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Why Trump Supporters Aren’t Backing Down

The seven public hearings by the Home committee investigating the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, have made the duty of dot connecting straightforward: America’s forty fifth president oversaw and directed a multipart plan to violently overturn the 2020 election. Texts and testimonies of these in Donald Trump’s interior orbit have shattered each excuse that the previous president’s supporters had publicly broadcast since that terrible, searing day.

Which raises an essential and intriguing query: How are these supporters responding now?

It relies on the Trump supporter, after all. For some right-wing zealots, who’ve an infinite stake in holding the Huge Lie alive, the reflex is to assault the committee as “crazed and media-enabled” and “abusing Constitutional rights.” For these considerably much less delirious, the response is to mock and dismiss committee members, most particularly Consultant Liz Cheney. Nonetheless others have averted watching the January 6 hearings. They produce other, extra essential issues to do, as one particular person put it to me. Hear no evil, see no evil.

Nearly all of Trump’s supporters need to forged their gaze elsewhere—on another difficulty, on another listening to, on another controversy. They’ll do something to maintain from having to confront the truth of what occurred on January 6. What you’re impossible to see, besides within the rarest of instances, is real self-reflection or soul-searching, remorse or regret, emotions of embarrassment and disgrace.


Trump supporters have spent a lot of the previous half dozen years defending their man; their political and cultural identification has develop into fused together with his. A few of them might have began out as lukewarm allies, however over time their assist turned much less certified and extra enthusiastic. The weird depth of the Trump years elevated their bond to him. He was the captain of Staff Crimson. Of their minds, loyalty demanded they keep on with him, appearing as his defend someday, his sword the following.

What started as a reluctant willingness to defend Trump quickly turned an ingrained behavior. They ignored or excused his ethical and authorized transgressions; every time they did, the following excuse obtained somewhat simpler. They might not bear to acknowledge to themselves, and positively to not anybody else, that they had been defending a seditious scoundrel. The cognitive dissonance was overwhelming; their self-conception wouldn’t permit them to confess they had been complicit in a corrupt enterprise. This was significantly the case of those that insisted for many years previous to the Trump period that top ethical character mattered in political leaders. And they also twisted themselves into knots, downplaying Trump’s maliciousness, hyper-focusing on the sins of the left. They fairly favored that Trump would deliver a Glock to a political and cultural knife battle.

However one thing else, one thing much more highly effective, was happening. Many Trump supporters grew to hate his critics much more than they got here to like Trump. For them, Trump’s detractors weren’t simply mistaken however depraved, obsessive about getting Trump, and hell-bent on destroying America. Former Republicans who turned in opposition to Trump—“By no means Trumpers,” as we turned recognized—had been significantly loathed. We had been seen as disloyal, even traitorous, having turned on Trump to win the reward of the liberal elite. For Trump supporters to confess that they had been mistaken about him—and particularly to confess that Trump’s critics had been proper about him—would blow their circuits. In the event that they ever do activate Trump, they are going to admit it solely to themselves and perhaps a number of shut intimates. I’ve stated earlier than that asking Trump supporters to concentrate on his ethical turpitude is like asking them to stare into the solar. They’ll do it for a cut up second, after which they must look away. The Trump years have been all about wanting away.

We noticed two exceptions to the rule throughout yesterday’s hearings. One was Jason Van Tatenhove, a former spokesperson for the Oath Keepers, which he described as a violent militia and a menace to democracy. (The chief of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, has been charged with seditious conspiracy in reference to the Capitol assault.) Van Tatenhove left the group in 2018, over its denial of the Holocaust.

“I believe we noticed a glimpse of the imaginative and prescient of what the Oath Keepers is on January 6,” Van Tatenhove stated in regards to the group’s imaginative and prescient for America. “It doesn’t essentially embody the rule of legislation. It contains violence. It contains attempting to get their means by lies, by deceit, by intimidation, and thru the perpetration of violence.”

Van Tatenhove added that teams just like the Oath Keepers thrive on propaganda, significantly “the swaying of people that might not know higher by lies and rhetoric and propaganda that may get swept up in these moments. And I’ll admit, I used to be swept up at one level as effectively.”

One other one that was swept up in lies and propaganda was Stephen Ayres, an Ohio man who pleaded responsible to disorderly conduct associated to the assault on the Capitol. Ayres, who was radicalized however not a member of the Oath Keepers, informed the committee that he had gone to Washington at Trump’s route and marched to the Capitol when the president informed him to. Ayres stated he would by no means have gone within the first place had he recognized that Trump’s election-fraud claims had been false.

“We principally had been simply following what he stated,” Ayres informed the committee. “I used to be hanging on to each phrase he was saying.”

In describing what occurred to him, Ayres stated, “I felt like I had, , like horse blinders on—I used to be locked in the entire time.” He added, “The largest factor for me is, take the blinders off; be sure to step again and see what’s happening earlier than it’s too late.”

To their credit score, Van Tatenhove and Ayres—for all of the errors they’ve made—broke from the cultlike spell that had gripped them. They finally selected reality over political tribe. Many of the Republican Celebration can’t say the identical factor.

During yesterday’s listening to, the committee revealed an trade that came about the night of January 6 between Brad Parscale, Trump’s former marketing campaign supervisor, and Katrina Pierson, who had been a Trump adviser and fierce Trump defender. At 7:14 p.m., a number of hours after the assault on the Capitol, Parscale texted Pierson:

Brad Parscale: That is about trump pushing for uncertainty in our nation

Parscale: A sitting president asking for civil warfare

Parscale: This week I really feel responsible for serving to him win

Katrina Pierson: You probably did what you felt proper on the time and due to this fact it was proper

Parscale: Yeah. However a girl is useless

Pierson: You do notice this was going to occur

Parscale: Yeah. If I used to be trump and knew my rhetoric killed somebody

Pierson: It wasn’t the rhetoric

Parscale: Katrina.

Parscale: Sure it was

Parscale might not imagine now what he stated then. (On February 6, 2021, he tweeted that Trump ought to “run once more” as a result of “historical past remembers those that didn’t conform.”) However for a minimum of one transient second within the early night of January 6, Parscale, like Van Tatenhove and Ayres, noticed who Trump really is, in all his depravity. And Parscale admitted that he felt responsible for having helped Trump win. If different Republicans would specific the identical sentiment given what we now know—if they’d lastly summon the ethical braveness to embrace reality fairly than lies; if they’d acknowledge the grave injury Trump has achieved to so many lives and establishments—then therapeutic and reconciliation may start. Republicans ought to take the blinders off finally.

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