesome dose, it’s fairly clear why that is our best choice.


The MK-7 type of vitamin K2 is simpler than the K1 kind. Within the early days of vitamin Okay dietary supplements, most merchandise used the artificial “K1” type of the vitamin.

As nutritionists began to know the pure biochemistry of vitamin Okay higher, they had been in a position to derive the MK-7 kind, normally immediately from plant sources like soybeans.

A 2005 scientific article in Blood, a scientific journal run by the American Society of Hematology, investigated the efficacy of each the K1 and MK-7 types of vitamin Okay (1).

Within the examine, wholesome volunteers took comparable doses of both a K1 or an MK-7 vitamin Okay complement. The researchers then noticed how a lot vitamin Okay was absorbed, and the way lengthy blood ranges of vitamin Okay stayed elevated.

Each dietary supplements had been absorbed equally effectively, however the MK-7 type of vitamin Okay led to blood ranges that stayed elevated for for much longer.

This implies that if you’re aiming to maintain your physique’s reserves of vitamin Okay excessive, a complement that comes with the MK-7 kind can be higher than one that’s purely K1-based.

Nonetheless, some producers imagine there are benefits to the K1 kind, which is why you’ll see many mixture K1/MK-7 dietary supplements in the marketplace. The efficacy of K1, although, stays unproven in comparison with the MK-7 kind.

Vitamin Okay can enhance the well being of your arteries. One of many main causes of heart problems is the stiffening and calcification (actually, the formation of calcium deposits) of the key arteries of your physique.

As these arteries develop into tougher and fewer elastic, your blood stress will increase, and arterial stiffness typically goes hand in hand with thickening of the artery partitions. All of those can result in coronary heart illness.

Vitamin Okay, nonetheless, seems to be a really efficient approach to scale back arterial thickness, in accordance with a scientific trial revealed by researchers within the Netherlands within the journal Thrombosis and Haemostasis (2).

Within the examine, the authors randomly assigned 244 older girls to both a placebo complement or an MK-7 vitamin Okay complement (180 mcg per day). Not like many complement trials, the follow-up interval on this examine was fairly lengthy, at three full years.

The researchers used superior imaging strategies to objectively measure the stiffness of the aorta, the most important artery popping out of the guts.

After the examine’s information had been analyzed, the researchers discovered that the arteries of the ladies on the vitamin Okay complement had considerably improved in comparison with the ladies within the placebo group, together with biomarkers indicative of higher arterial well being.

Vitamin Okay may enhance your bone energy. Vitamin Okay performs various roles in biochemical processes linked to bone synthesis, so researchers naturally puzzled whether or not vitamin Okay consumption was linked to bone energy.

A 2008 examine within the Journal of Scientific Endocrinology & Metabolism got down to decide whether or not vitamin Okay performed a task in bone energy (3). Within the examine, researchers at Tufts College reviewed the dietary consumption of vitamin Okay amongst individuals enrolled in a big cohort examine.

They tried to search out any proof for a connection between vitamin Okay consumption and both bone density or hip fracture, which is related to poor bone energy.

The researchers discovered that the vitamin Okay complement didn’t lead to a big improve in bone density, but it surely did lead to fewer hip fractures. That is according to different findings that point out that vitamin Okay doesn’t essentially improve bone density by itself (4).

Nonetheless, bone density shouldn’t be the entire story with regards to bone energy: bones of the identical density can have micro-architecture that’s organized in a greater or worse style for energy, so vitamin Okay could have extra to do with how bone tissue is organized versus its bulk density.

Vitamin Okay works along with vitamin D to enhance bone well being. Whereas the synergistic results of vitamin D and calcium for enhancing bone energy are well-known, the affect of vitamin Okay on this course of has been less-publicized.

A examine revealed by researchers at CHA College in Korea in 2011 examined the particular results of vitamin D and vitamin Okay together in a calcium complement to enhance bone density in older girls (5).

