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Sushruta’s 7 Sorts of Therapies Sapta Upakrama

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Sapta Upakramas are the remedies utilized in historic days for surgical interventions and procedures particularly for remedy of acute /persistent wounds, their problems and to forestall their relapse. Their utility will be prolonged in skillful methods to deal with different systemic ailments additionally with modifications in remedy designing.

Sapta Upakramas are 7 sorts of remedies that are defined in Sushruta Samhita, ‘Amapakvaishaniyam Adhyayam’ Sutra sthana 17th chapter, Verses 54. Sapta = seven, Upakrama = remedies.
Grasp Sushruta has simply talked about the names of those 7 sorts of remedy with out explaining them intimately. The verse which highlights the names of those 7 specialised remedies is the final verse of this chapter. So we get a query, what could be the medical or surgical utility of the procedures which aren’t detailed within the texts?
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Magnification of seven Upakramas – Grasp Sushruta has simply given a synopsis of those remedies in Sutra Sthana, a bit of treatises whereby issues should be stated in nutshell. He additionally had a magnified model of those 7 remedies and known as it as ‘Shashti Upakrama’ i.e. ’60 sorts of remedies’. So exactly, Sushruta has hidden ‘60 treasured remedy procedures’ inside the core of seven remedies solely to current them in a magnified manner within the later context. Sushruta has defined these 60 varieties of specialised remedies within the first chapter of Chikitsa Sthana part which primarily offers with remedy elements of many ailments.
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Sapta Upakrama

Grasp Sushruta has defined the chronology by which these 7 remedies needs to be administered. They’re –

  1. Vimlapana
  2. Avasechana
  3. Upanaha
  4. Patana Kriya
  5. Shodhana
  6. Ropana
  7. Vaikrutapaha

Sanskrit Verses

Shashti Upakrama in Sapta Upakrama

Totally different sorts of remedies talked about in shashti upakrama have been included below sapta upakrama. Curiously the 60 remedies defined in chikitsa sthana are additionally talked about in a chronology. The inclusions of fragments of 60 remedies below every remedy of sapta upakrama themselves outline every of the 7 remedies and what, how and when these remedies shall be performed. In both case the chronology shall be maintained. All remedies and included sub remedies aren’t wanted in all instances of wound remedy. They’re selective and conditional and apply to the stage of wound we’re coping with.
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1. Vimlapana

Vimlapana means to melt or inflicting to wither / languish. From the record of 60 remedies the beneath talked about 6 remedies are included below Vimlapana. They’re used to make the wound smooth.

Sl No Title of the Upakrama (remedy) That means
1 Apatarpana  fasting
2 Alepa utility of medicinal pastes
3 Parisheka showering of medicinal fluids
4 Abhyanga oil therapeutic massage
5 Sweda fomentation or sudation
6 Vimlapana mild urgent / cleaning measures

2. Avasechana

Avasechana means to expel the doshas. From the record of 60 remedies the beneath talked about 4 remedies are included below Avasechana.

Sl No Title of the Upakrama (remedy) That means
1 Visravana drainage
2 Sneha inducing oiliness
3 Vamana therapeutic emesis
4 Virechana therapeutic purgation

3. Upanaha

Upanaha means making use of a poultice. It’s a sort of sudation remedy. From the record of 60 remedies the beneath talked about 2 remedies are included below Upanaha.

Sl No Title of the Upakrama (remedy) That means
1 Upanaha poultices
2 Pachana serving to the pus to kind correctly in order to empty it out

4. Patana Kriya

Patana means tearing, slipping, dividing or making incision. Kriya is the tactic by which that is performed. From the record of 60 remedies the beneath talked about 9 remedies are included below Patana Kriya.

Sl No Title of the Upakrama (remedy) That means
13 Chedana excision
14 Bhedana incision
15 Darana splitting / tearing
16 Lekhana Scraping
17 Eshana Probing
18 Aaharana Extraction
19 Vyadhana Puncturing
20 Vidravana Liquefaction
21 Seevana Suturing

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5 & 6. Shodhana and Ropana

Shodhana means cleaning. Ropana means therapeutic. From the record of 60 remedies the beneath talked about 13 remedies are included below Shodhana and Ropana.

Sl No Title of the Upakrama (remedy) That means
1 Sandhana Unification, union of fractures
2 Peedana Compression
3 Shonita sthapana Checking the bleeding, enabling correct circulation
4 Nirvapana Software and showering of chilly efficiency medicines
5 Utkaarika Software of heat semi-solid vata assuaging medicinal pastes to deal with wound irritation and necrosis of wounds
6 Kashaya Administering natural decoctions
7 Varti Software / inserting suppositories
8 Kalka Natural Paste Software
9 Sarpi Use of medicated ghee
10 Taila Use of medicated oils
11 Rasakriya Administration of semi-solid medicinal extracts
12 Avachurnana Sprinkling of natural powders
13 Vrana Dhupana Fumigation of wounds

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7. Vaikrutapaha

Vaikrutapaha means eradicating the deformities or undesired modifications which have occurred as problems or sequels of wounds. From the record of 60 remedies the beneath talked about 26 remedies are included below Vaikrutapaha.

Sl No Title of the Upakrama (remedy) That means
1 Utsadana Elevation of wounds – remedy of wounds with some herbs to enhance granulation tissue in order to boost the ground of the wound
2 Avasadana Despair of wounds  – removing of unhealthy, pointless, hyper-granulation tissue from ground of the wound which could delay therapeutic of wounds
3 Mrudu Karma Softening the perimeters of the injuries
4 Daruna Karma Hardening the margins of the injuries (some wounds have much less tensile power in order that the wound margin simply separate inflicting early dehiscence and wound therapeutic delayed. To keep away from very long time wound therapeutic, daruna karma is finished)
5 Kshara Karma  Software of alkalis
6 Agni Karma Fireplace cauterization
7 Krshna Karma Inducing black coloration (hypo-pigmentation space made regular like surrounding tissue)
8 Pandu Karma Inducing white coloration (hyper-pigmentation space made regular like surrounding tissue)
9 Pratisaarana Tablets made up of tough powder of medicinal herbs is rubbed on smooth shiny pores and skin (after wound therapeutic) in order to make the pores and skin floor tough, similar to the conventional pores and skin
10 Roma Sanjanana Therapies and medicines (measures) enabling progress of hairs
11 Loma Apaharana Therapies and medicines (measures) enabling removing of pointless hairs
12 Vasti Karma Medicinal Enemas
13 Uttara Vasti Karma Enemas given by way of urinary and genital passages
14 Bandha Bandages
15 Patra Daana Overlaying the injuries with leaves
16 Krimighna Disinfectants
17 Brmhana Bulk selling and strengthening remedies
18 Vishagna Anti-toxins, remedies and medicines which nullify or neutralize the impact of poisons and toxins
19 Shiro virechana Nasal instillation of medicines
20 Nasya Nasal instillation of remedy / Errhines
21 Kavala dharana Rinsing of mouth with medicinal liquids
22 Dhooma Fumigation
23 Madhu sarpi Administration of honey and ghee
24 Yantra Instrumentation
25 Aahara Dietetic routine
26 Rakshaa vidhana Sterilization (the surgical ward, devices and so on needs to be sterilized by fumigating with Guggulu (Commiphora mukul) and so on herbs and Mantra uccharana (uttering or reciting holy hymns) to kill the small pathogenic organisms)

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