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Rating the very best lactase dietary supplements of 2021

Lactase is an enzyme that you could soak up supplemental type that helps your physique digest lactose, which is a type of sugar present in dairy merchandise.

Lactase permits folks with lactose intolerance to take pleasure in dairy with out the gastrointestinal unwanted side effects, like bloating and nausea, that may occur while you eat dairy.

Everyone seems to be born with the power to supply the lactase enzyme of their physique, however many individuals lose the power to supply this enzyme after they develop up.

If you wish to benefit from the style and the well being advantages of dairy merchandise even if you’re lactose illiberal, our researchers have ranked the ten finest lactase dietary supplements in the marketplace.


1. Kirkland Signature Quick Performing Lactase

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Kirkland Signature Quick Performing Lactase is a excessive dosage and quickly dissolving lactase complement.

With 9000 items of lactase per capsule, this lactase complement is well-suited for dairy-heavy meals and for individuals who want a number of lactase to have the ability to course of dairy with out digestive issues.

2. NOW Dairy Digest Full

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NOW Dairy Digest Full is your best option with regards to a complete lactase complement that gives extra than simply the enzyme.

This complement presents 1000 items of lactase, in addition to protease and lipase, which assist digest proteins and fat, respectively. Each of those are present in dairy merchandise like yogurt, cheese, and ice cream, so that you’ll digest these meals higher with NOW Dairy Digest Full.

The principle draw back is the low dosage of lactase—you’ll have to take no less than two or three of those capsules earlier than a meal, and individuals who have extra extreme lactose intolerance ought to most likely go for the next dose lactase complement.

3. EnzymeMD by 1MD

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EnzymeMD by 1MD is a strong, broad-spectrum enzyme complement that gives lactase alongside 18 different enzymes, plus a stable dose of probiotic micro organism. If you need a lactase complement that goes past merely aiding with dairy digestion and fights indigestion, bloating, and gasoline throughout a variety of meals, it’s an amazing selection.

4. Schiff Digestive Benefit

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Schiff Digestive Benefit makes use of a mix of probiotic micro organism and 3000 lactase items per capsule to supply a extra sturdy protection in opposition to meals with lactose in them.

The bacillus coagulans probiotic additionally helps break down lactose and improves your intestine flora, however the precise dosage of probiotics (0.5 billion CFUs) shouldn’t be very substantial in comparison with a full-blown probiotic complement.

As well as, there are some coloring brokers and binders that you just gained’t discover in a cleaner complement, besides, some folks will probably be keen to place up with this for the probiotic content material alongside the lactase content material.

5. Lactaid Unique

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Lactaid Unique is a highly regarded lactase complement that’s been round for a very long time. At 3000 items of lactase per capsule, the dosage is stable, and the complement design within reason clear (although not the best).

There’s a fast-acting formulation too, however Lactaid Unique is meant to be taken previous to a meal that comprises lactose.

6. Guardian Quick Performing Dairy Reduction

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Guardian Quick Performing Dairy Reduction is a high-dose fast-acting lactase complement. It delivers 9000 items of lactase per capsule, and does so quickly due to the quick-dissolving properties of the pill.

Nonetheless, for these advantages, you need to put up with a number of binders, fillers, and different components. It’s very sensible, however not the very best so far as purity goes.

7. Looking for Well being Lactase Drops

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Looking for Well being Lactase Drops are a liquid formulation, which is uncommon for a lactase complement. This method presents plenty of drawbacks: for one, the lactase dosage per serving is far decrease, at solely 750 items, and second, the dosage is trick to measure out by your self.

That being mentioned, Looking for Well being Lactase Drops do have one glorious area of interest use, which is with infants, who clearly can’t take a pill or capsule.

The super-clean components listing—simply water, glycerine, and lactase enzyme—makes this a superb selection in case your toddler or toddler wants a lactase complement.