Over the course of three months, the researchers demonstrated that the calcium plus vitamin D3 plus vitamin Okay complement outperformed the calcium-only complement when it comes to growing bone mass density within the decrease again of the ladies within the examine.

In case you are particularly utilizing vitamin Okay for bone well being, you need to positively be taking it along with each calcium and a excessive dose of vitamin D.

Unwanted effects

Vitamin Okay is a fats soluble vitamin, which generally means that there’s a larger threat of toxicity from extraordinarily excessive doses, since your physique can’t remove it as simply as a water soluble vitamin like vitamin C.

Nonetheless, within the case of vitamin Okay, no dangers have been established in wholesome individuals even at very excessive vitamin Okay consumption ranges, in accordance with the Nationwide Institutes for Well being’s Workplace of Dietary Dietary supplements (6).

Nonetheless, vitamin Okay does work together with a couple of medicines, most notably warfarin and different blood thinners. As a result of vitamin Okay performs an necessary position within the blood clotting course of, it may possibly intrude with the exercise of medicine which might be alleged to skinny your blood.

As such, anybody on blood thinners ought to speak to their physician earlier than taking a vitamin Okay complement.

Really helpful dose

The minimal really useful consumption of vitamin Okay for optimum well being is 120 mcg per day for males and 90 mcg per day for girls (7).

That is according to what you’ll discover in decrease dose vitamin Okay dietary supplements, however many scientific trials use doses nearer to 200 mcg per day. Just a few have gone larger, to 500 mcg per day, with some success.

For guaranteeing continued coronary heart well being and bone energy, 90 to 125 mcg ought to be enough, however if you’re seeking to appropriate a deficiency or actively improve bone energy or enhance your coronary heart well being from the place it already is, a better dose may be mandatory. The guts well being examine carried out within the Netherlands, for instance, used 180 mcg per day.


What’s vitamin Okay? Vitamin Okay is a compound discovered naturally in inexperienced leafy greens that may be taken as a complement to enhance coronary heart well being and bone energy, notably when mixed with vitamin D3.

It’s a vitamin whose makes use of are pretty slim, however have been studied in-depth, and the mechanism of its results are pretty well-understood.

What occurs if I’m allergic to vitamin Okay? Allergic reactions to vitamin Okay are very rare, however they do happen. When you’ve got hassle respiratory, develop a rash, develop into extraordinarily dizzy, or expertise swelling round your face and throat, please search quick medical consideration.

How do I do know that Vitamin Okay is true for me? Having a Vitamin Okay deficiency is uncommon, as most individuals obtain an enough quantity by their food plan if it’s wholesome and balanced. Micro organism that stay within the colon truly produce small quantities of Vitamin Okay that your physique then reabsorbs. You may be in danger for a Vitamin Okay deficiency when you didn’t obtain a Vitamin Okay injection at delivery. Should you undergo from cystic fibrosis, colitis, celiac illness, or brief bowel syndrome, you’re at larger threat. You is also in danger when you’ve had weight reduction surgical procedure. Should you don’t get sufficient Vitamin Okay, you will have issues with bruising, bleeding, and your blood taking an extended time to clot. You may even have diminished bone energy and an elevated threat of osteoporosis. Should you suppose Vitamin Okay may be best for you, speak to your physician earlier than taking a brand new complement.

Does Vitamin Okay assist individuals who have issues with blood clots? Vitamin Okay is crucial to the physique to assist the blood clot. Should you expertise points with this, a complement of Vitamin Okay may be best for you. Please talk about any new dietary supplements together with your physician.

What occurs if I take an excessive amount of Vitamin Okay? In case you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you shouldn’t be taking giant quantities of Vitamin Okay with out your docs’ permission. An extra of Vitamin Okay you probably have Kidney or Liver illness might be dangerous. Should you’re diabetic, you’ll need to watch your blood sugar intently.

Should you suspect you’ve taken a poisonous quantity of a Vitamin Okay complement or you feel unwell after taking a big dose, please contact your physician or go to your nearest hospital.

