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Vimlapana Which means, Sorts, Medical Significance

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Vimlapana is the primary kind of therapy talked about amongst ‘Sapta Upakrama’ i.e. the 7 forms of therapies talked about by Grasp Sushruta. These are meant for therapy of wounds and ulcers and in addition to forestall its issues.

Vimlapana means to melt or trigger to wither / languish. This process is completed to melt the injuries or ulcers. This must be carried out first within the therapy of wounds and ulcers. The primary 6 therapies amongst the Shashti Upakrama are included beneath vimlapana. These therapies ought to be skillfully used to make the injuries or ulcers comfortable. The set of those 6 therapies comprise vimlapana.
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Beneath talked about are the 6 therapies which assist in softening of wounds and ulcers.

1. Apatarpana – fasting

Apatarpana means fasting. It’s carried out to convey the aggravated doshas to a state of stability. This ought to be carried out after having thought of the amount of aggravation of doshas and the energy and tolerance of the affected person in whom the dosha aggravation has taken place.

Contraindications of apatarpana
Apatarpana shouldn’t be carried out within the beneath talked about individuals and situations –
Urdhwa vata – belching with sounds
Trshna – these affected by thirst / in situations of thirst
Kshudha – in presence of starvation
Mukhashosha – in these having dryness of the mouth / oral cavity
Shramanvita – those that are fatigued
Garbhini – in pregnant ladies
Vrddha – in outdated aged sufferers
Bala – in youngsters
Durbala – in these debilitated / weak individuals
Bhiru – timid and scared individuals
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2. Alepa – anointment / software of medicinal pastes

Utility of medicinal pastes on ulcers and wounds / sores ought to be carried out after contemplating the dosha predominance. It ought to be carried out –

within the presence of swelling across the ulcer / wound
in presence of extreme ache within the ulcer / wound

The choice of medicines ought to be in accordance with the predominant dosha / doshas. The teams of medicines used for specific doshas in Mishraka Adhyaya chapter shall be thought of for making paste and making use of on the injuries and ulcers. The advantage of anointment of medicinal pastes is defined by Grasp Sushruta with the assistance of a simili.

‘Identical to the hearth burning a home is postpone by sprinkling of water, the ache of ulcers / wounds can be relieved on software of medicinal pastes’.

Advantages of anointment of medicinal pastes
Prahladana – brings about soothing / gives consolation
Shodhana – causes cleaning
Shopha harana – removes swelling
Utsadana – helps in elevation of the depressed wound / ulcer
Vrana ropana – helps in therapeutic of wounds / ulcers
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3. Parisheka – showering of medicinal fluids over the ulcers / sores / wounds

That is carried out to deal with the swelling and irritation round ulcers and wounds. The liquids are ready with herbs able to mitigating the predominant dosha inflicting the swelling and in addition to deal with the swelling. Since it’s carried out on the premise of predominant dosha, the medicinal liquids are totally different for swellings brought on by totally different doshas. Beneath talked about are the perfect medicinal fluids used within the therapy of ulcers and wounds in keeping with the dosha predominance.
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Sanskrit Verses

Sl no Sort of shotha (swelling, irritation) Medicines used
1 Vataja – brought on by vitiated vata Ghee
Kanji (fermented medicinal liquids)
Mamsa rasa – meat soup
Ushna Kwatha – sizzling / heat decoctions ready with vata assuaging herbs
2 Pittaja – brought on by vitiated pitta
Raktaja – brought on by vitiated blood
Abhighataja – traumatic
Visha nimitta – brought on by poisons
Sharkarodaka – sugar water
Sugarcane juice
Madhuradi siddha shita kwatha – decoction ready with candy herbs (Kakolyadi gana group of herbs), and decoction ready with latex yielding herbs (Kshiri vrksha kashaya) made chilly
3 Kaphaja – brought on by vitiated kapha Oil
Ksharodaka – alkali water
Sura, shukta – fermented liquids
Kaphaghna Kwatha – Heat decoction ready with kapha assuaging herbs

4. Abhyanga – therapeutic massage with natural oils

Therapeutic massage of the ulcers and wounds too ought to be carried out after contemplating the predominant dosha concerned. When carried out on this means therapeutic massage not solely subsides the swelling but additionally makes the injuries and ulcers comfortable.

Situations for therapeutic massage (in ulcers, wounds and sores)
It ought to be carried out earlier than swedana (sudation) and vimlapana i.e. 5th and 6th procedures of vimlapana (will likely be mentioned after this). It ought to be carried out after Visravana (drainage) and different procedures (which will likely be mentioned within the 2nd therapy of sapta upakrama i.e. avasechana
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5. Sweda – sudation

Situations for doing sudation in swellings, wounds and ulcers –
Rujavatam – these having ache
Darunanam – these which have turn out to be dry being bothered by vitiated vata
Katinanam – these which have turn out to be onerous
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6. Vimlapana – light urgent / cleaning measures

That is carried out for dissolving the swelling. It ought to be carried out in –
Sthira shotha – swellings that are stiff and onerous
Manda ruja shotha – swellings related to gentle ache

The best way to do?
The swelling ought to be massaged with natural oils and later fomentation ought to be given. Following this the doctor ought to mildly press / compress the swelling with the assistance of a clean bamboo, palms or fingers.
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The above mentioned measures assist in softening the injuries / ulcers. They are often blended and matched as per the situation and utilized in skilful means. Following this if there may be want the subsequent therapy of vimlapana i.e. avasechana shall be administered to flush the doshas and contaminants.

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