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Kombu is a kind of seaweed (kelp) that etymologically originated in Japan however is prevalent in most Asian Nations. It’s edible and included in a number of diets the world over. The Japanese weight-reduction plan has included Kombu for nearly 1500 years. 

Kombu belongs to the brown seaweed household, but we can’t limit the sort to this solely. There are a number of varieties of Kombu out there; they differ in style. The most well-liked recipe utilizing Kombu is a soup named Dashi. 

When utilized in dishes, Kombu acts as a pure flavouring. It’s an ingredient in savoury dishes and offers the dish an “Umami” style. Umami is likely one of the 5 fundamental tastes, described as a savoury, meaty deliciousness. Owing to its constituents, Kombu is understood to grant a number of well being advantages.

Kinds of Kombu

These are the 4 major extensively used types

  • Dried Kombu
  • Pickled Kombu (Comprises Vinegar)
  • Dried Shred Kombu
  • Contemporary/ Uncooked Kombu

Dietary Information of Kombu

Based on the USDA, 100g of Kombu possesses the next dietary properties. 

  • Vitality: 243 kcal
  • Proteins: 14.3 g
  • Fats: 0 g
  • Carbohydrates: 42.9 g
  • Fibre: 14.3 g
  • Sugars: 0 g
  • Sodium: 2300 mg
  • Iron: 15.4 mg
  • Calcium: 857 mg
  • Vitamin A: 714 IU
  • Vitamin C: 17.1 mg
  • Ldl cholesterol: 0 mg

Dietary Information

Kombu is understood to own extraordinarily excessive contents of micronutrients like iodine. As iodine is important for improvement and development, Kombu is an effective supply. However, consuming massive quantities of Kombu will result in elevated Iodine ranges within the physique, which may trigger extreme issues. Thus, one ought to eat it in applicable portions. Moreover Iodine and Sodium, Kombu additionally incorporates a number of nutritional vitamins like vitamin C, A, vitamin Ok, B5, and so on. These can contribute considerably to the every day consumption worth.

The HealthifyMe Word

Kombu incorporates an affordable quantity of protein, which can assist you meet your every day protein necessities. As well as, it has minimal fat, making it wholesome for weight administration. Though Kombu primarily incorporates carbohydrates, these carbohydrates wouldn’t make you acquire weight. Due to this fact, it’s appropriate for many weight reduction plans. 

Dietary Advantages of Kombu

Owing to the constituents talked about above, Kombu possesses a number of well being advantages. Though, energetic analysis with full proof can substantiate whether or not seaweed can profit your physique. With seaweed, the method of producing the product is tedious. Therefore, the well being advantages are usually not solely clear. Extra human-based research are required to verify these advantages. Even then, some well being advantages noticed by the individuals who eat Kombu repeatedly are listed beneath. 

Wealthy in Vitamin Ok

Kombu incorporates a superb quantity of vitamin Ok, contributing to the every day consumption worth. Vitamin Ok aids within the blood coagulation or clotting course of. Due to this fact, it will probably finally enhance blood high quality. Vitamin Ok may affect calcium within the physique and enhance your bones’ energy. 

Excessive Fibre Content material

Kombu incorporates fibre that aids in digestion and maintains bowel motion. Thus, you needn’t fear about irregular bowel actions whereas consuming Kombu. This fibre content material additionally prevents diabetes and might promote coronary heart well being. 

Comprises Amino Acids

Kombu incorporates glutamic acid- alpha-amino acid. This amino acid acts as a precursor or a pioneer of protein synthesis within the ribosomes. Thus, it’s of nice significance to the physique. Additionally, this amino acid is what provides the Umami style to Kombu. Moreover, glutamic acid helps break down the carbohydrates in beans. Additionally, this helps to stop gasoline formation.

Iodine in Kombu can Forestall Anaemia.

Kombu incorporates exceptionally excessive ranges of iodine that support in producing thyroid hormones. These thyroid hormones assist the physique’s total improvement, particularly throughout being pregnant and lactation. Additionally they support within the improvement of the nervous system of the physique. Iodine may forestall some types of most cancers and improve the life span, particularly in males. As well as, research present that hypothyroidism will get cured with Kombu. The deficiency of iodine could cause hypothyroidism, whereas an extra of iodine might trigger hyperthyroidism. 

Wealthy in Magnesium

Kombu incorporates hint quantities of magnesium that may contribute to your common consumption worth. This magnesium can remedy fatigue. As well as, magnesium regularises the cell cycle of the physique. Magnesium additionally contributes to the bone and enamel energy of the physique. Based on analysis, magnesium deficiency contributes to osteoporosis.

Wealthy in Potassium

Kombu incorporates a superb quantity of potassium as nicely. This potassium helps keep the blood strain degree and improves the standard of the blood. Additionally, potassium helps in muscle formation. It additionally regulates the nervous system of the physique. 


By observing the USDA analysis, we will conclude {that a} serving of Kombu doesn’t comprise fat. Therefore, one can use it in keto or different diets to assist drop some weight. Nonetheless, you should be cautious of selecting the recipe because the recipe might comprise variable quantities of fat. 