What’s vitamin Okay? Vitamin Okay is a compound discovered naturally in inexperienced leafy greens that may be taken as a complement to enhance coronary heart well being and bone energy, notably when mixed with vitamin D3.

It’s a vitamin whose makes use of are pretty slim, however have been studied in-depth, and the mechanism of its results are pretty well-understood.

You’ll be able to take Vitamin Okay orally or by way of injections. There are additionally some topical lotions obtainable.

Does Vitamin Okay assist stop bruising? Vitamin Okay could assist to forestall bruising, however there may be inadequate proof to show if that’s conclusive.

Does Vitamin Okay assist with coronary heart illness? The elevated dietary consumption of Vitamin K2 has been linked to decreasing the chance of coronary heart illness, and demise as a result of coronary heart illness in those that are older. Nonetheless, the vitamin isn’t linked to those that are at excessive threat for coronary heart illness. Growing Vitamin K1 consumption from the food plan has beforehand been linked to lowering the chance of demise as a result of coronary heart illness. Vitamin K1 dietary supplements are linked to attenuate and forestall coronary calcification development, which is likely one of the foremost threat elements for coronary heart illness.

Can Vitamin Okay assist melancholy? Vitamin Okay has been linked to lowering the signs of melancholy. Nonetheless, there may be not sufficient proof to help this in scientific trials. A Vitamin Okay complement shouldn’t be an acceptable therapy for melancholy, and you need to seek the advice of your physician if you’re searching for a therapy.

Will a Vitamin Okay complement assist my hair develop into wholesome? Vitamin Okay shouldn’t be immediately linked to the well being of hair, pores and skin, or nails. Nonetheless, dietary consumption of Vitamin Okay comes from wholesome meals like spinach, which may also help enhance the well being of your hair.

Can I take a Vitamin Okay complement if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding? Vitamin Okay is probably going protected for girls who’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Nonetheless, your dosage ought to be instructed by a medical skilled. Please contact your physician when you’d like to begin taking this complement.

Can taking Vitamin Okay cease my menstrual cycle? Whereas Vitamin Okay can not cease a menstrual cycle, there may be some proof to counsel that it may assist reduce the affect of a heavier menstrual circulate. There may be not sufficient proof to counsel this, nonetheless, if you wish to see if Vitamin Okay is a possible answer, please contact your physician.

Ought to I take Vitamin Okay dietary supplements if I’m taking medicines? Probably the most important drug interplay with Vitamin Okay is Warfarin, which is a medicine used to sluggish blood clotting. Vitamin Okay immediately counterbalances Warfarin, so it’s crucial they aren’t taken collectively. Sure antibiotics can react negatively with Vitamin Okay as they work together with the micro organism within the intestine. Bile acid sequestrants scale back the absorption of Vitamin Okay, together with some over-the-counter weight reduction capsules.

In case you are taking some other medicines, you need to nonetheless e-book an appointment together with your physician to find out if a Vitamin Okay complement is best for you.

Ought to I take Vitamin Okay dietary supplements if I’m taking different dietary supplements? There aren’t any important interactions between Vitamin Okay and different dietary supplements, and you need to all the time contact your physician to make sure you’re not improperly combining dietary supplements.

When is the Vitamin Okay shot given to newborns? All infants are required to get a Vitamin Okay shot at delivery to forestall ‘Vitamin Okay Deficiency Bleeding,’ or ‘hemorrhagic illness of the new child.’ Infants don’t get a adequate quantity of Vitamin Okay whereas within the womb, and there’s not sufficient in breast milk to forestall VKDB. The chance of this runs till about six months of age, so that they obtain the shot instantly after delivery. Should you had been to attend to see in the event that they had been in danger for VKDB, it may be too late. The shot is completely protected for newborns and incorporates an acceptable dose.

