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The overlarge seas. Salt urgent
the blue. Nonetheless, some sparrows.
The sky. The tumbling reduction of sky
within the after-winter seasons. Phrases,
their shiny shattering. The wars,  

new and persevering with, elsewhere
and in the identical locations. Our village, its
versing downward into
a deeper rust. The church tower we
spiraled collectively, a punch

of cloud. I educate languages now.
A lengthening listing of curses  
and conjugations and methods of asking
for forgiveness. Love, its myths
of many apples. Our hayloft, its gentle

uninterrupted over sawdust. The foal. The
foals, that’s, in solar. Your own home. The oak
you sanded and stained
and lay upon once you damage an excessive amount of
to maneuver. Your hair on the pillow.

The pillow you breathed in opposition to,
the scent of your hair in opposition to it.
Your hairbrush, within the dresser
subsequent to me after I sleep. The flourish
of your silver in its tooth.

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