Since Kombu is a well-liked meals in Japan, you possibly can witness these advantages in most Japanese populations. As well as, most research present that sure sections of the Japanese inhabitants expertise well-developed bones and elevated lifespan and different distinguishing options in comparison with different nations as a result of common consumption of Kombu (seaweed) which incorporates excessive quantities of iodine. 

Methods to Use Kombu

There are a number of methods to make use of Kombu, particularly in numerous dishes. A couple of of them are listed beneath. 


It’s the most generally widespread dish that incorporates most kombu content material. Additionally, it provides umami flavour to many of the soups. 

Bean Dishes

It’s clever to incorporate Kombu in bean dishes as they normally trigger gasoline. Kombu prevents gasoline formation as a result of presence of glutamic acid. Thus you possibly can embrace it in each bean dish. 

Kombu Tea

This tea is widespread in america and Japan. Kombu and scorching water are mixed to make this scrumptious tea. The Kombu dissolves and offers a novel flavour, making it a refreshing drink. 

In Sushi

Kombu goes nicely as a seasoning in rice. This rice makes sushi. Hottest Japanese dishes comprise Kombu as a significant ingredient. 

The HealthifyMe Word

Kombu is a kind of dried kelp well-known in Japanese, Korean and Chinese language delicacies. Opposite to widespread perception, Kombu Dashi is a well-liked soup inventory and is a vegetarian soup. It’s a unbelievable ingredient to incorporate in a vegetarian or vegan weight-reduction plan. It has a excessive content material of glutamic acid, magnesium, nutritional vitamins, fibre, iodine, and way more. 

Easy Recipe Utilizing Kombu

There are various Japanese recipes involving Kombu. However probably the most distinguished one is Kombu Dashi. Take into consideration Kombu; Kombu Dashi is the one dish that pops up in our minds. It has two varieties, chilly brew and scorching boiling water. It’s the best dish to make. One can use this to organize a number of kombu dishes, particularly miso soup. Right here we carry you the recipe of the identical. 

Kombu Dashi (Chilly Brew)

Servings- 1-2 

Preparation Time- 5 minutes

Cooking Time- quarter-hour

Whole Time- 20 minutes

1 Cup- 200ml


  • Kombu: 10g (1 Piece)
  • Water: 4 Cups


  • Firstly, wash the Kombu with a humid material. Guarantee you don’t wash off the surplus white mould because it is stuffed with umami which supplies flavour. 
  • Barely minimize the Kombu at common intervals in order that extra flavour oozes out. 
  • Put the kombu items and water in a big jug or bottle. Now let it refrigerate in a single day. 
  • Now the chilly brew is prepared, pressure the water and reserve the remaining kombu. The Dashi is now ready. You should utilize this Dashi instantly in soups or different dishes. 
  • You may retailer this Dashi for 2 weeks within the freezer. After that, the retained Kombu can be utilized to organize a number of different kombu dishes. 

Benefit from the Dashi by together with it in Vegetable Miso Soup. 

Laws of Kombu Consumption

The rules of utilizing Kombu are associated to the quantity of iodine your physique can take. 

  • Kids can eat as much as 200- 600 mcg of iodine each day.
  • Adults can eat as much as 1100 mcg of iodine every day, whereas one sheet of Kombu incorporates round 2900 mcg. Thus, eat Kombu accordingly. 
  • The common every day consumption of Kombu is round ¼ cup or one dry sheet. 

Kombu Storage Ideas

  • If the Kombu is dried, retailer it in an hermetic container in a darkish space. 
  • Retailer cooked Kombu within the fridge.
  • The Kombu has an indefinite shelf life if appropriately made and saved nicely. 

Although Kombu has a number of advantages, it might trigger allergic reactions in particular people. A couple of of those allergic reactions are: 

Excessive Iodine Content material

Based on analysis, the excessive iodine content material in Kombu could cause extreme rashes in particular people. It’s not clever to eat excessive portions of Iodine as Iodine may even work together with a number of drugs and extreme quantities of Iodine content material in your physique. Extra iodine can result in fever, nausea, diarrhoea, low bp, and pulse. So seek the advice of your physician earlier than involving in a full-fledged kombu-based weight-reduction plan. Kombu just isn’t the identical for each individual. It differs with completely different people. Thus, solely a doctor can information you on whether or not you possibly can eat it or not. 

Seaweed Allergy

This allergy just isn’t restricted to solely Kombu; it’s typical for all seaweeds. It’s not obligatory that if you’re allergic to seafood, you’d be allergic to seaweed as seaweeds don’t comprise fish protein. Even then, it’s clever to go for a health care provider session earlier than consuming seaweed as it might result in an allergic response if began abruptly.  

Hostile Results of Kombu

Kombu has particular antagonistic results on our physique regarding its Iodine content material. A couple of of those are beneath. Nonetheless, most of those results are attributable to Iodine Toxicity.

Much less Urine Formation

Extra to iodine can result in a number of extreme results on our physique. One predominant impact is the stomach ache precipitated attributable to interference of the iodine within the kidney mechanism. As well as, the micturition and filtration steps don’t end successfully; therefore the affected person would possibly expertise stomach ache. Therefore you could even expertise dehydration. 

