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Why You Ought to Drink Hibiscus Tea For Youthful-Wanting Pores and skin

Hibiscus tea has a beautiful magenta colour and a tangy, fruity style—however its skincare advantages transcend its taste profile.

First up: Hibiscus tea is tremendous anti-inflammatory, because of its wealthy stage of antioxidants1, together with vitamin C and beta-carotene2. It additionally incorporates a selected anti-inflammatory plant pigment known as anthocyanin1 (which is what provides the plant its pink-red hue). All of those antioxidants assist neutralize free radicals within the pores and skin, that are chargeable for indicators of photoaging, like solar spots and advantageous strains.

What’s extra, hibiscus is excessive in an antioxidant known as myricetin. This compound suppresses collagenase, an enzyme that targets and degrades collagen. Your collagen ranges naturally decline as you become old, however that myricetin antioxidant may help delay that course of and maintain your pores and skin supple and taut. And due to the plant’s vitamin C content material, it will possibly assist increase your physique’s pure collagen manufacturing—let’s not overlook that vitamin C is downright mandatory for collagen synthesis (aka, your physique can not correctly produce collagen with out the antioxidant). 

Given these perks, it is no surprise many think about hibiscus tea “nature’s collagen booster” to your pores and skin. Not solely does it assist along with your pure collagen manufacturing course of, however it will possibly really decelerate collagen degradation, too.


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