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Shuddha Chikitsa That means, Significance In Scientific Observe

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
The knowledge of Grasp Charaka must be extremely regarded and revered as a result of he has touched upon such minute and refined facets of scientific follow and medical ethics which might be extremely valued even as we speak and will probably be carried out in future too. In Nidana Sthana, Grasp Charaka places forth a legitimate level within the type of a verse which can maintain worth perpetually in scientific follow, be it Ayurveda or some other medical science. Right here he tries to clarify ‘Shuddha Chikitsa – pure and protected type of therapy’ and justifies its significance in scientific follow and for each doctor. Shuddha = clear, unadulterated, pure, protected; Chikitsa = therapy
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It’s the duty of every doctor to supply not solely a complete therapy to sufferers but in addition to see that the therapy, medication or remedy administered wouldn’t produce any untoward results, issues or hurt to the affected person. This in precise phrases is protected therapy.

Allow us to see what Grasp Charaka has to say about it –
That therapy which when administered would pacify / remedy a illness however however causes yet one more illness/complication just isn’t a vishuddha / shuddha chikitsa i.e. pure therapy. The therapy which is reverse of that is thought-about as shuddha chikitsa i.e. pure therapy.

Subsequently shuddha chikitsa ought to have the beneath talked about attribute options –

  • Remedy must be able to pacifying / curing the illness
  • Remedy shouldn’t be inflicting yet one more illness / complication

Grasp Charaka has touched upon this side instantly after having defined the idea of ‘vyadhi sankara’, in the identical chapter. Vyadhi / Roga Sankara means many ailments getting manifested on the similar time.
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Charaka quotes –
Roga Sankara i.e. simultaneous manifestation of many ‘tough to remedy’ or incurable ailments are manifested when

  • Correct medicines will not be administered
  • One illness is manifested as a complication of one other illness

Right here Grasp Charaka mentions ‘improperly treating the ailments or improper administration of medicines in curing ailments’ as one of many causes for brand spanking new illness / ailments to be manifested. These therapies / medicines are thought-about as ‘ashuddha chikitsa’ i.e. impure or improper therapy, the other of which is ‘shuddha chikitsa’ i.e. pure or correct therapy.

Within the very subsequent verse Grasp Charaka clarifies {that a} correctly administered therapy i.e. pure therapy (shudha chikitsa) ought to remedy a illness and shouldn’t trigger a brand new illness or complication.
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Advantages of Pure Remedy  

Administering a correct / pure or improper / impure therapy is underneath the management of the doctor and his abilities. Pure / correct therapy results in scientific success and remedy of ailments for which it has been administered, resulting in institution of well being within the affected person. Then again, administering an impure / improper therapy results in failure in scientific follow, aggravation of ailments and signs, formation of recent ailments or issues and continued sickness and grief within the affected person.
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