Metallic Style

Extra iodine can result in a metallic style in your mouth. Additionally, this may occasionally result in a nauseous feeling on a regular basis. As well as, you could expertise vomiting too. 


Extra iodine will not be digested nicely within the physique and should trigger digestive points like diarrhoea and feverish signs. If this fever doesn’t get handled at an applicable time, it might result in wheezing and respiratory points. 

Thyroid Issues

Extra iodine can straight have an effect on the thyroid gland and might result in a number of points like goitre and autoimmune iodine ailments. 


From all of the factors talked about above, it’s obvious that Kombu is a whole bundle of vitamins. Though there may be not a lot proof supporting it, folks in Japan have been utilizing it for many years. Research have noticed that the general life span and most cancers prevention fee have been excessive in Japanese populations as they embrace all types of seaweeds of their weight-reduction plan. Even then, it’s higher to seek the advice of a health care provider earlier than together with Kombu because it incorporates excessive quantities of iodine, which may pose a danger to a few of us. 

Steadily Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Kombu poisonous?

A. No, Kombu just isn’t poisonous by itself. Nonetheless, it incorporates excessive quantities of iodine, which may show to be a poisonous issue if consumed in larger portions. Due to this fact, earlier than consuming any seaweed, look out for the iodine content material, as most seaweeds are excessive in iodine. This iodine is a boon and a bane on the similar time. So select properly after which go for Kombu. 

Q. Is Kombu cancerous?

A. No, Kombu is in no way cancerous. It’s recognized to stop sure cancers. Though this analysis continues to be on the animal testing degree, extra work on people will give readability. Most seaweeds are recognized to stop most cancers. Kombu is the staple meals of Japan which explains the decrease most cancers fee. 

Q. Is Kombu Seaweed wholesome?

A. Sure, Kombu seaweed is wholesome because the iodine, Vitamin, and potassium contents supply a number of well being advantages like regulating the thyroid gland, strengthening bones and enamel, bettering blood high quality, stopping gasoline formation, and so on. 

Q. Is it suitable for eating Kombu?

A. Sure, Kombu is solely secure to eat. You may simply embrace Kombu in your weight-reduction plan with none concern. The one limitation is that it’s higher to not eat uncooked or contemporary kombu sheets as they comprise much more iodine. Thus, you possibly can go for processed and dried Kombu. Kombu tastes greatest when used within the type of Dashi in soups. 

Q. Does Kombu cut back gasoline?

A. Sure, Kombu is understood to scale back gasoline, particularly in beans. Often, cooking beans and consuming them uncooked could cause gasoline formation. To keep away from that, add a little bit of Kombu to your beans and cook dinner them. The glutamic acid in Kombu breaks down the sugars, lowering the gasoline in your physique. 

Q. Does Kombu assist with digestion?

A. Sure, Kombu helps in simplifying the method of digestion because it incorporates fibre. This fibre aids digestion and assimilation and smoothes the rectum for normal bowel actions. Thus, you possibly can embrace them repeatedly in your physique. However be cautious to not improve the prescribed amount as it will probably backfire on the remedy. 

Q. Is Kombu good for weight reduction?

A. Kombu does comprise affordable quantities of fibre which may support in satisfying your urge for food, however there may be not a lot proof to help the speculation of weight reduction in relation to Kombu. You’ll need to observe a strict weight-reduction plan after which embrace Kombu within the weight-reduction plan to make sure the burning of fats. 

Q. Is Kombu good for the thyroid?

A. Sure, Kombu is nice for the thyroid because it incorporates excessive quantities of iodine. Kombu has the very best iodine content material in relation to seaweeds. Due to this fact, together with applicable portions of Kombu in your every day weight-reduction plan can assist you address thyroid-related points. However watch out as excessive consumption might result in hyperthyroidism and trigger different thyroid-related issues. 

Q. Is Kombu good for hypothyroid?

A. Sure, Kombu is undoubtedly good for hypothyroidism because it incorporates the very best quantity of iodine that may simply remedy the low ranges of thyroid hormones in your physique. Iodine is liable for the manufacturing of thyroid hormones. Due to this fact, together with iodine in your weight-reduction plan will result in extra thyroid hormone manufacturing, thus curing your hypothyroidism. 

Q. What are the advantages of Kombu?

A. Kombu is a pure flavouring substance principally utilized in savoury dishes attributable to its umami style. It incorporates affordable quantities of iodine, Vitamin A, Vitamin Ok, and Vitamin C that may profit your physique if consumed repeatedly in applicable portions. 

Q.Does kombu have an excessive amount of iodine?

A. Sure, Kombu is the seaweed with the best iodine focus. That’s the reason one should decrease the portions of Kombu in every day consumption, as extra iodine can result in dire penalties within the physique. 

Q.How wholesome is Kombu?

A. For those who have a look at the broader perspective, the Kombu is extremely helpful on your physique owing to its contents. However extra of all the pieces is dangerous. Due to this fact, it’s suggested to not exceed the common amount of kombu consumption as it might result in irreversible issues. In any other case, you possibly can eat Kombu based on the rules and after consulting a health care provider.

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