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Upanaha Which means, Sorts, Medical Significance

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
The Upanaha is a type of remedy whereby a thick paste of herbs is utilized after which wrapped with a material or leather-based. It’s used for varied functions reminiscent of inducing sweating, as a fomentation remedy and to trigger faster suppuration of wounds, abscesses, swellings and so on.

Upanaha as per Sushruta

Upanaha is the second sort of remedy talked about amongst ‘Sapta Upakrama’ i.e. the 7 forms of therapies. These 7 therapies talked about by Grasp Sushruta are supposed to deal with and heal the injuries, ulcers and associated swelling and likewise to stop their problems.

“Thirdly upanaha ought to be executed…!” Upanaha remedy talked about in Sapta Upakrama includes of two procedures taken from the 60 therapies (Shashti Upakrama) which should be selectively executed as per situation of the wound. They’re meant to offer heat to the realm across the wound to boost suppuration in order that the draining the contents would turn into simple.
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Primarily 2 therapies are included below Upanaha. They’re –

  1. Upanaha – poultice
  2. Pachana – serving to the pus to kind correctly in order that it may be drained simply

These procedures ought to be executed after Avasechana if chronology must be adopted. If the situation of the wound is match to bear one in every of these therapies they shall be skillfully chosen.

1. Upanaha – making use of poultices or unguents
Upanaha means making use of a poultice. It’s a type of sudation remedy. Right here some medicines are tied in a bundle or bolus of a material. To supply sudation the medicines ought to be in ‘na-ati-ghana’ kind i.e. not an excessive amount of strong, it ought to be in a semisolid kind.

Process – the medicaments are heated and utilized on the physique half and tied in a sterile material or leather-based. The protecting retains the warmth trapped and with the warmth, the medicinal ideas from the herbs enter deep into the tissues.
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By which situations ought to upanaha be executed?

Upanaha ought to be executed in 2 situations of vrana shotha i.e. swelling round wounds and ulcers –

  • Ama / apakva shotha – immature swellings
  • Vidagdha / ardhapakva shotha – partly matured swellings

When executed in unripe swellings upanaha will result in subsidence of those swellings. When executed in partly ripened swellings upanaha will assist in maturation of the swelling and produce about their ripening. This can additional facilitate correct remedy of those situations.
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2. Pachana – inflicting suppuration of swelling
Pachana means bringing about maturation of swellings associated to wounds and ulcers. These therapies will assist in the formation of pus in order that it may be drained simply and facilitate the remedy. Pachana could be executed by administering medicines each internally and externally. On this context the pachana remedy ought to be executed externally.

In what situations ought to pachana remedy be executed?
Pachana ought to be thought-about when the therapies talked about in vimlapana and avasechana don’t assist in relieving the swelling across the wound or ulcer. Pachana ought to be executed utilizing the medicines talked about within the Mishraka adhyaya.
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Sanskrit Verses

Methodology of conducting Pachana

The herbs talked about to have properties to result in suppuration of swelling (pachana herbs) ought to be chosen. They’re –

  • Shana – Crotalaria retusa
  • Mulaka – radish
  • Shigru phala – drumstick seeds
  • Tila – sesame seeds
  • Sarshapa – mustard seeds
  • Shaktu – powder of barley, rice, parched rice and so on is named shaktu
  • Kinva – sediments of fermented natural drinks
  • Atasi – flax seed
  • Anya ushna dravya – different herbs having scorching efficiency

Preparation of utkarika
The powder of the above mentioned herbs ought to be completely combined with curds, buttermilk, wine and different bitter/fermented liquids. Ghee and salt is added, combined and utkarika ready. Utkarika means a poultice or a type of sweetmeat. Scorching utkarika ought to be tied within the leaves of castor plant and utilized and tied on the stricken half. Alternatively the utakarika ought to be wrapped in castor leaves; the bolus or poultice is heated on pan, utilized on the swelling and tied in place.
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Upanaha Sweda: Sweating remedy

Upanaha can be a type of sweating remedy.

As per Ashtanga Hrudayam Sutrasthana seventeenth chapter /2-5
Upanaha Sweda  is software of poultice ready from
Vacha (Acorus calamus), Kinva-yeast, Shatahva (Dill), Devadaru – (Himalayan cedar (bark) – Cedrus deodara) and so on. Any type of grains, all substances having nice scent, roots of Rasna (Pluchea lanceolata) and Castor (Eranda); or meat;
Every one added with extra of salt, fats-oil ghee and so on. Chukra- Vinegar, Takra-Buttermilk and milk. It’s most well-liked in individuals with Vata imbalance–poultice are often called Salvana upanaha and ought to be utilized typically. 2-3

After making use of the poultice, the a part of the physique ought to be bandaged with a gentle piece of leather-based which doesn’t have unhealthy scent, which has been oiled; it ought to be barely warmed and tied;
If leather-based is just not out there, leaves of vegetation which stability Vata, silk material, or woolen material could also be used; poultice tied throughout evening ought to be eliminated throughout day and that tied throughout day ought to be eliminated throughout evening.4-5

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