8. Greatest Naturals Pure Lactase Enzyme

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Greatest Naturals Pure Lactase Enzyme is a fast-dissolving pill, although its dosage is decrease, at 3000 items of lactase per pill.

The fast-acting formulation makes it a good selection should you didn’t understand you’d eaten a meal with lactose in it, although it’ll nonetheless be more practical taken previous to, versus after, a meal. The complement design isn’t the cleanest, however it’s efficient.

9. Licensed Plus Unique Dairy Reduction

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Licensed Plus Unique Dairy Reduction has a reasonable 3000 lactase unit dosage, which is able to work nicely for folks with gentle to reasonable lactose intolerance.

It’s not quick launch, and the complement formulation is somewhat bloated with additional components and binders, so purists and people on the lookout for fast aid gained’t be happy, nevertheless it’s nonetheless an okay selection for many others.

10. Puritan’s Satisfaction Lactase Enzyme

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Puritan’s Satisfaction is a well-liked lactase complement that gives 125 mg of lactase enzyme per capsule, however in contrast to a few of its opponents, it’s not standardized to a particular FCC dose. It’s not a fast-dissolving pill, and its design doesn’t actually stand out from the remainder of the gang, making it exhausting to rank any greater.

Class winners

Greatest lactase general: Kirkland Signature Quick Performing Lactase

Kirkland takes the highest place general due to its excessive dose and rapid-onset formulation. Whereas a smaller subset of individuals profit from extras like different enzymes or probiotics, Kirkland Signature is king with regards to a straight and easy lactase-only complement.

Greatest rapidly-absorbed lactase: Kirkland Signature Quick Performing Lactase

Everybody who takes lactase is aware of you’re supposed to take it nicely earlier than consuming, however what about when that’s not doable? Kirkland Signature Quick Performing Lactase is particularly formulated for fast absorption, making it our choose for a lactase complement that works as rapidly as doable.

Greatest lactase with digestive enzymes: Now Dairy Digest Full

Oftentimes, lactose isn’t the one compound that may give your physique digestive points—proteins and fat could cause bother too, which is why we suggest Now Dairy Digest Full for many who need different digestive enzymes like lipase and protease alongside lactase. 

Greatest lactase for folks with lactose intolerance: Kirkland Signature Quick Performing Lactase

For those who’re simply on the lookout for one thing that will help you take pleasure in dairy with out an upset abdomen, Kirkland Signature is the best way to go. This high-dose lactase complement is quickly absorbed and is formulated to do only one factor—give your physique the enzymes it wants to interrupt down lactose.

Greatest lactase for IBS: Now Dairy Digest Full

If you need a lactase complement for digestive points attributable to IBS, NOW Dairy Digest Full is our high choose. The mixed motion of lactase, protease, and lipase, all in stable dosages, aids with digestion and helps scale back irritation throughout a variety of lactose-containing meals.

Greatest lactase with probiotics: EnzymeMD by 1MD

Pairing the digestive enzyme lactase with helpful intestine micro organism could be a profitable combo, and for this objective, EnzymeMD by 1MD is our advice. The broad vary of enzymes and probiotic micro organism assist enhance digestion and lower down on gasoline, bloating, and discomfort.

Who can purchase lactase dietary supplements?

Lactase dietary supplements are nice for most individuals however are particularly helpful to those that have lactose intolerances and may’t correctly digest dairy merchandise. Many individuals—as much as 70% of the world’s inhabitants, in truth—are lactose illiberal, as a result of their physique stops producing lactase naturally as they develop up.

Diabetics needs to be additional cautious when contemplating a lactase complement as it could have an effect on blood sugar ranges. Pregnant ladies, anticipating ladies, and breastfeeding ladies ought to keep away from lactase dietary supplements till extra analysis is confirmed.

If you’re presently taking any treatment, it’s necessary to talk to your physician earlier than taking a lactase complement to make sure it won’t negatively work together together with your treatment.

