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The Significance of Fascia in Our Our bodies – BionicOldGuy

There’s an attention-grabbing article about fascia on this month’s subject of New Scientist (sadly there’s a paywall, however you may get a free subscription for 3 months, which I extremely suggest as a result of there are many good articles within the journal). These are connective tissues all through our our bodies, for instance, all of our muscle tissue are encased in them. I first realized about fascia from Yoga academics who claimed one of many roles of stretching in retaining our our bodies supple as we age is retaining our fascia from stiffening up. There’s a good dialogue of stretching in one other New Scientist article right here.

There was some backlash in opposition to stretching lately. Beforehand it was considered helpful for warming up for train, however stretching chilly muscle tissue is controversial. Additionally, there’s some proof that athletic efficiency really decreases after stretching. However to me, efficiency has by no means been an important purpose for stretching. It’s to stay limber as I age, and it has labored nicely for that. I all the time stretch at evening when my muscle tissue are heat. And now we all know no less than a part of the reason being retaining fascia from tightening up with age. A research talked about within the article additionally confirmed that stretching reduces irritation. That is vital as a result of some situations akin to fibromyalgia and a few varieties of again ache at the moment are considered associated to infected fascia.

I additionally realized from the article a couple of newer discovering that fascia might play an vital communication function within the body- they really have no less than as many nerves as our pores and skin does and are known as a “hidden neural community”.

The article concludes that fascia has not acquired sufficient consideration in medical analysis up until now, however that can hopefully change as phrase of its significance will get out.

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