What are the perfect Vitamin Okay dietary supplements in the marketplace? There are a number of nice complement manufacturers to select from, however a model with a wonderful fame and that has been in the marketplace for some time is a superb selection. Should you need assistance, please ask your physician or pharmacist for his or her advice.

Among the greatest promoting dietary supplements embody NOW Dietary supplements, Vitamin Okay-2 100 mcg, Menaquinone-4 (MK-4), NOW Dietary supplements, MK-7 Vitamin Okay-2 100 mcg, Cardiovascular Help, Physician’s Finest Pure Vitamin K2 Mk-7 with Menaq7, Nature Made Vitamin K2 100 mcg, and Life Extension Bone Restore with Vitamin K2.

Is Vitamin Okay appropriate for youngsters? Since newborns obtain a dose of Vitamin Okay immediately out of the womb, it’s protected for youngsters. Vitamin Okay is discovered in lots of wholesome meals, but when they require a complement as directed by a physician, it’s protected. There aren’t any dosage suggestions, however the enough consumption for infants 0-6 months previous is 2 mcg. For infants aged 7-12 months is 2.5 mcg. Kids who’re 1-3 years previous ought to take 30 mcg. Kids 4-8 years previous ought to take 55 mcg. Kids who’re 9-13 years previous can take as much as 60 mcg and adolescents aged 14-18, together with pregnant and breastfeeding girls ought to take as much as 75 mcg.

When is the perfect time to take Vitamin Okay? Vitamin Okay is a fat-soluble vitamin, so the perfect time to take it together with your dinner. Vitamin Okay dissolves within the physique utilizing fat, so together with wholesome fat into your meals will assist break the nutritional vitamins down for utilization in your physique. Once we get further fat-soluble nutritional vitamins, the surplus is saved within the liver, so a meal with wholesome fat helps them be adequately absorbed.

Can Vitamin Okay assist regulate my sleep schedule? Vitamin Okay shouldn’t be linked to regulating the sleep-wake schedule.

How do I do know if I’m Vitamin Okay poor? Whereas Vitamin Okay deficiency might be uncommon, as we obtain a lot of our each day dose from our diets, some obvious indicators and signs manifest for Vitamin Okay deficiency. When you’ve got a deficiency as an grownup, you could expertise extreme bleeding from wounds or injections websites or if you injure your self, simple bruising from accidents, oozing out of your nostril or gums, extraordinarily heavy menstrual intervals, blood in your urine or stool, bleeding within the gastrointestinal tract, and elevated prothrombin time. Vitamin Okay deficiency in newborns can manifest in comparable methods, however in excessive instances, they’ll expertise bleeding within the cranium.

Those that are vulnerable to a Vitamin Okay deficiency embody people who’ve power malabsorption or malnutrition situations, those that have been on antibiotics for a protracted time frame, and those that are critically sick. Most cancers or dialysis sufferers, or these with liver points, can be at a excessive threat for deficiency. Cystic fibrosis, colitis, celiac illness, or brief bowel syndrome can even result in a Vitamin Okay deficiency. When you’ve got any of those signs, or you’re in a high-risk class, please contact your physician to debate your choices for supplementation. You shouldn’t be taking dietary supplements of this nature with out being examined for a deficiency first.

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Vitamin Okay performs an necessary position in sustaining robust and wholesome bones, particularly when mixed with vitamin D. It’s additionally efficient for lowering stiffness in your arteries and enhancing your cardiovascular well being.

The best type of vitamin Okay seems to be the MK-7 kind, as a result of this naturally-derived variant retains your blood ranges of vitamin Okay elevated for longer.

The optimum dosage of vitamin Okay to get these advantages is between 90 and 200 mcg per day for most individuals, although no recognized dangers have been related to larger doses.

The one unwanted side effects to pay attention to are the potential interactions with medicines for blood thinning, like warfarin.

Although its purposes are pretty slim, vitamin Okay is a protected, efficient, and simple approach to enhance each bone and coronary heart well being.

For BodyNutrition‘s #1 vitamin Okay advice, click on right here.

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