How we ranked

When it comes to the very best lactase dietary supplements, we first analyzed the kind of digestive lactase included in every complement. We most well-liked the poplar beta-galactosidase, derived from the fungi Aspergillus niger. Any product that didn’t embrace this was axed from our listing. We did make the exception for some merchandise if the beta-galactosidase was derived from Aspergillus oryzae because it offered a digestive enzyme of comparable high quality

Dosage was additionally necessary to contemplate. In line with varied analysis, between 6000-9000, it needs to be taken earlier than meals with dairy. Due to this, we most well-liked our high merchandise like Kirkland and Nature’s Means, which included greater than 3000IU’s per serving. A few of our lower-ranked merchandise, like Looking for Well being, contained lower than 3000IUs per serving, which was superb for smaller folks and females, however not perfect by way of economical worth. 

There’s some analysis displaying that simply 2000 IU’s is required. As such, we determined to incorporate Now, in our high 3 for offering a 1000IU complement. When you can’t technically overdose on lactase, you might have some digestive misery if consuming an excessive amount of within the begging. That is one more reason why smaller dosage merchandise made our listing. When it comes to purity, we most well-liked firms that have been natural licensed and third-party examined for purity. 

Lastly, we regarded on the supply methodology. We most well-liked capsule merchandise over droplets, like Looking for Well being, as there was extra correct dosing. Moreover, quickly digestion prodders like our high rating Kirkland lactase complement offered faster digestive aid and was thus rewarded. 


Lactase can assist you benefit from the well being advantages of dairy. Epidemiological analysis has proven a variety of advantages related to consuming dairy, reminiscent of stronger bones, decrease blood stress, and a decreased threat of kind 2 diabetes (1, 2, 3).

These advantages are regarded as the results of the high-quality dietary content material of dairy, which incorporates massive quantities of calcium, vitamin D (in fortified dairy), protein, and different compounds like conjugated linoleic acid.

These helpful compounds work along side one another to make dairy meals a superb supply of well being advantages, however sadly, these advantages might be off the desk if you’re lactose illiberal.

The irritating gastrointestinal results that happen when folks with lactose intolerance eat a number of dairy makes these advantages not price it for many individuals, except they take a lactase complement to stop the gastrointestinal unwanted side effects.

Lactase dietary supplements are only when taken with stable meals. Lactase itself is a digestive enzyme that breaks down the sugar lactose into digestible constituents that your physique can take up.

Nonetheless, it takes a while for lactase to work, so consuming a lactase complement on an empty abdomen, then ingesting a glass of milk, may nonetheless produce signs of lactose intolerance. This was the conclusion of a examine revealed within the American Journal of Scientific Diet (4).

In it, researchers used an goal measure of lactose-digesting micro organism exercise to display that lactose was better-absorbed by the physique when a lactase complement was taken alongside stable meals, versus when it was taken on an empty abdomen.

The rationale for this, in response to the authors, is that having stable meals in your abdomen slows the speed at which food and drinks empty out of your abdomen, which supplies the lactase complement extra time to work.

This suggests that lactase dietary supplements are going to be only for giant meals that occur to comprise dairy, however might not work as nicely for liquid dairy merchandise eaten with out every other meals.

Folks reply in a different way to the identical dose of lactase. As a result of the pure ranges of lactase fluctuate in your physique, and since the speed your physique digests meals differs from different folks, the dose and timing of lactase that works for another person might not work the identical for you.

This was demonstrated in a 1992 examine within the journal Scientific Pharmacology, by which 24 topics took the very same dose of lactose-containing milk on two events: as soon as after taking a lactase complement, and as soon as after taking a placebo (5).

The researchers measured the quantity of lactose that was digested by micro organism within the abdomen (versus absorbed by the physique) and located that there was numerous individual to individual variability.

Three folks skilled basically no enchancment after taking the lactase complement, and on the similar time, three completely different topics had big decreases within the quantity of lactose taken up by intestinal micro organism. Most topics demonstrated a marked enchancment, although.

Whereas a pessimistic interpretation of this discovering means that lactase gained’t work for some folks, this experiment did use the “worst case”—a big, liquid dose of lactose on an empty abdomen. For those who discover {that a} lactase complement isn’t eliminating your gastrointestinal signs after consuming dairy, you’ll be able to strive the next dosage.

Negative effects

Since lactase is an enzyme that’s naturally produced by your physique, it’s very uncommon to develop any unwanted side effects on account of taking a lactase complement.

The medical literature has documented a couple of instances of allergy to lactase dietary supplements, however these are extraordinarily uncommon (6).

Sometimes, the individuals who develop an allergy to lactase are employees at complement factories who’re uncovered to massive quantities of lactase on a day-to-day foundation.

Beneficial dose

The quantity of lactase that you just want goes to rely each on the severity of your lactose intolerance, and the amount of lactose current within the meals you’re consuming.

Somebody with pretty gentle lactose intolerance consuming one thing like cheese, which doesn’t have very a lot lactose in it, might solely want a 1000-3000 unit dose of lactase.

Nonetheless, the scientific literature sometimes makes use of bigger doses of 9000 items to display the efficacy of taking a lactase complement (7).

It’s possible you’ll have to experiment a bit, each with dosage stage and together with your timing of pre-meal lactase complement ingestion, earlier than you strike a mix that works for you.


What occurs when lactose illiberal folks ingest diary with no lactase complement? Lactase is an enzyme that you could take to assist your physique digest dairy merchandise. It’s important if you’re lactose illiberal however nonetheless wish to take pleasure in among the well being advantages (and even simply the style) of dairy.

When folks with lactose intolerance eat dairy merchandise, their physique can’t digest the lactose current, so micro organism of their abdomen and intestines that can digest lactose proliferate, producing gasoline, bloating, nausea, and diarrhea.

One resolution is to keep away from dairy fully, however taking a lactase enzyme means you don’t have to completely lower dairy out out of your weight loss plan.

When do I take lactase dietary supplements? Sometimes, you’re taking the complement with the primary chunk of your meal that features dairy. If you’re nonetheless consuming dairy inside 30 to 45 minutes of your first dosage, you could have to take one other dose to stop discomfort. This advice will come out of your physician. 

How do lactase dietary supplements work? A lactase complement is derived from yeast or fungi, and when it’s taken earlier than a meal with dairy in it, it could possibly assist hydrolyze lactose. Sometimes, you will discover these dietary supplements in a pill type, and the dosage is between 6000-9000 items per meal.

Liquid drops have gotten extra extensively accessible that may be added on to the dairy product (8). Many new merchandise are coming to the market which have added enzymes already within the dairy merchandise to pre-hydrolyze the lactose. 

Are lactase dietary supplements secure? A lactase complement is a lactase enzyme that’s speculated to be naturally occurring in your physique. For those who observe the instructions of the product and obtain a second opinion out of your physician or pharmacist to ensure the product is best for you, they’re fully secure to make use of. 

Can I take lactase dietary supplements if I’m pregnant? The proof on whether or not or not a lactase complement is appropriate for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies is inconclusive, and there may be simply not sufficient analysis to make a advice. Err on the facet of warning and keep away from utilizing or seek the advice of your physician earlier than taking the complement. 

Do lactase dietary supplements trigger constipation? Constipation is a typical facet impact of lactose intolerance. If you’re experiencing this after taking a lactase complement, it may very well be that the complement shouldn’t be that efficient for you. 

How typically ought to I take lactase dietary supplements? Lactase dietary supplements needs to be taken each time you’re about to devour dairy. These dietary supplements are secure to take day by day, however it would rely on the person how the physique will react to them, and the way efficient they’re. 

How efficient are lactase dietary supplements? The outcomes can extensively fluctuate, however research have proven that there might be some important enchancment in signs in most individuals versus placebo with a specific amount of dairy (9). 

Elements that play a task within the effectivity can embrace the dosage, the person’s abdomen PH, how a lot dairy is consumed, their bile salt focus, and the origin of the enzymes (10).

Do I would like a prescription for lactase dietary supplements? No. Most dietary supplements can be found over-the-counter. 

What forms of lactase dietary supplements can be found for lactose intolerance? There are various lactase dietary supplements accessible in the marketplace at the moment, they usually are available in many varieties. Manufacturers like Lactogest, which is a delicate gel capsule, Lactaid, which is a caplet, and DairyEase, which is a chewable pill, provide selection for lactose-intolerant customers. 

Can youngsters take lactase dietary supplements? It’s recommended that youngsters over 4 can take lactase dietary supplements. Nonetheless, it’s at all times really helpful to learn and observe the label of the particular complement you’re buying. There are some dietary supplements developed particularly for kids, and your physician or pharmacist can recommend one which may work the very best in your baby. 

What occurs when lactase capsules don’t work? If a substantial quantity of dairy is consumed, you might have discomfort that you’d sometimes have after consuming dairy. In case your physique isn’t inclined to the lactase complement, you might have your typical signs of intolerance as nicely.

Typical signs embrace bloating, gasoline, vomiting, ache or cramping, gurgling or rumbling sounds in your abdomen, constipation, or diarrhea. For those who present every other uncommon signs, please contact your physician or pharmacist. 

Are you able to naturally enhance your physique’s lactase? Sadly, there may be nothing you are able to do to extend your physique’s manufacturing of lactase naturally. 

When is the very best time to strive a brand new lactase complement? Some specialists will recommend attempting a brand new complement in the course of the re-introduction part of a FODMAP elimination weight loss plan to evaluate the effectiveness. 

Why do lactase dietary supplements work higher with completely different dairy merchandise? Each dairy product has a special quantity of lactase in it, and relying on how a lot you devour, lactase dietary supplements will reply in a different way to several types of dairy. For instance, some cheese sorts, like cheddar or parmesan, have a really low lactase content material, the place milk has a way more important quantity. 

Can I take a lactase complement after I’ve eaten dairy? It’s really helpful that you just take the complement earlier than ingesting dairy, or as quickly as you keep in mind to take action. Nonetheless, it won’t deal with any signs upon getting them. 

Are there any drugs that work together negatively with lactase dietary supplements? There are not any reported drug interactions, however if you’re involved a couple of treatment you take, please seek the advice of your doctor. 

How do I do know I’ve chosen a secure lactase complement? When selecting so as to add a brand new complement to your weight loss plan, you wish to do your analysis. Selecting a widely known model that has a superb status, and is bought in a good retailer is extra prone to have stricter protocols for the next high quality product.

If you need a second opinion in your analysis, seek the advice of your physician or pharmacist, they usually can suggest a product that’s best for you. 

What ought to I do if I miss a dose? Take the dose as quickly as you keep in mind, however don’t double up on doses or take additional. 

What if I by accident take an excessive amount of of a dosage? As a result of the complement is a naturally occurring enzyme within the physique for most individuals, there isn’t any actual concern for taking an excessive amount of. You probably have taken numerous capsules, please contact poison management or a medical skilled if you’re involved. You will want to supply them with the small print of how a lot you’ve taken and when, they usually can advise you on the very best plan of action. 

If you’re new t0 taking a lactase complement, how must you take it the primary time? It’s really helpful that you just take a excessive dosage of the complement, as suggested by your physician and take a look at it with a small quantity of dairy. The discomfort attributable to lactose intolerance might be disagreeable, so that you don’t wish to eat loads the primary time you strive a brand new complement in case it’s not the appropriate one for you.

Totally different merchandise have completely different suggestions, so learn and observe the label of your product of selection. Relying on how extreme your intolerance is mixed with how your physique responds to the complement will decide how your physique reacts. It’s unattainable to offer a particular dosage, so there will probably be some trial and error at first. 

Will a lactase complement be efficient the primary time? Sometimes, in case your physique will reply nicely to the complement and also you do not need such a extreme intolerance that makes dietary supplements ineffective, you need to see success the primary time you employ it. For those who begin with the next dosage to deal with a smaller quantity of dairy, you need to know instantly whether or not or not this product is best for you. 

Is there lactose in different merchandise that aren’t dairy? Lactose might be hidden in different meals apart from dairy merchandise. Salad dressings, protein powders, bread, soups, deli meats, candies, treats, and lots of extra all have lactose in them. Make sure you’re studying the label of each product you buy and forestall your signs with a complement earlier than consuming.

There may also be hidden lactose in over-the-counter drugs, used as filler. You should definitely seek the advice of your physician or pharmacist if you’re lactose illiberal earlier than you begin taking a brand new drug. You probably have no selection however to take a medicine with lactose in it, take a complement earlier than you’re taking your treatment. 

Can lactase dietary supplements assist remedy my lactose intolerance? Sadly, there isn’t any identified remedy for lactose intolerance, simply dietary supplements that assist your physique digest the dairy merchandise you like. 

Is taking a lactose complement similar to having a pure lactase stage? Taking a complement won’t be the identical as having the pure enzyme produced in your physique, however it would assist scale back the signs of discomfort that include lactose intolerance. A lactose illiberal individual can take a complement, however ought to nonetheless eat a diminished quantity of dairy for the very best outcomes. 

Does a lactase complement work for everybody? Briefly, no. Some people have a way more extreme intolerance to dairy {that a} complement of any dosage might not work in any respect. Typically their physique won’t reply to the remedy, they usually gained’t obtain any advantages. The impact of lactase dietary supplements is completely different for each particular person based mostly on their severity of intolerance and response to the enzyme.

Fortunately, there are various scrumptious various merchandise in the marketplace and dairy merchandise with the lactose eliminated to accommodate these people, which have gotten increasingly more widespread. With such a big portion of the world’s inhabitants being some stage of lactose illiberal, dairy firms are working exhausting to supply extra choices to their prospects. 

Are digestive enzyme dietary supplements thought of lactase dietary supplements? No, digestive enzyme dietary supplements usually are not thought of lactase dietary supplements. Whereas they might comprise some lactase enzymes, they often comprise a mix of different digestive enzymes, offering extra of an general digestive assist impact.

This isn’t perfect for lactose illiberal individuals who want a strong lactase complement to assist keep away from digestion points when consuming dairy merchandise.

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Dairy merchandise provide a number of well being advantages, however sadly, individuals who have lactose intolerance are sometimes prevented from benefiting from these advantages.

A lactase complement is a solution to get round this. By consuming the enzyme that helps your physique digest lactose in a complement, you stop the gas-producing micro organism in your abdomen and intestines from digesting the lactose.

A lactase complement works finest at a dose of 3000 to 9000 items of lactase, although the particular dosage and pre-meal timing will fluctuate from individual to individual, and also will fluctuate in response to the lactose content material of the meal.

Aged dairy meals like cheese have much less lactose, whereas contemporary dairy merchandise like milk have extra. Lastly, a lactase complement tends to work higher while you take it with meals, as a result of this slows down the speed at which lactose leaves your abdomen.

As a result of it stays in proximity to the lactase enzymes longer, extra of the lactose will get damaged down, and also you’re much less prone to have gastrointestinal signs.

When you get the dosage and timing proper, a lactase complement could be a sport changer for individuals who wish to benefit from the style and the well being advantages of dairy meals, however can’t as a result of their physique doesn’t produce lactase naturally anymore.

For Bodynutrition’s #1 really helpful lactase complement, click on right here.

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